Benefits Of Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Programmatic Advertising

Benefits Of Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Programmatic Advertising

Benefits Of Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Programmatic Advertising

The rapid digitalization and increased social media usage have given an instant rise to the digital advertisement market. Since the initiation of digital platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, traditional advertising spins into digital advertising. 

The overall revenue of the industry is around $517.49 billion. But aren’t we bored of this continuous ad popping up on our screens? The answer can be yes; people are getting offended by the repeated ads. Therefore, traditional out-of-home advertisement is making its place again. 

Around 46% of Americans search for the product after seeing a DOOH advertisement. In contrary to print media and TV, DOOH is growing at a rate of 16%. Let’s see some of the core benefits that it can provide you.    

Benefits of DOOH Advertising

The Programmatic DOOH rapidly gains popularity after the extreme opposition of social media advertisements by users.

The concentrated social media market and more than required advertisements have transformed the market obsolete. Therefore, brands are rapidly moving towards the DOOH. See the following illustrations depicting the annual expenditure on DOOH advertisement in the US.


  1. Digital Signage

Digital signage refers to the large screens displaying ads. These screens are considered versatile because they can display multiple interactive advertisements at a time. 

Screens display content in an attractive manner that grabs the attention of a larger customer segment. Another reason for their popularity is that they exempt the need for reprinting and revising content every time; thus, increasing its adaptation by 60% of organizations.


The marketers can preserve their time by clicking a few buttons or even operating it through wireless connections. This can increase their ads in real-time at specific locations, hitting the touch-points of the targeted audience.      

  1. Positive Part of Landscape

These screens can serve for spreading awareness on different social issues. A recent example was witnessed during a pandemic. 

Every screen in the city teaches about safety precautions to adopt. This also functions as a reminder to the people regarding an event, like a sports match or a big sale.


Thus, the brand can also fulfill its corporate social responsibility adequately through DOOH. 

  1. Advertise Exclusive Deals

Another benefit that DOOH provide is in the display of exclusive deals. The exclusive deals that customers may miss on social media, but not from DOOH. This is because DOOH is considered two times more effective in grabbing attention, contrary to other advertisement channels. Placement of screen at different locations plays a significant role in increasing its efficiency. 

Imagine you left late from work and catch the subway to go home. On the way, you were hungry and instantly saw a moving screen with colorful content, offering you an exclusive take away midnight deal. 

The restaurant is on your way home. You’ll buy the deal for sure. This is how these exclusive deals displayed at DOOH works.


  1. Establish Brand Connectivity

Connectivity refers to joining small digital pieces together and making it an effective tool for generating leads. The DOOH screens also provide smart features to attract consumers and strengthening the connectivity of the brand. 

Eatery brands and restaurants use these screens to narrate their brand story. At the end of the story, there is a map navigating different food stores near that place.


Or if it is installed outside the store, you can directly order it without interacting with the staff. The screen provides a whole menu with all the necessary options. 

  1. Not an Intrusive One

Privacy invasion is a growing concern for brands. According to Forbes, major digital platforms like Facebook and Google Analytics are invading the privacy of users. The users highly opposed this privacy invasion, leads to the apology of Mark Zuckerberg. 

DOOH can be drafted to attract a specific targeted audience without invading their privacy. The advertisement is more dependent upon the environment and positions rather than the customer’s data. This has established the trust of people in brands, reducing their irritation towards digital advertisements.

  1. Enable to Skip

The online ads at the time of its initiation were considered relevant in reaching a larger target audience. Though, the increased concentrations of these ads have converted them into an archaic option for advertisement. 

Around 47% of users block ads considering them irritating and irrelevant.  


This is the point where DOOH secures its position. This advertisement technique cannot be skipped or blocked by users. The only option left is to get attracted to the ad. The repeated visibility of the ad can increase brand recognition and awareness. 

How DOOH Help Brands?

The DOOH creates a significant brand image and encourages the brand’s advertisement campaign on different channels, as per Assignment Assistance. The usage of this technique reflects the mix of different materials that increases its effectiveness. 

Another support that it provides to brands is by increasing web-traffic on their site. People attracted and inspired by the advertisement search for the brand online, increasing exposure to potential customers. 

An attractive suspense content marketing campaign by the brands can serve as a cherry on the top. It facilitates customers in connecting dots and leading towards the purchase of the product.  

Bottom Line

Social media marketing channels have increased visibility and attract a larger, targeted audience. But these claims are from previous decades. According to Assignment Writers, in recent times, users are irritated and annoyed by too many advertisements popping everywhere on their screen. 

These advertisements are also considered to be a privacy threat to users. 

Therefore, a blend of traditional and digital advertisement is trending now. The DOOH is the new normal; during COVID, it has performed significantly depicting the rules and precautions during the lockdown. 

The attractive content also increases their attraction and effectiveness. I hope the core benefits that I have mentioned above will be enough to defend DOOH.      

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