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The midfielder who was forced to retire after a horrific foul 

Sports medicine has evolved a lot over the years. Many injuries that in the past were career-ending are now fixable. However, there are situations where the damage is so huge that it is not possible to help the affected player. You can find live cricket betting odds – 1xBet also has plenty of excellent rates available for football matches. 

The case of former Israeli Rafi Dahan is particularly catastrophic. He had a brief career that lasted between 2009 and 2015. During those years he played in squads like: 

  • Hapoel Petah Tikva; 
  • Maccabi Tel Aviv; 
  • and Bnei Yehuda Tel Aviv. 

The 1xBet website has high live cricket and football betting odds, and the latter are also present on football matches played in Israel. On the 11th of March 2014 a match was played between Maccabi Haifa and Dahan’s team Bnei Yehuda. The midfielder didn’t know, but that would be the last match of his career. 

A very bad tackle 

In the 84th minute of the match things were 1-1. The live odds for cricket present on 1xBet can also be used when contests on this sport are played. It was in that minute when a horrific event occurred. Spanish midfielder Rubén Rayos was playing for Maccabi Haifa. While Dahan was moving with the ball, the Spanish player jumped with his leg pointing forward. His tackle landed precisely on the Israeli’s leg, which caused him a serious injury. 

According to the medical report, the player suffered damage to his anterior cruciate ligament. This injury is not so uncommon in football, and after a few months, most players can return to activity. However, in the case of Rafi Dahan, the damage was far more serious than expected. The live odds for football and cricket present at the 1xBet website can also be used to wager on players who make spectacular comebacks after injuries. 

Aftermath of the incident 

A brawl erupted in the match after Dahan’s teammates saw his serious injury. Rayos was shown a straight red card. The Spanish player later apologized to the Israeli due to the tackle. The live stream football on 1xBet also features matches from the Israeli league. 

However, Rafi Dahan didn’t want any kind of apology. He stated that he would never forgive Rayos for this. In fact, Dahan was going to get married a few weeks after the match. Unfortunately for him, he was also forced to postpone his wedding due to the surgeries that he needed. Sadly, after a year trying to recover, he was forced to retire. 

Eventually, Dahan filed a lawsuit against the player and his team. Rubén Rayos, Maccabi Haifa and an insurance company were ordered to compensate Dahan with more than a million dollars. Speaking about a million dollars, the live football streams on 1xBet can help punters to win those figures. 

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra