How To Define A Digital Marketing Strategy For The Automotive Sector

How To Define A Digital Marketing Strategy For The Automotive Sector

With advances in technology, digital marketing for the automotive industry has had a great reach in recent years, managing to achieve a large number of sales and evolve very quickly. For years, dealerships and factories in the motor sector have reinvented themselves and created spectacular and impactful strategies in this sector.

In order to get your company to earn more sales, you need to know how to define a digital marketing strategy for this area. And the first thing to understand is that not all users are the same and, therefore, the message will not reach everyone equally.

To be successful, these actions must be carried out through a strategy adapted to the behavior of your audience, and that guarantees to meet their needs.

Users move to digital channels

How To Define A Digital Marketing Strategy For The Automotive Sector

The automotive industry has become one of the sectors with the greatest prominence in the advertising field. To verify this, you just have to look at a large amount of content available in different traditional and digital media.

However, everyday audiences are more focused on technology platforms, so it is vital that you are skilled in implementing digital marketing campaigns for the automotive sector.

Something that you should always implement is the function of the needs and behaviors that your potential clients have since most of them will always trust the recommendations they obtain on digital channels.

Ways of consuming information from digital marketing for the automotive industry

Over the last 20 years, the consumption habits of potential customers in the automotive sector have varied greatly. And it is that if before a person went to a dealer to see the different brands and thus compare the prices of the vehicles and their technical data, today it is totally different.

Now you can get all the information about the purchase of a car in seconds, you only need to have an Internet connection and access to social media.

In addition, there are many web portals that will help you compare the characteristics of the cars, indicating the dealer closest to you so that you can make your purchase. Therefore, the digital environment is an excellent option.

Digital marketing for automotive has amazing results for the B2B sector. This, in part, is thanks to technological tools that are constantly emerging and at breakneck speed.

Being able to appear in the first results that search engines throw so that users can have information about the brands, the type of engine, or aspects that are more technical about the vehicles, will take a very broad strategic work.

But it is one of the most effective strategies to get that visibility that you want so much and that will increase your sales.

8 steps for you to define a digital marketing strategy for the automotive industry

The advancement of technology has forced many sectors of the economy to digitize and, in this way, to create tools to attract and retain their customers.

As in everything, there is no magic formula for success. But there are certain guidelines that the main car brands follow to achieve it. Here you will find a series of steps so that you can define your digital marketing strategy in the automotive industry:

1.- You have to create an ideal client

Automotive marketing plans must have the figure of the buyer-persona to reach more customers and retain those they already have. That is why you must take into account what are the objectives you are pursuing, the audience you are addressing, the competitive advantages, and the values ​​that surround your brand.

In a world that is led by the technological age, the presence of digital is going to match current and future trends. To design an optimal digital marketing plan for the automotive industry, it is recommended that you have data that is reliable and relevant about the audience you are targeting.

A clear example is to investigate what are the consumption habits that your users have. The objective is to do an analysis to find out where they spend most of their time, what motivates them to buy, what their day-to-day is like, what preferences they have, and other aspects that are based on their personality and demographics.

One of the strategies so that you can define the automotive marketing of your company is that you generate different consumer profiles. Keep in mind that within your audience there are different profiles, who will be interested in different models of your product range.

You will be able to focus your campaigns on specific groups, segmenting them according to their age, their economic income, or their gender. This will help you create personalized strategies, with content adapted to the tastes and needs of each of your audience profiles.

2.- It is important to design a website that is optimized

By having an optimized website you will be able to occupy better positions in the search results. The optimization will be proportional to the value of the content you offer to your audience, the experience that the user will have, the speed with which your website loads, and your keyword strategy.

Also, don’t forget that approximately 69% of people access digital media through a Smartphone. Due to this, it is important that you have your website adapted to mobile. Otherwise, users will not recommend your business.

3.- Create relevant and valuable content

Thanks to the diversity of digital tools available in the market, it is easier for users to search and make product comparisons.

That is why content marketing is becoming increasingly important, even compared to online paid advertising. Although it is true that both strategies combined represent a powerful tandem in terms of visibility and sales.

One of the digital contents that have the best results in digital marketing for the automotive sector are photographs, infographics, and videos. The latter has positioned itself as one of the formats most consumed by Internet users, accounting for more than 82% of online traffic today.

That is why blogs that have visual content always receive 94% more visits than those that only have text. But why is this so? This is because consumers always expect to be able to obtain information through images that allow them to get an idea of ​​what the products are like without seeing them on site.

On the other hand, blogs that have video increase organic search by up to 157%. The recommendation is that you publish at least 16 pieces of content per month so that you get 3.5 times more traffic.

It is important that you know that 47% of consumers always look at three to five images before thinking about purchasing the products.

4.- Capture prospects in Landing Pages

The landing pages are those which reach a user clicked on promotion, either by social networks, in an advertisement, or within your site.

The purpose they have is that you can capture the information of these users in order to improve your tactics and obtain a communication channel, such as email marketing CRM .

Many of the buyers share the information they receive in exchange for a gift that is useful, it can be a course, a discount coupon, an eBook, among others.

5.- Follow the rules of Email Marketing

When you already get the email of the people who are interested in your service or product, the idea is that you keep in contact with them by sending them content that is really relevant, but all depending on the profile of your Buyer Persona.

An email message that is personalized will help increase transaction fees up to 6 times. This will not happen if you send a message that is generic.

Of course, in digital marketing for the automotive industry, as in the rest of the sectors, you should not send content that is not of interest to your audience, since in this way you deteriorate your brand image.

6.- Build networks

Social networks have become extremely indispensable tools to be able to contact a segmented audience. Not only can you do it through paid ads, but creating groups that have common interests will help you much more.

You must be very attentive with intuitive advertising since it focuses on giving value as if you were a member of the community and not as an advertiser. Another idea to achieve good results is that you have allies from other brands and people in your sector.

The influencers are among the best strategic partners to promote the product you are offering, and they can share in your personal feed or in their stories and generate conversation.

7.- Important: that your brand has value

The values ​​of your brand and the commitment you show to your customers will be a fundamental part of building digital marketing strategies for the automotive industry.

This will allow you to go beyond the expectations of your users and achieve great loyalty and trust towards your company.

8.- Make an analysis of your KPI’s

The indicators or KPIs are metrics that will help you analyze the scope of your objectives. An example is page views, being the main metric that bloggers use.

This is followed by the number of times the content is shared or the “likes” your posts receive. Thanks to this data, you will be able to know if the strategy you are implementing is working or not.

You already know how to define a strategy for the automotive sector, so now use all this knowledge to create segmented and effective strategies.


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