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How to verify politician twitter profile ? 2024

With the successful opening of Twitter account comes the verification process which is most vital to prove. Since Twitter started verification process to public applications through form.It seems like a little check mark next to your name. That can’t possibly have a huge impact ?

but it is impacting a lot on many things in whole digital media marketing world.In this post every prospect related to how to verify politician twitter profile is discusses well.

The blue verified badge  on Twitter lets people know that an account of public interest is authentic.

When an account is verified, additional settings become available:

  • Additional filters in the Notifications tab that include three options for viewing notifications: All(default), Mentions, and Verified
  • A setting that opts the account out of group Direct Messages (via the Privacy and safety settings page on

The badge appears next to the name on an account’s profile and next to the account name in search results. It is always the same color and placed in the same location, regardless of profile or theme color customizations.Accounts not having badge next to their name but that display it somewhere else, for example in the profile photo, header photo, or bio, are not verified accounts.

Verified badges must be applied under the Social​ ​Media​ ​Campaign​ ​for​ ​politicians  Twitter, and accounts that use a badge as a part of profile photos, background photos, or in any other way that implies verified status, are subject to permanent account suspension.An account may be verified if it is determined to be an account of public interest. Typically when politically digital strategy is planned and execution is already in process this must includes accounts maintained by users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, sports, business, and other key interest areas.Most web internet marketing india company’s strategic evaluation generally involves twitter based operations. A verified badge does not imply an endorsement by Twitter.

The interesting perk of verification, because it only works as long as people consider Twitter to be an authority. In the past, verification has been solely at the discretion of Twitter. You couldn’t request it or really do anything to attract it besides grow as a person or as a brand, to the point where people notice you, and then to point where Twitter notices you. This meant that verified users were all verified through direct notice and intervention on the part of Twitter themselves.

For victorious digital​ ​marketing​ ​for​ political​ ​campaigns getting Twitter verification no matter what a personal is  political or any celebrity is most vital.Under the Role​ ​of​ ​Digital​ ​Media​ ​in​ ​Election​ ​Campaigns process of twitter verification will always be the same and accordingly, getting the twitter verified is not a personal choice now but a requirement for time.The process of getting politicians twitter profile verified is mentioned in this blog.Some steps need to be followed to get this job of verification done.

Indian digital​ ​marketing​ ​agency generally are prefer twitter as the main medium for promotion website and Digital​ ​Marketing​ ​for​ ​Political​ ​Campaigns. Increase website traffic can also be triggered with the genuine assistance of twitter promotional activities, having verified twitter account will undoubtedly gives the view-able presence diverted to the website as well.  

Request to verify an account

Submission of a request

To be able to complete the form, your account must have the following:

  • A verified phone number
  • A confirmed email address
  • A bio
  • A profile photo
  • A header photo
  • A birthday (for accounts that are not company, brand, or organization accounts)
  • A website
  • Tweets set as public in Tweet privacy settings

For requests to verify individual accounts (that do not represent a company or organization), we require a copy of your official government-issued photo identification (e.g. passport or driver’s license) in order to confirm your request. Information used for this purpose will be deleted.


Some common characteristics of verified accounts include:

  • If the account belongs to a person, the name reflects the real or stage name of the person.
  •  If the account is a corporation or company account, the name reflects the real name of the corporation or company.
  • The profile and/or header photo reflects the person, the corporation’s branding, or the company’s branding.
  • The bio specifies an area of expertise and/or a company mission.

When submitting a request to verify an account,  additional information that can help evaluate it is asked. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • We’ll ask you to tell us why we should verify an account. If the account represents a person, we want to understand their impact in their field. If it represents a corporation or company, let us know their mission.
  •  When providing URLs to support your request, choose sites that help express the account holder’s newsworthiness or relevancy in their field.


You can submit a request to verify an account by filling out a form through which receive respond to request via email. If the request is denied, you can submit another request for the same account of 30 days after receiving the email from us. If received a response from requesting edits to the account and/or additional information, another request can be submitted any time after completing the steps outlined in our response.Social​ ​Media​ ​For​ ​Indian​ ​Political​ ​Campaigns are taking twitter as the main tool for promotional activities of political campaign marketing through web​ ​internet​ ​marketing.


Verified accounts may become targets for hacking campaigns. The following precautions are recommended for all users, but in particular users with verified accounts:

  • Turn on login verification a second security check is required in order to log in.
  •  If your account was recently verified, you will be auto-enrolled to require personal information (e.g. phone number and email address) to reset your password. For added security, we recommend you keep this featured enabled.
  • Be cautious of allowing third-party apps access to your account. Review your connections frequently, and revoke access to any unfamiliar apps.
  •  Make sure the email address associated with your account is secure.


In accordance with the Twitter Terms of Service, Twitter may remove the verified badge and verified status of a Twitter account at any time. A verified account may lose its verified status if changes to the profile settings modify the account’s original purpose.Previously verified accounts may not be eligible to have badges restored.

Precautionary measures for twitter verification –

  • Prevents Twitter Identity Theft – Imitation on Twitter can range from amiable account to malevolent phishing attempt, for businesses to deal with are the worst crises.When information copied from your profile is modified and prepared a profile having your information, there’s very small way for users to determine which is the real account. They can view at recent tweets, account creation date, and communication history.A phishers could impersonate the account and start sending messages to followers stating that they’re eligible for free upgrade, they need to register their account information with the spammer’s site.Verification helps get away from this because it’s an indicator of authority. People know that you have the blue check, and they know anyone trying to contact them without it isn’t actually you.
  • It Can Lead to Verification on Other Sites – When you’re a notable brand and not high profile enough to be verified automatically upon registering like a top-tier celebrity or multinational corporation. One such source of assistance is verification itself. For example, wanted to be verified on Facebook, you might shoot for Twitter verification first.As of right now, very few types of pages can request verification on Facebook. Businesses, brands, and organizations are notably unable to do so.If you are a brand that deserves verification, you can prove it by earning on Twitter. You can then go for Facebook and contact them directly.
  • Build Your Reputation as an Industry Authority – Twitter gets you the ability to say you’ve been verified on Twitter. It’s a badge of honor, an achievement, something extraordinary and unique for some people only. It gets you elite opportunity with few tons of other accounts.  
  • Access to Twitter Analytics – This is comparatively minor benefit. Twitter Analytics are actually surprisingly basic and can be imitated by third party applications without much trouble. Twitter’s native analytics are just as the level of Facebook Insights or Google Analytics.Access to native analytics is good for when new forms of data is added or when they provide reports that might be tricky to find in other ways.
  • Identifier of Value Determined by an Authority ( Losing Verification ) – There are benefits of verification, because it only works as long as people consider Twitter to be an authority.Verified users were all verified through direct notice and intervention from Twitter.Twitter has opened up their verification process. As more and more people people with less authority and less in the way of notable element to their brands gain verification, the potential of verification diminishes.Verification is not actually open to a broader audience.Twitter is just opening up the form to catch the people they missed in standards. However, time will tell if the average user is capable of earning verification.

Verification is not necessarily permanent. Any time you break the terms of use on Twitter, you can lose it. They expect a certain code of conduct out of their verified users. Additionally, changes to your brand can remove verification and require passing through their checks again. This means changing your username or your posting topics, primarily. Finally, protecting your account can remove verification as well. If users can’t see your tweets, Twitter has no reason to verify you. Treat verification as the fragile status it is, and work to keep it once you have it.

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