Everything Begins With A Single Idea

Writing all week long, this weekend I decided to take a break from writing. Instead, I browsed the internet cautiously to find some spiritual blogs for a quick dose of healing, to uplift my mood. Selecting a philosophical one from the tedious list of self-help articles, I happened to notice a quote of the day block, which was placed in the corner of a page. This quote was by Lao Tzu and it read, “This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Pondering over the quote made me think about the writers – the unsung heroes of successful campaigns who build up on ideas, that take the industry by storm.


Advertising is an art of persuasion, which encourages people to try products or services that a business offers. Blessed with a limited memory, raving about the features that a brand offers would be futile, without a clear idea. Every great creation has an inception from a single idea. The blogs you read and the campaigns you see, follow the same ideology. Ideas fuel advertising and only brilliant execution of that idea, can aid in strong recurrence of a brand by the human brain.
An idea is a thought that originates in one’s imagination and provokes action. However, more than the idea, the way it is presented to the audience is of vital importance. Recently, two major companies launched their new range of similar cars, through a television commercial. While, one boasted about its efficient and endless comfort by comparing its features with others; the other brand playfully portrayed the zeal and enthusiasm the car offers without overshadowing its benefits. Both brands executed the same idea. However, the way they were presented to the audience made a major difference to their sales.

Some ideas are best executed when they stand alone, while others work better with the combination of various marketing tactics. A book and a film may be an amalgamation of various thoughts. However, the main concept will always revolve around a single idea. So, the next time you get a beautiful idea, don’t forget to write it down in your journal. You never know when your irrelevant thought may grow into a story plot, blog or even a commercial film. So, when even the smallest ideas pops into your mind, make sure that you write it down. For without writing, all your ideas are nothing but mindless thoughts.

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