Fake Data Entry Jobs And The Company Lists Across India

Fake Data Entry Jobs And The Company Lists Across India

There are a plethora of websites that are available on the internet that claim legitimate data entry jobs. But the fact is 95% of them are fake. Getting a legitimate data entry job is far challenging. The most common targets of those fake data entry companies are students and housewives. Regrettably, numerous individuals have lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and also many folks are looking on the internet for jobs that allow them to work from home, with data entry being at the top of the list. In this article, we will look at numerous types of fake data entry jobs and the company list across India. Check Here Business Listing Sites in India .

Data entry is a kind of clerical job that entails inputting information into computers through various methods such as typing and voice recording. Retail, healthcare, transportation, and banking are just some of the industries where data entry operators work. Scams involving data entry take numerous forms, and they always offer a lot of money for a job that requires no expertise. There are legitimate data entry jobs available, but they do not pay much or demand a large initial outlay. 

What Are The Common Types of Data Entry Scams?

What Are The Common Types of Data Entry Scams?

Scammers employ a variety of methods to scam job searchers. The following are a few of the most common: 

Email Data Entry Jobs

Currently, obtaining data from a variety of sources is really simple. There are companies that sell people’s personal data to third parties. Scammers frequently obtain this information and use it to send emails to people. As a result, your email address is another target for those who commit data entry fraud. They send out up to 1 million emails per day, which is referred to as email phishing, in which people are scammed into working as data entry jobs. When you click on all those emails, you will be asked to fill out some forms, pay registration fees (which you will lose if you do so), and sometimes even send a COD (Cash on Delivery) Data Entry CD/DVD. To acquire those Fake Data Entry DVDs, you must pay a fee. 

SMS Data Entry Jobs

SMS Text Message is commonly used in data entry fraud. The Fraud Jobs Messages may have already arrived in your inbox. Such scam SMS entices you by promising an urgently needed candidate with a salary of Rs.40,000 or Rs. 70,000. You must also pay an advance registration cost. Be watchful of it. These text messages are all fraudulent attempts. 

Newspaper Data Entry Jobs

Posters or newspaper advertisements can be found all throughout the city. Because catching the young and weak is a simple operation, they are generally placed in populated areas nearby schools and colleges. People actually trust data entry jobs advertising just because they were published in the newspaper, and they lost their hard-earned money to a fraudulent data entry job. Newspaper advertisements are still being used to scam people into taking data entry jobs. 

Time Submission Typing Jobs

Many companies that offer online data entry jobs fool you by requiring you time submission as you work. Now you need to log in to their member area portal, where you will see a scanned copy of a book. There would be a text entry area in which you must type what is written just above the scanned copy within the time frame provided. To begin working, you must first pay a registration fee. 

First and foremost, there would be a lengthy paragraph that you must type in 5-6 minutes. Furthermore, because you must submit your typing entry within a certain amount of time, there is no ability to go back and examine it and make any changes. The majority of the paragraphs you will be typing come from law and medical literature. As a result, pronouncing and typing these things is quite difficult. And in reality, most of the participants were unable to accomplish this difficult typing task.

MCA Registration Data Entry Jobs

The name MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs–Government of India) has been exploited to steal money from people. Many fake data entry websites mislead you into believing they are legitimate and MCA-approved. Sometimes online job scammers are so clever that they use a fraudulent company name and an MCA logo to deceive you. A corporation’s registration as a private limited company with the MCA does not guarantee that it is legitimate. The reality about this sort of fraud is that they locate a Privately Limited company name and register a fake website without alerting the genuine company. They now download all of the company’s information, such as the CIN number, registration number, and TAN number. People paid the registration fees and lost their money because the company name was registered with MCA. 

BPO Fake Data Entry Jobs

Not every data entry scam took place on the internet. However, this time the fraudster takes the data entry fraud to another height. Companies begin as a franchisee with a different BPO or by renting their own office. You can go to their workplace and meet them in person. You assumed that as they have their own office, it will no longer be a hoax. And you paid the registration fees. But you are completely mistaken. They completely swindled with the projects they delivered. You won’t be able to meet their target. You have a huge amount of work to do and a limited time. And if you finished the work, however, they reject your work by pointing out faults, grammatical problems, double spacing, and other issues.

WhatsApp And Facebook Fake Jobs

As we all are addicted to social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. This advantage was used by data entry fraudsters. Many Facebook groups post bogus data entry jobs, tempting unsuspecting users in for quick profits. Scammer created a false ad on social media, and the story is also the same. So, to enroll you must pay the registration fees. 

Google Ads

Such fake data entry job sites are quite unsophisticated. As a result, companies are paying for Google ads in order to have their website appear higher in search results. People who are looking for data entry jobs will be able to find them simply as a result of this. Google Ads is a platform that allows you to pay to have your website appear at the top of search results. Not all Google ads are fake. Scammers create a fake website and post information about appealing false data entry projects that pay well. They employ Google AdWords because it is hard for a Scam Website to rank first on Google. 

Fake Data Entry Company List-

Below is the list of some fake data entry companies.

  1. Oxy Tech Company
  2. Techedge United
  3. Orbit Web System Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Core Enterprises
  5. Pearl Service
  6. CSF Employment Service Pvt. Ltd.
  7. Urban Technology
  8. Way2Consultancy Service
  9. VJ Consultancy Service
  10.  Indeed Pvt. Ltd
  11.  Cryptolite Network
  12.  Pixel web system
  13.  CSR
  14.  DTD Solution
  15.  Metrics InfoTech
  16.  Techtom Tachnology
  17.  Equinox
  18.  Resume Filling Freelancer
  19.  HS Enterprises
  20.  MAX Enterprices
  21.  Infra Data Technology
  22.  Datadesk Outsourcing Services

What Should You Do If You Have Already Been Scammed? 

What Should You Do If You Have Already Been Scammed?

Certain scammers do not inflict significant harm. They simply use a variety of deceptive strategies to lure people in and steal their money. However, several are far more severe than others. You can speak with a responsible individual who is well-versed in these issues. If the situation is far more serious, you must seek assistance from the police or law department. You also can file complaints with the Cyber Crime Department. 

Rather than just losing time on this fraudulent task, you should cease doing it right now. Get prepared to not receive the money you had paid them for whatever reason. Even if you file a cybercrime complaint, there is also likely no method of getting money back once it’s paid willingly to them. 

You can also completely block them on phone calls and WhatsApp. After that, you could really consider taking the four steps of reporting the scam to the cybercrime cell, filing a customer dispute resolution form with your bank and the scammer’s bank, and at last filing a complaint under the IT Act. 

When you sign up for fraudulent data entry contracts, you are frequently threatened with case files and legal action. You might be concerned about legal expertise in this situation. Scammers may have your personal information, which they could use for fraudulent purposes. Because simply having those details is useless to them unless you willingly transfer your funds to them.


Every day, a variety of data entry frauds are attempted. Numerous data entry fraudsters are being caught by the police. It’s extremely difficult to tell which website is offering a legitimate data entry job. You may trust some of the best freelancing websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Fiverr, etc. However, this is not a fake website, despite the fact that you may have a work-related or payment-related issue with your client. However, they will not be charged by you. 

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra