14 Most Profitable List Of Niches And Niche Ideas For 2022

14 Most Profitable List Of Niches And Niche Ideas For 2024

Do you want to start a blog that would attract a large number of visitors and eventually earn you money? If yes, but you do not know what to write in it or perhaps you have an idea which you want to write but you are not sure whether it will work or not.There are plenty of niches to choose from all across the world, but not all of them will be profitable. Since companies buy niche edits you can put them on your blog and have an extra income. In 2023, coming up with a blog topic will undoubtedly be difficult . Whenever it comes to beginning a blog, choosing the proper niche is crucial since it decides whether your site will succeed or fail. This article will show you the 14 most successful niches and niche ideas. So, let’s dive into it.Check Niche Driven SEO

List Of Profitable Niches And Niche Ideas

Here are the 14 most profitable niche and niche ideas.

1. Finance


The finance niche is one of the most popular and long-lasting niches. This niche has a high CPC, which is an advantage. Furthermore, it is a large niche with a lot of competitors. Finance is still a lucrative niche; all you have to do is approach it from a different perspective. Money is all that matters that everybody on the earth loves, so earning money can be done by anybody but saving it is the most difficult task.  However, people require assistance in managing their finances or acquiring funds for critical expenses. Below are a few great and most profitable niche ideas to write about.

Sub Niche-

  • Financial Advisors or Budgeting
  • Investment Tips and Guide
  • Financial Planning
  • Loans and Credits
  • Savings For Retirement
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Personal Finances For Beginners
  • Reducing Debt
  • Reducing Expenses

2. Real Estate

Real Estate

The real estate industry is just another billion dollar industry with so many niche sites, market dominance, and year-over-year earnings. Local, state, or even national markets can be targeted. It might be difficult to become a successful real estate agent, right at the beginning. So, picking a sub niche is something you should start doing as soon as possible if you want to have a long-term career in this industry. Here’s just a list of some of the top real estate sub-niche ideas you can pursue.

Sub Niche-

  • Flipping Homes
  • Buy and Hold
  • How To Flip Houses
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Tiny Homes
  • Foreign Real Estate
  • Investment Properties
  • Tiny Houses

3. Health


You may agree that there is nothing more important than one’s health. It is a highest priority for each and every single person on the planet. This niche has a popularity, crowd and profitability. Since the dawn of the internet, the health niche has been a treasure trove for bloggers. Folks are looking for health advice that will help them live a healthier lifestyle. So, provide accurate information and knowledge to respond to their concerns about what they’re looking for. 

Some of the health’s sub-niches are given below.

Sub Niche-

  • Low Carb Diet
  • High Protein Foods
  • Vegan/Vegetarian
  • Pregnancy Diet
  • Smoothies
  • Organic
  • Healthy Eating

4. Fitness


Fitness is another highly popular blog niche as it addresses a common need. Obsession with losing weight and being in shape has existed for millennia. Everybody wants to lose weight, lose belly fat, and get in shape. And they’re always on the lookout for the latest workout routine to aid them in their quest. This is why the fitness sector as a whole is estimated to be valued around $3.7 trillion per year. This niche has a huge competition, however there are a lot of opportunities for profit. Staying and keeping fit has been an important aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle

Sub Niche-

  • Bodybuilding
  • Yoga
  • Running
  • Working Out From Home
  • Weight Loss
  • Workout Routines and Tips
  • Stretching 
  • Hiking
  • Strength Training

5. Food And Drinks

food and drink

The category of food and drink is one that most people can relate to. The food sector is rapidly expanding, and it is expected to continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Blogging about food and drink covers a wide range of topics. It is one of the most crowded blog niches out there. However, because of how inventive you can be with monetization, it’s also a lucrative blogging niche.

Start concentrating on a blogging niche and use your blog as a reason to try something different instead of attempting to write about every food or drink you’ve ever had.

Sub Niche-

  • Fast Food
  • Homebrewing
  • BBQ’s
  • Wines
  • Coffee-Infused Drinks
  • Espresso
  • Cocktails/Mixed Drinks
  • Cappuccino
  • Food Tracker
  • Food Photography
  • Fine Dining

6. Dating And Relationship

Dating and relationship

One of the largest and fastest-growing industries on the globe is dating and relationships. Dating and relationships, whether it be for singles, couples, divorcees, or anybody else, will always be a lucrative niche industry. It is a niche with a lot of possibilities for narrowing it down even more. Numerous individuals all around the world are looking for relationship advice to help them manage their marriages, relationships, and other aspects of their lives, which makes this a lucrative area for bloggers. You can also provide dating and relationship advise, such as how to propose, when to propose, as well as other dating and relationship advice. Audience is more likely to connect with a relationship blog that is relatable and sympathetic.

