50 Most Weird Sites | Best Funny Websites For Timepass

50 Most Weird Sites | Best Funny Websites For Timepass

Getting bored is a natural part of everyone’s daily life. If you’re tensed, facing family issues, work pressure, exhausted, any kind of problem and feel boredom then the funniest and bizarre websites will help you to freshen up your mind, makes you laugh and bring a smile on your face for a while. 

Today, I’m here to bring you to the world’s most useless, funniest, and weirdest websites that will surely help you to kill boredom and are worth visiting!

  1. Is it normal?
is it notmal

This website allows users to ask questions to other users and help to find their perception about the circumstances.It helps you to deem whether your feelings and thoughts are normal or weird. One can ask questions when it is approved. You can get the most bizarre question on this site. 

2)The Useless Web

the useless web

It is an amazing place to discover bizarre websites. When visiting this website it firstly shows the message” Take me to another useless website” then you will see the pink button below this message. After clicking this button you will be redirected to a random weird website. Every time it will generate a new website when the user clicked to please button. 

3)Pointer Pointer

pointer pointer

It is one of the funniest websites in which users need to hover the cursor to any point on your laptop/computer screen and when the cursor is motionless at one point, after loading a photo of a person is pointing exactly where the user has stopped the cursor. When the user again starts moving the cursor then it stops at one point then again a photo of a person or persons pointing exactly at those locations where the user has stopped the cursor. 

4)Gravity Points

gravity point

You will never ever get tired of this amazing time killer website. It enables users to create a gravity by clicking on the computer screen. There are many gravity points present and users can add them at different places on the screen; they come together and will create a small gravity. 

5)Little Alchemy 2

littel alchemy

Without affecting your life, friend’s lives, or home it assists you to become an alchemist. There are so many things available, you can experiment by choosing the different-different combinations to see what happens. As you go you’ll get the new ingredients.

6)Bored Button

bored button

The weirdest and the most pointless website on the internet. After visiting this site, a big red button will appear on the screen, users just need to click the button then they will automatically be redirected to a new page. Every time users click on the red button it will generate another page. It has crazy card tricks, dots & boxes, and many more.

7)Find the Invisible Cow

find the invisible cow

This is a fun finding game. Users have to find out the cow behind the sound. There will be a hidden cow. Users need to turn on the audio.

8)Hacker Typer

hacker type

This is a bizarre and fun website. You only have to open up the Hacker Typer website and start typing. You can write anything. From which you can pretend like you are a hacker or have ever wished to become a hacker or to fool someone.

9)Eel Slap

eel slap

When you are angry and want to punch someone in the face with an eel hand, then this website is for you. You only need to move your cursor on the screen.

10)Falling Falling

falling falling

It is one of the hilarious websites on the internet in which several different colored objects are falling down in an infinite loop with the hypnotic background music. 

11)Staggering Beauty


When you open up this site you will see a wiggly worm. When you shuffle your cursor over the screen then a single animated wiggly worm will also move as your cursor does. It looks smoothing and relaxing. It also contains flash images.



Have you ever got a gift which came with bubble wrap?Now you can pop the bubble and get the bubble at the end. You will enjoy this site for sure. 



This is an animated dog racing website. When you go to this site you will see many dogs running in the same direction. It is one of the websites which is not so interactive.

14) ZoomQuilt


It is one of the bestest websites ever. In which pictures keep zooming in infinitely and reveal new pictures. It looks lovely. You will definitely feel relaxed, enchanting.

15)Paper Toilet

paper toilet

You can find the plain toilet paper roll on this website homepage. Users can roll it and pull it as much as they like. This is very relaxing.



It is an animated GIF search engine from the Internet Archive. Everybody loves GIFs. It is a way to show your reaction and idea when it comes to responding to others. It gives you some tacky, classic GIFs which look like the banners from the 90’s. If you also want to send vintage, original GIFs to someone then you must have to visit this weird website. 

17)You are getting old!

you are getting old

This is weird as well as the cool website which allows you to check how old you are just entering the date of birth, month and year and also it gives a warning: “You’re getting old”, it makes us feel broken.

18)Make Everything ok

make every thing ok

In reality, we all wish we had a magic button “make everything ok” to disappear our problem. This website is a weird website but it makes you happy all day. You will feel good when you press the button.

19)Down For Everyone Or Just Me?

down for everyone or just me

This is an amazing website that allows users to cross-check whether the particular website is down for them only or if it’s a global issue. 



The owner of Noooooo.com has created this website for such people who want to say no to someone but in reality they couldn’t do it. Visit this website, just put your headphones and push the ”geek” button instantly for noooo therapy. It can definitely give you relaxation.  



9Gag is one of the most popular websites on the internet.This website contains short videos, memes, plain images, hilarious news, or by registering with an email it allows its users to comment on images or upload their own. 

22)You Are In A Forest

you are in a forest

This is the weirdest but interactive website in which you have to carefully choose either left or right to escape from dark, scary and bushy forest.

23)Fidget Spinner

fidget spinner

It is one of the best toys to reduce stress. As you visit the site you will see a colorful fidget spinner and you have to swing it extremely hard.

24)Quick, Draw!

quick draw

The reason behind this game is to let people have fun with Artificial Intelligence. It uses machine learning for entertainment. In this game, you are given an easy idea and you need to quickly draw it within 20 seconds.

