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Is lifeless content shattering down your business? We are content creators not merely content writers. We create reader engaging content with the backdrop of SEO to catalyse the conversion rates.

Spell the cast of words on your clientele and cordially invite SEO friendly content.

Why Ishantech?

Content is meant for audiences prior to the virtual mechanism of search engines. So we  offer content to magnetize your audiences with the power knack of SEO.  Moreover, we offer content writing services in affordable ecosystem to our clientele.

Our Story

Ishantech has the pursuit of delivering quality content to satisfy our clients and engage the readers. This is the the outset of the journey we are all set to set the milestones by maintaining the array of our happy clientele. We work in transparent and affordable eco system.

  • Content Writing 90%
  • Internet Marketing 70%
  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

Our Services

1. Web content Writing

Web content- Your online portrait:

Your online impression should be as remarkable as the service you provide to your clients. Why opt for abdicate written thing when you can have undocked array of the prefect web content created only for you and at a layoff cost. Integrate with us and you can have hassle free and adept of content created by our team of professionals who not only write, but make oodles of hard work to make your online profile spangle.

Our manifesto promises to you for a perfect web content:

  • Our team does intensive research work before creating your copy so not even by coincidence you have to pilgrimage which don’t make you look
  • Do not matter what your purpose is, our team has key knowledge of every field so as to absolutely engage your needs.
  • We have a good balance with SEO standards with which we are a perfect prevalent for you to achieve your goals in digital marketing.
  • Our goal is to add a backdrop of contemporary with the decency for beautiful language which keep your clients engaged with you.

Opt for us for these pivotal reasons:

  • Zing of our content is the simple but yet evident language which we all prefer so as to get the direct link with reader’s
  • We create for you the rich content at an affordable price, instead of writing waste at cheap price.
  • Indulge the versatility of our experts, who are impeccable to create marvelous gemstones as well as the sober contents.
  • We exist because you like, so it is our foremost responsibility to blend a perfect class in content and create it in your way.

2. Article Writing Services

Enlightening article writing services:

Shuttering down of blogs, pages and websites are due to lack of evident content. Why continue with the waste when you can have a professionally created article which can blend the reader and even though at nominal prices? We have a team of professional article writers to provide you the best content following the SEO standards which can spellbind the readers.

Bring the class with our article writing services:

  • A perfect article is one which can bind the readers; our team has expertise in creating such type of articles. Easy language, but beautiful flow, is the goal our team has. Adding the backdrop of bewitching words is what makes our work a complete package of class and elegance.
  • Anything posted should be 99.9% correct and should be written in an influential way, our team does constant hard work and keeps the key knowledge of everything around, so as to create content anytime whatever and whenever you need.

Our promises to our clients:

  • We work on the simple motive, “Less but Best”. So, once we have written for you, it is all yours. Those contents will never be used for other clients.
  • We believe in today. The Past has already gone and the future will never come. Our writers do oodles of work to make every content for you to be the best ever.
  • We offer our contents at so affordable price that it can be accessed by everyone because; we exist because you made us do.

3. Blog Post Writing Services

Dynamic blog post writing services:

Maintaining blog seems fascinating, but we understand that it requires a lot of time to set an accurate vision, and to update a blog daily is a hassle. We have engaged top writers in our blog post writing team to make striking contents for your blog. Following the SEO standards, the content developed by our team of professionals attracts more readers and keep your blog top ranked in search engines.

Why hire us for blog post writing:

With the daily updating online environment, there is a lot of crowd providing the content writing work, but we can give you not only one but more captivating reason to hire us:

  • Our panel of experts is regularly updating their tactics of writing so as to meet your requirement and make your blog festooning with marvelous content.
  • Blogs are the means to communicate with your readers, which is why being a professional, we put the utmost care and hard work in blog post writing without compromising the quality of content and yet completing the work before the
  • Competition makes us work better to provide you a soothing experience and at very affordable price without compromising the SEO standards.

Our commitments to keep your blog peppy-

  • We follow a simple rule, “do best, if you want to be best”. Our happy clients are our greatest reward and we always try to serve you better.
  • Offering the best packages in blog post writing, we offer the complete package of elegance, class and quality of content so as to properly communicate with the readers and make them feel fascinated.
  • Being the best in serving clients’ their needs in their very own style are our goal and we are constantly adding more well-known professionals to our team of gemstone writers to achieve the same.

4. SEO content writing services

Salient SEO content writing services:

Making a website is not the end of digital marketing, being in the relevant list of search engines and in view of the audience is more important. Evident content blended with the SEO content writing standard is what needed to make what’s decent website radiant. More beautiful the language, the more you have readers. It do not mean to fit the difficult words at any cost. It is an art of effectively integrating the striking words, keeping the motive and flow of sentence same.

