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Law of Attration and “feeling good”

Feeling Good
Feeling Good

We all have seen the Secret and know how important “the feeling good” part is in the Law of Attraction. When you feel good you attract more “feel good” events into your life. It is the feeling, the vibration that matters the most. Thoughts are important, but they only help you when they make you emit that “feeling good” vibration into the Universe. Otherwise thoughts are useless. Even good thoughts, great thoughts are useless if they don’t make you feel good. You might think all day long that life is great and wonderful but if you don’t feel anything thinking that nothing will happen. Your subconsciuos mind won’t believe you. The only way for you to make your subconcious mind to believe you is to feel what you are thinking. Just plainly thinking is not enough. Only when you feel good you attract good things into your life.

So do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good. Have the images in front of yourself that make you feel good, always have some memories you can reach quickly that make you feel great. Anything. I find it very effective to watch some inspirational videos like the one below. Start the day watching the video similar to this one and see how different the whole day will be, what magic it will bring you just because you started it feeling good.

Want to manifest your dreams? First find them..

Want to manifest your dreams? First find them.

A lot of people want to be able to manifest their dreams easily and effortlessly, they read hundreds of self help books, watch the Secret 20 times and wonder why still their dreams are not manifested.

A lot of them don’t realize that in order to be able to manifest dreams you need to actually reach for them and define them. Are the dreams you are trying to achieve actually your dreams? Not your parents or spouse expectations? Not the best socially acceptable things to do? Not some beliefs that you got from your past experinces? Not a smaller version of an actual dream just because a smaller version looks more doable?

It is true that you can achieve anything you believe you can achieve. But if your follow your actual dreams, your heart felt desires you are able to achieve them much quicker and easier with the least effort required from your part. It is because your actual dreams are your minds way of telling you where your natural talents and abilities are. And when you follow your natural talents and abilities, you get resuls you want with lightening speed. So reach for your actual dreams. It doesn’t matter to the Universe whether they are big or small. Just follow Your drreams not someone elses and you will be able to manifest them easily and effortlessly.

Increase your energy and become pro at manifesting


Do you know why some people are able to manifest abundance, prosperity, happiness, success and whatever else they desire in their lives much quicker than you doing all the same that they do? Even if you stay positive and think only positive thoughts, it still takes you longer than them to manifest your desires and dreams into your life.

It is all because they have a much higher energy level, so that their vibrations are so much more powerful that they are able to manifest things at lightening speed.

So how do you raise your energy levels? There are numerous ways for you to do it. One of the best ones that I use is “forgiveness exercise”.

We all get upset with other people in our lives, and we all got hurt at least once in the past. And even though we might think that we forgot about those past offenses, they still live in our subcounsiounsness and lower our energy levels. So now we have to conscously get rid of those past experiences to increase our energy which in turn will help us start manifesting things quicker and easier.

The exercise is very simple. Remember the person and the situation that hurt you or upset you in some way in the the past. See that person and say “I forgive you with love and gratitude and ask you to forgive me for my thoughts, actions and emotions toward you” Repeat this phrase several times and actually feel it. At the end you will feel the lighting sensation in your body that will show you that you actually released the offense. Move on to another person.

We all have someone we hold offense on to, in some way or the other. I recommend starting with the people most closer to you-parents, husbands and wives, close friends. Even though we might not reallize it but  those are the people that we hold most of our offenses to, because if they were around you for a long time they most likely in some way or the other did something you didn’t like and probably not once.

Do this exercise and you will see how much your energy vibration will increase and how much better you will feel. And when you increase your vibrations and your energu levels, you become pro at manifesting.

Abundance and the Law of Attraction


Do you really understand the word “abundance”? Do you understand what it means?

This world was created with abundance in mind. There are abundant resources of everything, and there are no lmits whatsorever to anything. This is all that the Law of Attraction is about. This world has everything that you want, everything that you might ever desire, everything is possible and is already here. Your job is only to realize it and to get connected to it. Ask and it will be given. It was already given before you even asked. Everything is here Now and Ever.

That is what the principle of Abundance means. Abundance is everywhere in everything. believe in this principle and just trust that all dreams are possible, that every desire you have already came true. Stick to it and you will find what you are looking for. It is here already, it has always been here and will always be.

Believe that you deserve to get what you want and you will manifest all the things that you want easily and effortlessly. Everything is already here, waiting for you.

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