25)Please Like

please like

Please Like is such a bizarre website in which he/she needs to press the like button when you visit this site. There is nothing other than that.

26)Rainy Mood

rainy mood

This is the perfect website for those who love rain. Without getting caught in the rain you can enjoy this online rain! You can listen to the rain voice, and it feels like a real rain voice, you feel so much relaxed and chilled out.

27)Sometimes Red Sometimes Blue

somethings red somethings blue

This is one of the weird sites to look up. It shows you a screen that could be fully red or blue. Go and check which color you got. After refreshing the site, the screen color will change.

28)A Soft Murmur

a sofr murmur

If you want to create your own background music then this website is for you. It helps you to relax, focus

29)Nicest Place on the Internet

Nicest Place on the Internet

Are you feeling low? Then you will feel good. The purpose of this site is to cheer you up with hugs and music. 

30)Endless horse

endless horse

It has been created in such a way that, no matter how long you scroll the page it will not stop running anymore. The horse is made up of text. When you open this site you will see a horse and when you scroll down then the legs of the horse will appear. It goes so far till you scroll down. There is no other way to stop this horse.



This is just a pointless and weird website. It does nothing but shows the movable gradients and expanding tunnel . You can change the color just by clicking anywhere on the screen.



MapCrunch is a world’s Map site that allows you to explore the world.  Users can explore the world virtually without travelling. There are a number of places you can explore. When you visit this site you will see a random street map picture. You can backward or forward this picture with the help of a mouse. 

33)Cat Bounce

cat bounce

In this website, you can see several pictures of cats bouncing and you can simply manage their speed as well. You just simply need to bounce virtual cats. You can view the button”make it rain” . You absolutely have to click this button to see what happens. 

34)Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue

Are you patient? From this website you can figure out. By visiting this site you will see a blank screen which is continuously loading and loading. While waiting to load a website,you will find this patience is truly a virtue. 

35)Ninja Flex

ninja flex

It has two things: the first one is a man and the other is a muscular arm. There is a voice that says something like NinjaFlex when you shift the cursor to the arm or the man.



This website is one of some other simple and weird sites to visit which shows three primary colors: red, green, and blue. Users can create their own tune with this website by moving the cursor over each letter. The sound will be played and create a marvelous sound.


never think

Neverthink is the weirdest website. It will show the videos and memes which you have never seen on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. All of your anxiety, stressed will be gone when you start scrolling this site. 

38)Something Nothing

something nothing

This website is so funny. When you open this site you will see a door and wait until it opens. Then with the help of your cursor, zoom in and you will see some people dancing and it has background music as well. It is so relaxing.



This website shows nothing but just a voice message again and again. It will only be welcoming you continuously. You will get this message “Welcome to Zombo.com, Welcome to Zombo.com ultimately is zombo.com. Anything Possible at Zombo.com. You can do anything at Zombo.com. This is Zombo.com, and Welcome to you.” If you want to be welcomed by someone then this site is for you.

40)The finger, deal with it.

the finger deal with

This website is completely pointless and bizarre. It will give you a middle finger again and again. 



It gives the users an animated cat gif included with a special song from youtube. It has a range of cats such as kittens, active or stagnant, and bored cats and music like jazz, techno mix, and disco.

42)Weird or Confusing

Weird or Confusing

Do you want to buy something confusing or bizarre item? Then this website is absolutely for you. When you visit this and click the “Please” button then it will show you the number of weird stuff.

43)Clever Bot

Clever Bot

As the name suggests, there is an intelligent bot who frequently replies to you anytime. It is a good website to talk to when you feel alone. You can talk to the bot after opening this website.

44)Koalas to the Max

Koalas to the Max

On this website, you will see a wide circle in the center of the screen. Just moving your cursor over any of the circles, it will divide it into 2 circles then 4, then 8, and so on. 

45)Reasons My Son Is Crying

Reasons My Son Is Crying

This is a forum website. It includes images and videos. The images and video are sent by the parents to show why their children cry, and it will help those who are new parents and they don’t understand why their children cry and how to solve this problem. 

46)WWW Dot Com


It will be very confusing when you open this site for the first time, a white background will appear along with a sentence that says “Add parameter to the URL.” It does not contain any topic or sublinks all over the screen. 

47) Move Now Think Later

Move Now Think Later

When you visit this site you can feel like you will playing chess. It is different from chess. This is a giant checkerboard where the pieces move on their own and you have to control them without thinking about anything. 

48)Click To Remove

Click To Remove

Visitors to this site will be able to remove all the things which appear on the screen. Simply hover the cursor to the letters and click on it and disappear little by little. Click anywhere when you get the blank space.



This website is created for those who are a zombie lover, zombie survivalist, zombie heaters, or a plain zombie freak. This is just a zombie dating and social networking site. Just visit this site and see how a zombie can date with his/her partner.

50) Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos

If you like to see other family photos then you must visit here, it is a meme website that gathers real-life photos and compiles them into memes. The owner of this site has submitted their members’ content and uploaded it after the proof checking. All the photos are totally awkward and weird.

Final Thoughts

It’s really worth trying all of the above exciting, funniest and weirdest websites. Take a short break and go to these sites to enjoy the time, rejuvenate the mind, and to feel relaxed .  

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra