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Nowadays to run a business effectively, a website is needed. To compete with your opponents or competitors you need to have a professional website. Whether you are looking for professional and affordable website design services or want to get your website redesigned we can help you with all this and more to give you a lot more customers via your online presence. We specialize in website design and redesign services and present you with W3C standardized and highly user friendly websites that don’t fall heavy on your pocket. We have stretched our wings in development as well and present you with enterprise portal, ecommerce, custom ERP and custom application development. And this is not it we understand that to generate sales and lead only a website is not enough. You need to rank high on all major search engines. And to help you with the same we present you with SEO and SEM services.

Why SEO?
Your website on the internet is the equivalent of your place of business or your telephone number. Imagine what it would be like if no one knew where you work or how to contact you. Invariably, your business would lose out on a large number of customers despite providing better product/service. The same thing applies to your website. If your website does not feature prominently in the search results, incoming traffic will slowly come to a standstill and later, people won’t even know you are there. 

And this is precisely where SEO comes into the picture.

Search Engine Optimization makes your website “search engine friendly”. Right from the grassroots i.e. design and development, SEO makes sure that your website immediately attracts the attention of an internet user, when he/she searches for relevant information.

What is ethical SEO/white hat SEO?
White Hat SEO or ethical SEO implies that a website is conceptualized and created with human users as the target audience, and not search engines. At no point is any attempt made to trick the algorithms or to deliver content to the user that is different from the content that is indexed by a search engine’s spider. Such malicious practices amount to spamdexing or Black Hat SEO. At SNV InfoTech, we hold your ethics, values and ideals in the highest regard. Keeping that in mind, we provide services for ethical/white hat SEO only.

SEO is the text driven technique that is used to get your website on the top of search engine rankings. SEO at ISHANTECH is like religion; we practice it with full dedication and devotion and guarantee you first page search engine results. This is the proven, established and safe way to reach out customers locally, globally and internationally. For us and our team members SEO is not only about ranking high on Goggle for respective keywords but it is about competition, analytics and traffic and converting traffic to sales and leads. We practice both on page and off page optimization techniques. So, association with ISHANTECH means association with all in one website designing, development and SEO company.

We have blended our skills with the quality essence of expertise to present you with completely satisfactory and highly professional services. All our services whether it is designing, development or SEO are available for small, medium and large enterprises and we customize them to suit your needs, requirements and budgetary levels.

Let the Traffic Flow Happen

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process of gaining traffic and visibility for web pages on search engines. It is not possible to have top positioning for a website on every desired keyword and thus, SEM helps in registering the presence without it. SEM is a way of advertising to attract TG on the desired Keyword directly through Adwords. This is the best way to draw traffic to website. And it is so specific that exactly defined TG of a precise area, of particular age group, of appropriate segment and of accurate interest could be targeted with it. SEM is faster than the traditional marketing and has wider and specific reach. ISHANTECH understands the intricacies of the process very well and will make sure to enhance the visibility on the right keywords for the web page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process to have presence where TG is searching for the brand i.e. having presence on the right keywords.ISHANTECH Digital is having maestros for SEO who continuously strive to bring the website on top position (on right keywords) and maintaining it with various strategies.

SEM & SEO Includes

  • Landing Page Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Cost-per-Click (CPC)
  • Cost-per-Impression (CPM)
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Ads
  • Display Ads

Let the Connection Happen

Social Media Marketing is a process of promoting products and brands on social platform through behavioral ads. This helps in attracting more and more users on a particular page of a brand to increase the fan base and interaction for enhancing reach. Social networking sites are connecting more than 800 million users, so the absence on these sites shall make your business lose a big group of target audience (TG). Social Media Marketing, Management and Optimization are very important to increase audience reach and verbal publicity. It also helps in creating a good image or rather desired image. Choosing conventional media may help you in creating brand image or recall value or escalating sales but Social Media helps in all of them when wisely used.

ISHANTECH  helps in filtering, measuring and guiding your business on social platforms like FacebookTwitterLinkedInGoogle+ by getting your company the right visits and clicks on the ads.

SMM & SMO IncludesBehavioral Ads on Social Media Platform
Mouth Publicity
Engaging Posts
Detailed information about brand/ company
Public Relation Management
Blog creation and maintenance
Social news stories
User polls/rating tools
Social networking and profile maintenance
Discussion participation
Status updates on social networking profiles
On Page Optimization
SEO ActivitiesBasic Premium Super Premium
SEO ConsultingYesYes
Pre-Optimzation(SEO Analysis)YesYes
Targeted Keywords51020
Keyword AnalysisYesYes
On-Page ElementsYesYes
Meta Tags OptimizationYesYesYes
Content Optimization- Implementation YesYes
of H1/H2 & Bold Tags to Content
Creation of Robots.txt FileYesYesYes
HTML Sitemap CreationYes
Google Sitemap Creation and OptimizationYesYesYes
Google Local Listings1 Address1+ Address
Navigation StructureYesYes
Duplicate Content CheckingYes
Broken Link CheckingYesYes
Image & Hyperlink OptimizationUpto 5For AllFor All
Google Analytics Setup & MonitoringYesYes
W3C ValidationYesYesYes
OFF-Page/Link Building
SEO ActivitiesBasic Premium Super Premium
Blog Creation1 blog – blogger3 blogs – Blogger + WordPress + Tumblr5 blogs – Blogger + WordPress + Tumblr + Typepad + Posterous
Blog Post Creation and updates2 Posts(Fresh Content)3 Posts(Fresh Content)4 Posts(Fresh Content)
Blog sharing204060
Blog Directroy Submission204060
Social Bookmarking5075100
Classified ads204060
Local Listing102050
Article Creation & Submission245
Article Marketing (SBM)204050
Social Media Optimization3
Profile Creation
Profile Creation
Profile Creation
Search Engine Submissions 102030
Yahoo/Google Answering + Groups51020
Blog Comments255075
Forum thread Creation/Posting51020
Report Status
Keyword SERP Report – MonthlyYesYesYes
Analytics Report – MonthlyYesYesYes
*Need specific Email addresses of the target market