life is a game


The Game of Life is not a board game. It is real. It is your life. You are in this game – there is no getting out of it. You cannot walk away because there are no doors to this stadium. You are in it, and you are in it until you die.


You could walk to the sideline, find yourself a seat and watch other people play the game of life. That doesn’t sound like you. You’re on the field. You may as well stay on the field and Play The Game.

The good news is, You get to decide how you will play this game. You get to make the Rules. This is Your Life.

You look around and see there are other people on the field. Some of them are wearing shirts the same color as yours, and there are some with different colored shirts. You quickly learn to cooperate with the people wearing the same-colored shirts and you compete with the ones with different-colored shirts. However, there are a few people with bi-colored shirts – they are wearing both colors. I guess that means you can cooperate AND compete with them. Hmmm! Obviously, life can be a little tricky!

So, you are on the field, there’s a game going on and you cannot get out. Even if you do nothing, occasionally the ball will come to you. You have to do something – there’s no getting away from it. You can run with the ball, pass it to one of the players with the same colored shirt as you, or you can challenge the thousands of people who suddenly appear wearing shirts of a different color.


Of course, you could just walk away from the ball and leave it for someone else to deal with.  But you HAVE to do something. Even just standing there, ignoring the ball, is doing something. That doesn’t sound like you, either.

So, what are you going to do? Maybe it’s time to choose whether to ignore the ball or go sit on the sideline. Maybe it’s time to get in the Game. Maybe it’s time to run with the ball. Maybe it’s time to decide how you will play this Game.

Maybe it’s time to stand up and make the commitment that you will play this Game of Life to the full extent of your ability – that you will play Full Out – that you will Play to Win!

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