How To Delete Upwork Account within 2 Minutes!

Upwork is one of the top places to score freelancing work. Initially there were Elance and Odesk which were later merged to form Upwork. The platform has millions of jobs posted for all kinds of skilled and unskilled online workers. If you are not able to get good online jobs on upwork due to the high competition, you can also look at these 25+ Upwork Alternative websites that we have written about. If you are wondering how to delete upwork account fast, here is the process below:

How to Close Upwork account for a Freelancer

If you have been working as a freelancer on Upwork, here is what you have to do in order to delete the account:

  • It is important to finish all the tasks that you were in the middle of and end all contracts that are ongoing. Thus, if you want to close your Upwork account, you will have to end all the ongoing contracts and all open proposals.
  • You will also have to make sure that none of your payments is still pending with Upwork so withdraw all payments that you might have received.
  • Now to delete your Upwork account, from the top bar on your account’s dashboard select SETTINGS.
  • After you are on the settings page, select Contact Info from the left bar.
  • There will be a “close my account” button on the Contact Info page. Click on that button.
  • If you have no open contracts, proposals or any pending payments your account will be deleted.

How to Delete Upwork Account for Client

If you have a client account on Upwork, then you can delete it by following the process written below:

  • Remove all the employees listed in the client company account.
  • If you have had any ongoing jobs or any job posting, you will have to end all of them.
  • Also end all ongoing contracts on Upwork immediately.
  • You will also have to ensure that there is no pending payment on Upwork due to any freelancer.
  • Once you have cleared all payments, closed all job postings and contracts, you can now close your Upwork account.
  • From the top menu on your Upwork account’s dashboard, select Settings.
  • On the Settings page, select “contact info” from the left menu.
  • On the Contact Info page, click on the “close my account” button.
  • If all the above stated requirements have already been met, the Upwork account will be deleted.
  • In case you also have a freelancer account, that will remain as it is. Only client account will be deleted.

How to Close Upwork Account for Agency

If you own an agency account, only then you can delete it. A member of the agency cannot delete the agency account. In case you wish to delete your Upwork agency account, follow these steps below:

  • In order to delete an agency upwork account, you will first have to delete all the members of the agency.
  • Now, close all the open job posts and contracts under the agency.
  • You will also have to withdraw or end all proposals that you might have submitted.
  • Now withdraw all pending payments that you might have received on the Upwork account.
  • After completing all the above steps, go to the Settings tool from the Accounts menu on the top bar.
  • Now select “company info”.
  • Now click on the link that says “Close my Company”
  • If all the above criteria are met, the company account will be closed.
  • However, your freelancer account will remain as it was. The achievements, work history, reviews etc will be restored back to what they have been on your individual Freelancer account only.

How to Delete Upwork Account for Admin/Team Member/Manager/Colleague

If you are a member or colleague or manager of an agency or team, then here are the steps that you need to follow to delete your upwork member account:

  • If you are a member of a team and there is a particular contract assigned to your profile, end that contract.
  • Now go to accounts and then settings on the top menu of the dashboard.
  • There will be a “My Teams” section.
  • Go to my teams and then select “Leave Team” against the team name you want to leave.
  • Your team member account will be deleted.
  • Your freelancer account will remain as it was earlier and all the job stats that you attained as an individual freelancer will remain.

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