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IshanTech is the best political Consultant in India.The need for corrective analysis in today’s world is as important as the information gathered. A combination of these gives rise to a powerful methodology, which assesses the current scenario and helps in decision making, optimizing the available resources for gaining the best possible returns.

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The digital media campaign is one of the most effective and impactful tools of the political campaign process. This is widely used by most of the political parties for their campaigning process as it can reach a lot of voters and there are helpful digital tools which can be used for their party’s benefits. We, at ishantech, bring you an array of beneficial features and aspects of the digital media campaigning, and it will be very beneficial for your party as well as the contesting candidate.

As a political pioneer, through digital media, you can share your perspective, considerations, and give reports on your events, and thus, get associated with your voters rapidly and consistently. A standout amongst the most basic parts of your political battle is digital media crusading. Digital media has caught the attention of the majority radically, and it impacts how voters consider their political candidates. Ishantech provides digital media campaigning for conquering any hindrance between you and voters. Through digital media, you can show signs of improvement input, and subsequently, you will have better learning of where every one of the advancements and the adjustments in your crusade ought to be.

You can think of digital media election crusade ideas, and we will enable you to get the best outcomes by actualizing them. You can stand firmly and even aware the voters about the multifaceted changes that you need to get the political area which would profit the nation and your electorate.

Aspects of Digital Media Campaigning Services

  • Profile Creation on the Digital Media Domains – We assist you to take advantage of the powerful effect of digital media on political battles, and for that, the primary thing we serve to you is the establishment and engagement of the new profile. The creation is basic, and this is the most indispensable part of digital media battling.
  • Day-to-day News and Events Update – Our stage ensures to refresh the profile as well as the different occasions and posts every day. By this, you can avail the help of digital media on elections perspective. Keeping the voters updated ensures transparency in the campaign procedure, and this is a great feature of the social media campaigns.
  • Management of Feedback, and the Reactions of the Voters – It helps to handle all the voters, their remarks and the voice and reactions of the potential voters. This is, consequently, an essential aspect of the crusade, and the team from our domain handles these bits of the battle with absolute caution and carefulness.
  • Better Engagement – Through the digital media campaign, you can better reach the voters and the people around them. With the engagement of the potential voters in the campaigning process, you can better avail the benefits of having a better chance of winning the elections.
  • Collective and Time-Effective Reach – Through the digital media campaigning process, you can effectively connect to a large array of voters at one time. Through bulk SMS, call services, as well as Whatsapp messages, can reach a vast number of people all at once and as a result in a cost-effective manner.

Ishantech’s Digital Media Campaign Features

  • Bulk SMS Dissemination – Through the bulk SMS services, we avail the best reach and impact. There are a number of things that we keep into consideration while disseminating the SMSs and they are things like the time of the SMS dispersal, the people to be sent, the proper personalization of the messages and more.
  • In Voice Calls – The in-voice calls from our domain has a number of benefits like we make sure that there are is proper knowledge of the campaign being delivered and also that the voters are engaged and connected to the campaigning.
  • Whatsapp Message Campaign – The Whatsapp is the most common and widely used messaging application today. We also serve to deliver bulk Whatsapp campaign messages as well.
  • Cost-Effective – There are a number of benefits from our digital media campaign services, and the cost-effectiveness is one of them as well. Due to the fact that through bulk messages there is a wider reach of the voters all at once, the cost becomes less, and the campaign can hence save considerably.
  • Feedback Management – The management of the feedback as well as the reaction of the voters to the campaign is also an essential thing to record and analyze. This is a great source of data, and we make sure that our professional team manages the feedback in an apt manner.
  • Update Voters About News – Through the digital media campaigning, we update the voters and the potential voting audience about the various news and events related to the campaigning. This brings a lot of transparency in the campaign process, and even the community relation is built.

The election war room is another form of political branding and is currently one of the essential forms of branding. In crusading election period, the war room is generally imperative. This is where we all focus on practising all the political festivals, applicants, in every exercise that happens between the public and in the same manner plan the procedure for what is going to come. To establish a political war room, we require PCs, Information Examiner, Tool Architects, and Employees. We help the contestant to arrange everything in their ideal premises.

There are three fundamental sorts of war rooms in political crusades. This depends on our experience in order to be contrary to the state or neighbourhood elections:

  • Decision Structuring War Room: This is a set-up where you have the centre chiefs for a crusade working in one room or closeness. This enables the battle to settle on options and act immediately upon exposure or opportunity.
  • Media-checking War Room: In a media-observing war room, you commonly have a room of 8-12 assistant dimension staff viewing, catching and cautioning all the media movements. A committed individual regularly trails this surge of data from the correspondence staff, frequently the Rapid Response group, which shapes media inclusion and the crusade message at the point.
  • Election Day War Room: On Election Day, the active movements to get votes, and there is a mid-day war room for this enquiry. This is regularly maintained by the Political Director of the battle and it is carried outside the provincial political heads responsible for various swing areas. The objective here is to get the initial sense of votes and dedicate assets through Election Day as required. Every electorate has vote targets, and meeting all objectives is the means by which you win.

The shared trait to every one of the three is that they are basically about data portability. War rooms are impermeable to the central leadership, and they do so by getting data to the general population, who progressively require it, or by having the heads assembled to encourage activity.

