The Perks Of Hiring An AI Developer For Organizations

The Perks Of Hiring An AI Developer For Organizations

Why Hiring An AI Developer Is The Best Thing You’ll Ever Do

Table of Contents 

  • Introduction
  • About AI Engineers
    • Who Are They?
    • What Do They Do?
  • Corporates Using AI 
  • Significance of hiring AI developers to meet organizational goals
  • Final Words

With every passing day, technology is becoming an indispensable part of our lives. One of its subsets, artificial intelligence (AI), is catching everybody’s imagination.Be it manufacturing, healthcare, media, IT, entertainment or education, AI finds its applications in all walks of life. It is little wonder that AI is increasingly at the core of companies’ strategy. To put this strategy into action, they are constantly on the lookout for AI developers.

Read on to know more about AI, what AI engineers do, the difference they can create in this world and what it entails to hire an AI developer. 

About AI Engineers

Who are they?

Before we move on to who AI engineers are, let’s understand a little about what artificial intelligence is. In simple words, AI is a subset of computer science which deals with building intelligent machines that can perform tasks which require human intelligence. AI engineers are responsible for programming, training and developing networks of complex algorithms that allow machines to function just like a normal human.

Hiring An AI Developer

One very prominent example of this is the increasing use of chatbots by companies to handle frequently asked questions about their product or service. As a result, in recent years, the demand for chatbot developers has risen

What Do They Do?

A lot of the systems that AI engineers deploy depend on the collection and analysis of data. For instance, music recommendation engines suggest new songs based on the history of songs you’ve listened to. Consequently, AI developers have frequent interactions with data scientists and machine learning engineers.

Listed below are the responsibilities of an AI engineer:

  1. Execute the AI strategy laid out by the organization by building and deploying AI systems 
  2. Monitoring and maintaining these systems on a daily basis
  3. To incrementally improve these systems, they must also deploy data ingestion and data transformations systems to make sense of the data collected on a daily basis  
  4. They must also work on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to facilitate the use of AI systems across the company 
  5. They are also required to document the processes concerning the usage of these systems for the ease of use of end users and project managers

Now that we understand who AI engineers are and what they do, let’s move on to discuss some prominent organizations that have deployed AI and what they use it for.

Corporates Using AI

Some of the biggest tech giants across the globe have increasingly adopted artificial intelligence in the recent past. Organizations like Amazon, IBM, Apple and Microsoft are heavily investing in the domain to take their services to the next level. 


This e-commerce giant extensively uses AI to understand customer queries and the rationale behind their purchases. An understanding of these allows it to refine the product suggestions that it can deliver to its customers.  

Amazon Go, another brainchild of Amazon, is revolutionizing how convenience stores are going to work in the future. It uses AI to understand every action a customer makes at the grocery store including the routes they take in the store, the items they pick and the ones they put back in the shelves. 


For the past 20 years, IBM has been a pioneer in the field of AI and is taking the world by storm through innovations in the field. Their Deep Blue computers were the first in the world to conquer the human world chess championship. They made man vs. machine gaming possible. Their latest innovations include Project Debater, an AI system through which professional debates are possible with the help of cognitive computing engines. On its debut, it managed to debate two renowned human debaters. 



Over the years, Apple has carved a niche for itself by introducing products with cutting edge technology. Of late, AI has been a big enabler in most of their offerings including Iphones, Apple Watch, Siri, Apple TV etc. Notably, Siri was the first virtual assistant for smartphones, way back in 2011. Upon hearing the catchphrase “Hey Siri”, it uses a combination of speech recognition and natural language processing to perform a wide array of tasks such as playing music, sending messages, making calls, performing searches etc.


AI is at the heart of Microsoft’s vision statement. Its myriad offerings such as Microsoft 365, Bing, Cortana, Power BI, Microsoft Pix are all powered by AI. For instance, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft’s popular email service, uses Cortana (a virtual assistant) to perform tasks like reading aloud emails, translating them and scheduling meetings  

The global AI market is projected to surpass $640 billion by 2028. This just goes to show that the reliance of companies and customers alike on artificial intelligence is only going to increase in the future. Let us therefore understand what it would entail to hire an AI developer for your organization. 

Significance of hiring AI developers to meet organizational goals

From the ever-confusing captchas to Google’s robust search intelligence, when an organization recruits AI engineers, they are going to take care of almost all automation needs. In any industry, automation will help an organization save time, money, and other significant resources, while simultaneously improving the overall efficiency and user experience. 

Some major fields that are utilizing the power of automation, AI, and ML are:


Modern financial organizations are using AI and ML technologies to keep a check on user behavior and to identify any suspicious behavior and fraudulent activity well in advance. 


AI has managed to revolutionize the healthcare industry as well. Most procedures that earlier took a great deal of time and effort can now be done in minutes. Through AI, the overall cost it takes to discover drugs has also lessened by a huge fraction. 


Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized different supply chain models, fixed inventory issues, and integrated different technological systems to streamline processes for the industry as a whole. 


Most businesses today are utilizing the power of AI to better their daily operations, improve their performance and meet their organizational goals. The goal of every company today is to be future-proof. To do so, AI developers are indispensable for them. Their expertise will allow their respective organizations to remain valid and competitive in the marketplace. 

With AI at the core, a business can grow manifold by reducing costs and enabling its teams to achieve better results. The by-product of this will be added revenues in the long run. For instance, in the recruitment industry, AI plays a big role in the candidate screening process. It can read thousands of resumes all at once, and pre-select a few candidates who are meeting the parameters set forth by the organization. This way, recruiters can easily find the best talent in the industry suited to the needs of their organization. This will then allow them to focus on other aspects of their profession.

Final Words

Over the past few years, AI has become increasingly prominent and companies across the world are putting AI at the forefront of their strategy. AI and its various applications are only going to expand manifold in the future.

For companies to be relevant, it is important that they focus on incorporating AI in their strategy. Once they have a strategy in place, they should look to onboard AI developers who will be responsible for its execution.

AI engineers are versatile in their roles and functions. The field, in general, does require a different set of skills and qualifications. Once you can find an experienced professional who is adept at deploying AI systems that can contribute to your business’ functioning, you are good to go! 

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra