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10 healthy habits that can change your life

Do you want to change your life butmaking great promises and setting goals is not actually “your type” and you forget them easily?  Start with small daily habits that can really make a difference. Follow the 10 healthy habits below and very soon you will notice a change in your life.

1. Make sure that you exercise

Physical exercise combined with proper nutrition is the main key to longevity. It is also known that physical exercise slows the aging of tissues. However, physical exercise can also ensure better quality of life.

The gym, and anaerobic exercises are for those who want to build muscles. Instead, the mild exercises such as walking or jogging (and in general aerobic exercises), are ideal to keep you in shape and lay the foundations for a better and long life.

2. Follow a balanced diet and keep your body weight low

There is the perception that the lower the weight and the less you eat, the more you will live. In reality this perception is truth .A balanced daily diet with fruits, vegetables, wine and at least twice a week fish, and in combination with other factors can ensure longevity. Established research showed that consumption of fish four times a week for people who experienced a cardiac event, can significantly reduce the risk of a second one.

3. Drink more wine

The habit of many people to accompany their meal with a glass of red wine, according to scientists, is beneficial because the substance resveratroli located in wine seems to have «miracle» properties.

Research conducted several years ago by Harvard University, in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, showed that this substance activates anti-aging and rejuvenates the cells.

American researchers also found that the resveratroli significantly increases the lifespan of yeast and given that yeast and humans share some common genes, scientists believe they may extend human life as well. Thus, a glass of wine a day for women and up to two glasses for men seems to keep the doctor away.

4. Stop smoking

It is believed that those who stop smoking gain 10 more years of life. The most essential thing is that former smokers gain in quality of life, as chronic bronchitis, one of the biggest problems caused by smoking is eliminated.  Also an immediate improvement from non-smoking is better breath.

5. Keep educating your self

A university degree, except that can open doors in the labor market is also a factor, according to scientific research, that helps longevity. As revealed from a Harvard University study, women with higher education can live up to five years more than those who completed only compulsory education. The reason? Adopting healthier habits, better information and monitoring of medical developments.

6. Keep an active sex life

Sex «gives» years. Several neurologist-psychiatrists believe that sexual life should not stop after the age of 60.  Studies show that people over 65 years who have sex twice a week, have a better health because during the sexual act brain releases hormones that protect the biological axis.

Having an active sex life may be the solution to cancer (this is not yet confirmed), but for sure it can help hypertension and headache relief. The endorphins hormones released during sexual act, act as painkillers for migraines for those who have sex 3 times a week.

7. Get married!

Although many men are slow in climbing the steps of the church, surveys show that marriage does not harm but help to extend the life expectancy. A study carried out by researchers at the University of Chicago shows that married men are more likely to live many more years, because within marriage they adopt healthy habits. In contrast, married women are not so favored because in the marriage context they exhibit more stress and anxiety.

8. Do not eat red meat

People living in the Mediterranean region have an advantage in terms of longevity compared to other people thanks to the famous Mediterranean diet. Recent research carried out by Harvard University proved that the daily consumption of olive oil, fruits and vegetables could protect against cancer. People who follow such a diet have 12% less chances getting the disease. In addition, the more often you consume legumes, instead of red meat, the more likely is to enjoy a more quality and longer life. The consumption of red meat should be limited to once a week.

9. Eat more black chocolate

The beneficial properties of black chocolate are known for almost 2,000 years. Recent surveys reinforce old perceptions that the balanced consumption of black chocolate is good for the human body. As shown by research of the past two years, black chocolate is a «drug» for the pressure and «shield» for the heart.

Previous research by the John Chopkins Medical School had shown that consumption of small quantities of black chocolate a day protects as equally effective as aspirin the obstruction of the arteries. Another study based on a graduate of Harvard University showed that those who consumed up to three plates of black chocolate a month had 36% less chances of premature death.

10. Think positive

The optimism and love for life are the common characteristics of people around the world who live a lot of years.  A recent survey revealed that optimists live longer and have up to 55% lower risk of dying prematurely. The explanation given was that the pessimists are prone to develop bad habits, which can cause premature death. Alcohol, smoking and obesity are the first in the list of bad habits. Those who want to live more years should adopt an optimistic way of life and avoid the unhealthy traps.

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