For this niche, below are a few sub-niches to consider.

Sub Niche-

  • Dating advice
  • Wedding planning
  • Advice On How To Deal With Breakups
  • Divorce

7. Travel


Travel blogging is a particularly popular blog niche, owing to the large number of people who enjoy traveling. Travel has always been a profitable blog niche. It’s also well-liked by people of all ages. Individuals take their research before going on vacation, therefore these niche sectors provide a lot of potential. From flights and hotels to city tours, luggage, insurance, and even apparel, travel encompasses a wide spectrum of potential niches and sub-niches. 

Sub Niche-

  • Travel Hacks
  • Travel Deals
  • RV Life
  • Budget Travel
  • Solo Travel 
  • Luxury Travel
  • Hidden Attractions
  • Finding Cheap Flights

8. Entertainment


This well-liked area has spawned a slew of prospective blog niches for you to focus your writing on. There is plenty to write about as we all enjoy viewing movies, TV shows, online series, or nightlife. You can also utilize evergreen content, videos, news-type, image-heavy contents, and other efficient approaches to showcase your content. 

A few sub-niches are shown below.

Sub Niche-

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Music
  • Games
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Wrestling

9. Parenting


Parenting was and still is a popular topic. Parenting blogs that assist others in managing the hectic, joyful responsibility of being a parent perform exceptionally well. One may write on parenting advice, baby care, and how a new mother can better care for her child in this niche and many more. So here are some parenting-related niche ideas.

Sub Niche-

  • A Guide For New Parents
  • Pregnancy
  • Different Parenting Methods
  • Babies
  • Adult Children
  • Solo-Parenting 

10. Pets


Pets have become an integral part of our lives. Numerous pet owners consider their animals to be family members. It’s essential to keep them healthy and happy. Several people treat their pets better and spend more money on them than they do on themselves, and it is a niche market which is rising year after year. This is the perfect niche for you if you love pets.

Sub Niche-

  • Carriers
  • Dog Parenting Tips
  • Pet Toys and Entertainment
  • Pet Food and Treats
  • Dog Training
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Pet Clothes and Accessories

11. Cooking


Food is not just necessary for living; for several individuals, this is also a steady pleasurable activity. As a result, there are countless niches of cooking and cuisine, such as baking, pastry, smoothies, and so on. People enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes, and that’s why this niche is growing in popularity.

Sub Niche-

  • Recipes/Cookbooks
  • Holiday
  • Breakfast
  • Meat
  • Frugal cooking
  • Health/Diet
  • Vegan Cooking

12. Education And Career


When the covid-19 arrived, some people were jobless and hunting for a job on Google. People seeking for a new job right now want assistance with everything from their résumé to learning new skills, interview preparation, and what to wear. You can also provide career advice and a variety of other educational tips. If you’re interested in this niche, here are some sub-niches to consider. This niche is very popular and profitable. 

Sub Niche-

  • Career Advice For Particular Jobs or Sectors.
  • Online Courses
  • College-To-Career Prep
  • Homeschooling Tips
  • Study Hacks
  • How To Become An Engineer, Doctor, Blogger etc.
  • Choose A Career

13. Gadget And Technology

gadget and technology

Everyone desires the most recent technological advancements. Our world has grown much more gadget-focused with desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, and smartwatches. The remarkable fact about the technology and gadgets niche is that you really can clearly come up with a tonne of ideas. Some of its sub-niches are virtual reality, wearable technology, Mobile app development etc. There are a plethora of excellent affiliate offers and affiliate products to promote. You can come up with an almost infinite number of content creation or generating ideas in this niche. If you are interested in the gadget and technology niche you should try this niche. 

Sub Niche-

  • Gadgets
  • Operating Systems
  • Computer Programming
  • Smart Home
  • IoT
  • Smart TV
  • Phone Reviews
  • Jetpacks

14. Sports


Blogging in the sports niche can be extremely lucrative and satisfying. Particular sports categories are niches in the sports market, which is vast. Since you are targeting a specific audience, choosing a certain topic to blog about increases your chances of getting more visitors and making more money. Finding the best sub-niche that suits your needs is essential. There are lots of different sports teams you can target with a niche site, in addition to the many various sports. 

Sub Niche-

  • NBA
  • MLB
  • NFL
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Ice-Skating
  • Skiing
  • Skateboarding
  • Racquetball
  • Self-Defense
  • Racing

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