Top 6 attributes to be a professional writer

Top 6 attributes to be a professional writer

Writing is very important in many areas, be it for online business, search engine optimization, digital marketing, or blogging. To make your business professional, a professional writer would be helpful, because good writing can always help a brand attract more customers.

You may be familiar with the famous proverb “content is king,” and if the king is not the professional, the kingdom cannot be famous.

If you want your blog to go viral, effective content will help you fulfill that wish. The reason major publishers and blogs are famous and recognized worldwide is the content of professional authors.

In this article we will discuss the attributes that are mandatory for a professional writer.

a good writer

Why is a professional writer needed?

Every profession needs the perfect person to succeed, but in writing, the professional is a key to making your business or the platform on which you publish successful. Here are some of the areas where professional authors are needed:

Company website:

Your business website can be portfolio, while it can be an e-commerce business. A website is usually rank if it has qualitative and quantitative content. This means you need to publish the high quality content, but with consistent booking. If the content is engaging and of high quality, then you would interest your customers in your business.


Remember, a regular reader is much better than the many visitors. Professional writing is important to make the visitor a regular reader. A visitor is always attracted when you post high-quality, compelling, simple and engaging articles. Incorporating content is always the love of readers and this is only possible through a professional author and good research.



One of the biggest factors in search engine optimization and digital marketing is writing. In digital marketing, writing is important in social media posts, email marketing, and guest posts. If writing is professional, more and more people would visit your site with the help of digital marketing. On the other hand, on-page SEO is usually done on the content you publish, while off-page SEO is done by publishing the content on other websites.

Here are some of the qualities that are essential for a professional writer.

1. A good research

How can a writer be good without efficient research? The first thing a writer needs to write compelling and qualitative content is research on this topic And it is very important to organize information correctly. Long before, research was quite difficult because of the few resources such as libraries or the purchase of relevant books. But now the time has changed as the Internet conquers the market for research resources.

There are some other research strategies that need to be applied if you want to do some research. For example, listen to podcasts, read interviews, or read the words of famous authors.

Good research also allows the author to add the references and examples to his article that would help the reader to believe more in his writing. Adding the visuals will help your article to look more credible and trustworthy.

2. Target group

Such is the quality of a good writer that he focuses on the audience he is writing for. If he does not have market research now, he would be writing for the general public and there would be less chance of the content intervening.

For example, if you write a blog post about SEO, most of the target groups would be marketers and webmasters. Think of your readers now and write accordingly to attract their interest and make your writings effective.

Write in a communication way

3. Write in a communication way

Your content should be written in such a way that a seventh-grade student can understand the concept you are writing. Not only that, friendly content is the factor for search engine optimization. Your readers are people, not bots, and in this respect, you should write in natural and communicative language. Writers always write the sentence that is like speaking to a person standing in front of them.

4. Unique content

One of the famous writers, Martin Luther King, was once caught using plagiarism when he filed for university. Although he is still a famous author, he loses his respect for most of the readers.

If you practice for professional writing, then write unique content that has never been published before. Duplicate content is also a bad impact for the search engine to rank your site, and there are many examples where the search engine throws a site’s ranking onto the fewest pages that no one goes to.

In order to write professionally, you should use the plagiarism detector tool to verify all copied sentences in your letter.

5. Multi-talented

Writing talent means being able to write in any niche, at any time. It’s not a must for authors, but it does make it versatile, which is usually found in bloggers who are able to write about the subject of a niche, which is why some self-bloggers use a blog with multiple niches.

If you are a professional writer, you should have the talent to write any length you like, because modern trends demand the maximum length of the article.

6. Write SEO-optimized articles

Since we know that most authors write for online publishing, such as e-newspapers, blogs or social media, you should write the content that matches the search engine, so that your article and website are high on the search engine results page.

Every website who ranks higher usually have optimized content that is written in a natural language, unique, as well as they are informative.

The content according to the rules of search engine optimization have various factors, including the following:

  • The font should contain some specific keywords for which a rank is to be found
  • The article should be based on the short sentences
  • The article should have shorter paragraphs of about 3 lines
  • The article must contain some examples and references from real life
  • The article should contain the graphics such as images, videos, graphics
  • The content should contain some reference links, including external and internal links

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