How To Become Content Writer In India(2022)

A Complete Guide on How to Become a Content Writer in India

Hello Folks, 

My name is Apurva, and I’m 24 years old. Writing content has always been a hobby of mine. And I’ve turned my hobby into a profession. After graduation, the coronavirus arrived, having a significant influence on everyone’s lives, including mine.

Apurva Talnikar
Apurva Talnikar

I found an internship in Digital Marketing after applying to numerous companies. I began my career in digital marketing from here, where I learned a lot and received an offer from that organization after successfully finishing the internship. Here’s where my hard effort pays off. Everything was well at first, but my father’s health became worse during that time. Then I had to leave my job, and I had to relocate for their treatment (why not in my city or state there is some reason behind it). I needed to seek jobs in my current city or work from home since I needed to earn money. Even so, I continued to work hard every day to help my father with his health problems and to make some money. Even yet, I continued to improve my skills. But I didn’t give up hope. Mr. Ishan Mishra, the Thinker in Chief of Medhaavi Digital, was my prior company’s COO. I talked to him. Then my interview was conducted. I obtained a job after the interview, and it’s been around 6 months and I’m still working here, which is a work from home job. This is where I am constantly improving my skills and learning something new. Don’t give up is a lesson I have learned along the way. This is the key to achieving your goals. So, this is about my journey. If you want to become a content writer, I will show you how in this article.

What Is Content Writing?


Content writing, which is becoming an extremely popular profession with high demand across many disciplines, can best be defined as producing engaging, informative, and user-friendly content. Wordplay is all there is to content writing. Content is a broad phrase that refers to the use of words to convey information to readers. A strong content article is built on a delicate balance of thorough research, wordplay, sound knowledge, excellent vocabulary and grammar. Furthermore, content writing might be for blogs, website content, video content, or any other type of digital information.  

Types Of Content Writing

The following are some of the most common types you should be familiar with if you want to work as a content writer: 

  • Blog Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Research Papers 
  • Academic Writing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Email Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Social Media Content
  • White Papers

How To Become A Content Writer In India

Content writing is one of the most exciting occupations because it gives you knowledge, experience, and money all at the same time. The greatest part about becoming a content writer is that no qualifications are required. A job as a content writer allows people to work when they want. You can begin your career as a content writer in a variety of ways.

1. Choose a Niche

You must choose a niche for your writing if you want to be a successful content writer in India. There are numerous benefits to selecting a niche topic. It promotes thought leadership, improves search engine ranks, and makes you an even more creative writer on that topic. Some of the popular niches are health and fitness, technology, beauty, banking, finance, sports, and relationships.

2. Develop A Portfolio

You will need to create a portfolio to be a successful content writer in India. No one will believe you if you are a new content writer. You must begin to work on factors that will aid in the development of this trust. One method is to create a portfolio. It’s a bundle of your work gathered in one location for easier viewing. A strong portfolio will provide you with a solid foundation upon which to build your career. 

3. Have A Strong Presence In Social Media

Social media aids in the development of your own brand and the promotion of your content. Being active on any and all popular social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium, Twitter, and others, is vital. To attract the attention of your clients, you must devote sufficient time and effort to publishing high-quality, engaging content, on social media. The characteristics of each social media platform varies, and each is different in its own manner. As a result, a content writer must learn to write for each of these platforms in unique ways that correspond with the characteristics of that particular social media platform. 

4. Start On Fiverr and Upwork

In India, Fiverr and Upwork are the ideal platforms for content writers. For years, Upwork has become the most popular platform due to its efficiency. To find work on these sites, you need to invest in some serious effort and work. You can also offer clients free services in exchange for positive ratings. It’s a win-win situation because you can use these content pieces to build your portfolio. You will have a greater chance of winning projects on these sites once you have amassed a certain number of reviews. Also, make sure you are using these platforms to acquire quality clients who you can turn into long-term contracts. Constantly upsell a long-term commitment when delivering a project.

5. Create A LinkedIn Profile And Provide Details

LinkedIn is a digital media platform dedicated solely to businesses and jobs. On LinkedIn, you can find a number of companies that are looking for qualified content writers. The first and most obvious step is to create a comprehensive profile that includes all relevant details. Make sure to include keywords in both the title and the description. Several content writers in India who have improved their writing skills have found wonderful jobs through LinkedIn.

6. Create A Pitch

Simple, concise, to-the-point, and articulate are all characteristics of a great pitch. You are attempting to promote yourself as a writer. How can you hope to find a paid writing job if you can’t sell yourself through your work? These are the components of a successful pitch. 

1. A neat, personalized subject line.

2. Address the recipient by his or her first name.

3. Where did you see their requirements.

4. Why do you think you’d be a good fit for the job or company.

5. Work and portfolio references.

6. Your blogs and other platforms’ links (like quora).

7. Links to your various social media sites

8. An effective email signature.

And don’t forget that the follow-ups are where the riches are. After you have pitched, make sure to follow up. 

7. Apply For Companies With Openings

Look for full-time content writers on employment boards. Several freelance writing sites, such as Upwork and Freelancer, can assist you in obtaining a continuous stream of work if you really can give them the content they want to write. They are also among the most user-friendly and offer a varied choice of work opportunities in each industry. If you look closely, you will discover that each of these portals has a plethora of writing opportunities and employment which can be extremely beneficial to content writers all around India.

What Qualifications Are Required To Become A Content Writer?

While no special qualifications or degrees are required for this job, you will need strong writing and research skills if you want to pursue content writing. There are no prerequisites for content writing, such as a degree or certification. People with any academic background who have a solid command of the language specified for the content might seek profitable careers in this industry, whether freelancing, part-time, or full-time. 

What Are The Skills Required To Be A Content Writer?

In order to create concise, consistent, and relevant stuff for the target audience, one must also work on some of the content marketing skills given below. 

1. Good Writing Skills

2. Research

3. Content Editing

4. Time Management

5. Search Engine Optimization

6. Knowledge of social media

The Average Salary Of A Content Writer In India

India is a populated country with fierce competitiveness. It’s difficult to pass folks who are already vying for a single position or job. You should expect a considerable amount of money if you really are solely devoted to article writing, but this can vary. A pioneer may get paid 10k to 15,000 a month in one location and 25,000 in another, depending on the scope of work and the number of hours put in. You may get offered 40k to 44k after a few years of article writing, which will undoubtedly change your life if you are financially insecure or jobless. The field of content creation is enormous, and calculating how much one should be paid is difficult, but you will undoubtedly be paid minimal wages and will not be exploited in any way.


To become a content writer requires time and dedication, confidence, knowledge although it can be stressful at times, however, everyone must strive to attain their goals. Realize what you are worth and don’t accept anything less after you have gained enough experiences. To be an excellent future content writer in India, you must polish your grammar and vocabulary. Read as many books, ebooks, blogs, articles, and white papers as you can. Your writing improves as you read more. So read more as well as write more.  


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