This is the place where Ishantech will help you to plan and strategize for the next activities. Also, it is here where we track down the voters’ movements on a daily basis. The analysis, as well as the improvements, are all planned and made ready for execution here. Our team of experts makes sure that here they form day-to-day strategies. Ishantech’s team of expert analysts will observe as well as attend all the rallies for the better outcome of your election campaign management process. This is an amazing service from our end and the availability of this service from our domain for a short period would also have a great positive impact on the political campaigning management of the party. The war rooms have a great impact on the brand value and the publicity of the party as a whole.

Aspects of Political War Room Services

  • Close Monitoring of the Voters – The team of experts ensures that the voters and monitored closely and in a proper way.
  • Strategy Formulation – It helps you to plan the strategies and also the campaign aspects for the better representation of your party before the Election Day.
  • SEO Aspects – The essential SEO features of your advertisements are also ensured in the war room.
  • Management of Rallies – The rally management and analysis of the voters’ reactions are an important thing that is planned and strengthened in the war room.
  • Social Media Management – The social media management is also planned and agreed over here.
  • Campaign Plan – The process of campaigning is the basic step, and this is done expertly in the election war room itself.
  • Management of the Political Campaign – The management of the political campaigns are also essential, and our expert team ensures this in the war room.
How to Run an Effective Political Campaign on Social Media

Elements Run an Effective Political Campaign on Social Media

  • Personalized url – A personalized url can be created as soon as your page reaches certain number of likes, most important tip is your url shall be same on all social media platforms.
  • Campaign Facebook Page – Create an official page and not a community page, Facebook allows to create a page only to the candidate or the authorized person on politician’s staff.
  • Customizing the landing page of Facebook – Facebook enables us to customize tab specifically as we want it to be, it includes important elements like an email signup, donation call to action, and more information for voters, it gives us opportunity to convert voters into donors and volunteers.
  • Regular updation and up gradation of social media pages- It includes updates from campaign website, press releases, news articles, event reminders, photographs, personal observations and more. Also, timely updation of cover page and profile picture is important to keep your followers engaged.
  • Keeping an eye on the Facebook insights – To get maximum response analysis the best time to post and interactions, demographics consists of the views & likes on the post.
  • Email and Direct Marketing Targets – Looking into the local sentiments and issues is very crucial and accordingly sending resolving issues via Email or sms.
  • Shopper Marketing – Last 24 hours are very crucial, target with focused intent and hyper targeting local messages, it boosts voting rate up to 20 percent.
  • Image Building Concept – Campaign should be based on a theme, creating positive image of the candidate among the masses.
  • Constant Research and Analysis – Daily updation of plans and to stay ready with a back up and alternate plans.
  • Reaching the masses in a personalized voice – The massive and exposure stimulates the response in manifolds, bulk sms service is used to have an active plan.
  • Keeping in touch with the masses – Mann ki baat by Narendra Modi ji is one such initiative capturing various issues relevant to the country’s development.
  • Covering every aspect – Campaign must be designed with an outlook that how would a reasonable person would see it and policies must be framed keeping in view the local laws and covering all the important sectors such as economical, financial, agricultural like ‘Make in India’ and Digital India projects by Modi Government, to enhance the development of the country globally.
  • Developing a Vision and Mission statement – Every campaign has its own anthem which covers its vision and mission statement.
  • A dedicated workforce – A political campaign involves day and night efforts, which is done by a team working behind the picture, team involved in social media campaigning inter alia includes Content manager & strategist, Designers, Social media marketing manager


Politics with authority. brings tremendous amount responsibilities, a duty towards your country & its people!

Earlier it was rather difficult to hear all the grievances, or have one to one conversation with your direct audience. But Digital marketing has revolutionized Politics, Development & growth for developing countries like INDIA. No more waiting, you get a direct authentic feedback for your work & influence people by building your online image. Social Media Campaigns have redefined the approach towards Political campaigning for Leaders worldwide.

Not only the social media presence indispensable to overall success for Political propaganda, but it actually helps you to build your reputation online, reach people easily & realise your long term vision by building a permanent bond with people, reaching them in real time.

Ishantech is a dedicated Political social media management agency in India, where we make sure you reach people & they reach you, just how democracy & governance should work. Thanks to this Online world, now we know how to make that difference faster, better & a lot more fun.

Personally Assisting Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan ji (BJP President Madhya Pradesh ) for his Ideas to be implemented in Professional manner. 

 On ground PR and Digital PR for Parliamentary and MP State Assembly Election 2013 -2014 
 On ground PR and Digital PR for U.P State Assembly 2017.
 Handled social media accounts of a Bhartiya Janta Party Uttar Pradesh and all prominent 3 candidates of Parliamentary elections .
 Strategize the winning campaign both on-ground and digital campaign for the candidate.
 Managed 2Social media war room to counter the opposition party with a team of 6 people in UttarPradesh Assembly Election.
 Managed press conference and press release for the candidates.
 Media planning and Buying ( Newspaper Ads, Television Ads, Radio Ads, Digital space, Facebook promotion, Banner Ads,etc. ).
 Handled Social Media ( Facebook and Twitter ) page of Mr. Nand Kumar Singh Chauhan BJP State President MP
 Protocol Management
 Data Management of constituent assembly ( list of voters, percentage of voting and voting behavior )
 Knowledge about government policies and programs.

Shivraj Singh Chauhan ji
Shivraj Singh Chauhan ji

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