Our approach for spellbinding SEO content:

  • Being one in a hundred is obviously the best dream ever. Our team of professional SEO content writers works with the motive of making your website conspicuous than others, keeping the same backdrop of intention it is made for.
  • We follow the latest techniques integrating our hard work of constant research and revision, which makes us establish the standards and protocols in the content, making it more practical and classy than others.
  • SEO methodologies we follow are the ideal for a superlative content and our team is masterly handling with these methodologies.

Our sincere commitment to our clients:

  • Above anything our focus is for making the best contents accessible to everyone, that is why we have affordable packages for rich class SEO contents at very affordable price meeting the pockets of small entrepreneurs.
  • Abstruse to understand contents is not our way, we create user friendly contents adding the backdrop of elegance using the most striking words with highly perfection without changing the flow.
  • Now or never, we believe in giving the best, mesmerizing and fascinating services to our clients from first time making the way soothing and work interesting.

5. Ghost Writing

Top-secret ghost writing services:

We understand that being well known in yourself is not an easy task, and then doing all your work by yourself is extremely difficult. But, when it comes to complete, the content is a hassle. But, no need to worry, we are happy to help you. Our team of professional writers has a perfect tone to add the backdrop of perfection in content.

Our impeccable team does ghost writing for you:

Our team has season writers from every field, whichever your need is from book editing to writing, from content creation to outlining; we can make it happen for you. We have masterly team having blended with SEO standards with which we are perfect for you to achieve your goals and keep your readers integrated with you.

Our commitments to our clients:

  • Being subjective or informal, we not only write the content but cultivate it with emotions, research and hard work for setting a beautiful outline in language.
  • Our tangible writers are our distinction. We never disclose our ghost written work and delete it once we have handed it over to you.
  • Content we made for you is all yours, we never claim them and you have all the legal rights to publish it.
  • Zing of our content is rich instead of writing waste as cheaply.

6. E-Book Writing

Copyscape proof E-book writing services:

Got an idea, but have no time to work on it? Don’t worry!! Our myriad team of professional E-book writers is here to help you and that too as a ghost writer. Your idea, our hard work, but the e-book will be fully authorized to you.

Craft your e-book fame with our pro ghost writers:

We understand that it is hassle to bring out time to research on something and then bringing out time to cultivate the research in an array. But, no need to worry. We have a team of Professional writers, who are experts from different fields will make it fast turnaround for you. Ask for a witty one or subjective, ask for technical or theoretical; our masterly team is perfect to make your idea happening.

You share your ideas, we work on it with our commitments:

  • We follow keen methodologies to draft the content so there are no chances for monotonous contents.
  • Our team of experts knows how to keep the content up to the mark in SEO standards, without disturbing the flow of the book making the language more beautiful for communicating with the readers’ mind.
  • We will get you updated with every status of each step your project will pursue, So that, we can make it happen in your style.
  • We have versatile ghost writers, who never claims their work and we erase our ghost written work, once we have satisfied all your needs, and we never mention it in our portfolio too.

7. Product Review Writting

Versatile product review writing services:

Want to share your judging thoughts with the world, but feel hesitated because of lack of content. Our team is happy to help you to make your dream come into reality. We have integrated a team of professional writers which will blend your thoughts in an array of radiant vocabulary.

Captivating and Evident product reviews:

It’s hard to keep your readers hooked unless you have art to hook the words so as to make them manifest. We have vast experience to blend the readers with every single line, making us the best team for writing product reviews. Make your blog or a technology website, wants to write movie reviews, or review a mobile; our team has plenty of knowledge of everything so as to meet the versatility of your mind.

Why hire us for review writing?

  • The content we create for you comes across so many tests so as to avoid pilgrim even by co-incidentally.
  • Our writers follow latest techniques to match the SEO standards, making the content appreciated by readers and considered relevant by each and every search engine.

8. Magazine article writing

Magazine article writing services:

The contents of the magazine are what make it peddle, and even a smallest mistake can lead to face legal hassles. We have a perfect team of professional writers who face this pressure daily. They have the art of cultivating your idea in oodles of words and keeping your blend strongly with your readers adding the backdrop of juvenile Brio.

Ask anything, get everything:

Permanent writers on vacation or want a new one. Our team of seasoned writers is a perfect habiliment for magazine article writing. Hire us to write and our versatile team will make it done for you in a specialized way. Articles we provide are not only written, but cultivated by our versatile team of gemstone writers, and you have full royalty on it.

Our commitment advertises of us:

  • Our affordable packages are designed to appreciate small works and, entrepreneurs but, articles provided are created under experts’ guidance making it rich in quality and language.
  • Above anything, we believe in “do less, but better”. We make our articles user friendly and once it is handed over to you, it is all yours and it will never be used for anyone, not even in our portfolio.
  • Our samples are only the trailer of our versatile team, we do lots of research before writing anything making our articles 99.99% accurate.