7 best programming languages to learn in 2024


It is the time when technology things are growing rapidly. If the 21st century will be remembered for so many things then technology features will be one. As a result, real-life technological things are growing at a high speed too. Development of tech things is a segment where people are showing interest.

The programming language is a section that has a high demand always. Modern-day technology has made it even to the next level. So now, you can relate how programming languages and technology can control a vast digital world.

If you are someone who is interested to learn programming languages then here is a list that will guide you perfectly to the leap of the coding world. It is important to know which programming languages are currently best and will always be a suitable option for a current market with this increasing technology flow.

Choose the best programming language to start your career

Software development has always been a hot-seat career option. Programming languages play a key role in software development. If you choose to learn the best programming languagesthen your 7 best bets are here.


  1. Python

Python programming is considered as the best programming language in the world. There are many programming languages available but Python is the programming language that has the highest worldwide acceptancy. If you are looking for the best programming language to learn then start with Python. It is an ideal option for scalable applications.


  • Python language supports many devices as well as many OS.
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is the best programming technique always and Python is OOP driven.
  • It supports an extensive library.
  • It offers scalability to many web applications even the complicated ones.
  • Code readability focused.
  • Programmer’s productivity gets increased.


  • Not a suitable programming language for mobile computing.
  • The database layer is not advanced and upgraded.
  • GIL (Global Interpreter Lock) exists in Python coding that means the threading is not up to the mark.

If you learn Python then the chances are very high to get a job.

  • Java

In large organizations, Java is a popular choice for many people. Nowadays it has even become bigger and mandatory to many organizations, industries, business, companies, firms.Java has a strong community, enterprise support, and growing popularity among programmers show that Java is set to stay the first choice for most businesses. To become an expert, get certified and enroll for any Java course online.


  • The coding is done on an object-oriented basis.
  • Extensive open source libraries.
  • Stack allocation feature.
  • Memory allocation is automatic.
  • Garbage collection facility exists.
  • It supports multithreading.
  • The ideal programming for distributed programming.
  • Offers APIs to many activities like networking, utilities, database connection.


  • Expensive memory management.
  • Templates missing.

If you learn Java language properly then job opportunities will get higher.

  • JavaScript

JavaScript programming language is one of the biggest programming languages in software development. It is used for app development (mobile and web), PC app development, game development. Software development without JavaScript can’t be imagined as it is a popular programming language to the developers for many years.


  • Fast speed of client-side JavaScript can run on high speed in the browser.
  • The user interface is very rich as well as easy to understand.
  • It can be implemented well with other programming languages.
  • Easy to learn.
  • A must use programming language for the web.
  • Regular updates to the latest version or other changes.


  • Multiple inheritances can’t be done.
  • Absence of equal method or copy.
  • It performs differently in separate web browsers.

JavaScript has high job opportunities in today’s world.

  • C/C++

If you are really into the programming language and these things then, C and C++ are the languages you need to learn first. These are the elementary languages that create the base of any programmer. These languages are used mainly in OS, file systems. C and C++ both are the system-level programming languages. These two languages are fast, stable, and widely used programming languages.


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  • Huge library and compilers are one of the highlighted features of C and C++.
  • Compiling is faster here than other programming languages.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Suitable for multiple devices and platforms.
  • Practical application is very wide.


  • The syntax is more complex than other programming languages.
  • Modern-day problems face difficulties by solving with C and C++.
  • No dynamic memory allocation or no garbage collection.
  • Run-time and strict type checking is absent.
  • Memory corruption or buffer overflow are common issues.

As C and C++ are system languages so there are moderate job opportunities available but not like Python or Java.

  • R

It is a very common programming language, that is used widely worldwide.


  • Ideal programming language for machine learning and data analysis.
  • The ecosystem is very powerful.
  • Easy to code.
  • It is open-source software.
  • More extensible than other languages.


  • Security is slightly on the lower side, lacking features.
  • Memory management is not great.
  • Some packages have quality issues.
r learn

R programming language has huge job opportunities in the market.

  • Go

Golang programming language is known as Go programming language in short. It is developed by Google and 90% of start-ups in Silicon Valley use Go programming language. It will soon get adopted in Indian companies.


  • Syntax of Go programming language is easier as well as cleaner.
  • It is compiled into ML (Machine Language) so it is a fast programming language.
  • It has high security.


  • Library support is poor.
  • Having implicit interfaces make it difficult for coders.
  • Coding is not very much efficient.
go language

The job opportunity of Go programming language is moderate presently as it is yet to be adopted worldwide.

  • PHP

It is one of the best backend programming languages and used highly in industries.



  • It has high frameworks.
  • Plays a vital role to develop web pages.
  • It provides very high class debugging.
  • It has one of the best community support and eco-system.
  • Many automation tools are there for testing.
  • It is an object-oriented language.


  • Speed of developing websites is comparatively slower.
  • Lack of security features.
  • Error handling is not great.
  • It requires a high extension on a high amount.

Job opportunity for PHP programming language is very high in the market these days because the demand is on an extensive scale.

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These are some best programming languages 2023 that will jump-start your career on a high scale. Python, Java, PHP has a very high demand but learning these languages may take some time. You can go for any language you want but make sure you have learned it perfectly so that you can be a master in coding.

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