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7 WordPress Plugin You Must Use to Increase Website Traffic

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of easy routes to divert more traffic to their website, right? 

The WordPress plugins have been one of the simplest ways to make you use, especially for those with no prior coding language to maximize the reach of the website. 

If you have your website on WordPress, then it’s time to use some of those great plugins for boosting the website traffic. 

In this blog, we will see some of the top and most effective WordPress plugins that work on your user engagement and drive more visitors to your website.

  1. OptinMonster

Wondering about what you can do to make those visitors come back again?

OptinMonster is a simple tool which you can use to convert your visitors into email subscribers. It’s a great way to stay in the minds of your users and create a steady stream of recurring visitors to your website that will do wonders for your search engine ranking. 

You can also track the action taken by the users on the email, understand at what point they convert or leave, create different user groups and leverage targeted marketing for better conversions. You can include this plugin on your website to collect the user data directly and send out emails based on user behaviour.

  1. Sharebar

If you have been keeping your website and its social media profiles, then it’s time to remedy that immediately. Sharebar is a simple plugin to bridge that gap between social media and your website.

With its simple, shareable links present with your every article, product and content, the users can directly create attractive posts and share it on social media channels. This Sharebar plugin creates a direct link to your website whenever you use it to share on social media, which means more exposure and more website traffic.

  1. All in One SEO Pack

SEO is the first thing you need to concentrate on when trying to increase website traffic. There are several elements to SEO, some of it on the technical aspect of the website. All in One SEO Pack automatically detects the content and adds relevant tags to the website elements. 

It will also optimize your title for Google that will help to increase your search engine ranking. It does a host of functions like checking for duplicate content, generating meta tags for the content and many more. 

With this single pack, you can perform various functions, all of which work in increasing the SEO score.

  1. Inline Related Posts

If you regularly post blogs and articles on your website, then this plugin will be of immense help. The Inline Related Posts adds the links to related posts in the middle of articles. It is best to use when you post lengthy blogs as it will lead to less bounce rate and work for your SEO too.

The readers will be shown content similar to the ones they are reading or something that details better on a topic in the middle of the articles. Since the readers are already interested, you can drive better traffic to more web pages too.

  1. Click to Tweet

Though you may have added some social media share links, nothing would top this simple ‘Click to Tweet’ option. With this plugin, you can highlight short sentences that are tweet-worthy and placed in ‘Click to Tweet’ boxes. Once the user clicks on it, it will automatically take them to the page where they can post the same on Twitter with links to your website.

This is yet another effective tool to drive social media traffic to your website.

  1. Revive Old Posts

Generating traffic for your website is not just about traffic to your new content. You can leverage whatever content you already have to maximize the visitors. This plugin, Revive Old Posts, helps in bringing back attention to the old blogs and articles that had gone out of notice.

You don’t have to keep remembering to publicize the old ones. You can set up automatic posting about the past blogs which will help in keeping diverting some regular traffic all across your website – old and new posts included.

  1. SumoMe

SumoMe is for those marketers for a complete analysis of what went right and wrong with the website. You can do a lot with this one plugin.

You can create pop-ups with attractive visuals that ask the user to sign up for your email list or create a user profile on the website, or for any other action. You can schedule marketing emails, analyze the heat maps on the user movements and behaviours and integrate with e-commerce features to increase conversion rate. 

All of these tools have been handpicked to provide an overall improvement to your SEO. Pick a few of these plugins and add to your website to notice a visible difference in the website traffic.

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