Fantasy Or Reality – What Do You Prefer?

Recently, I went to one of the largest book sales in my city. The feeling of owning some of the best books at great discounts, got me really excited. However, the excitement didn’t last long. Surrounded by books of different genres stacked neatly in a row, I was filled with despair and confusion. Unable to select only a few from an ocean of books, I swiftly moved towards the fantasy section; most others were busy exploring some complex subjects in the non-fiction section with their children. While I did get a good deal and was satisfied making the right choice, I didn’t realize the fascination I had towards the fantasy genre until that day.

I am sure there are many people out there who choose fantasy, when in doubt. However, there has been a constant debate on why people choose this genre, in spite of it being filled with far-fetched tales and weird unbelievable story-lines. Psychologists state that humans are captivated with everything that is beyond their imagination and reach. When people read fantasy or watch fictional characters come to life in a movie, they connect to the characters and reciprocate their feelings, experiencing a life that excites them. Studies state that people embrace fantasy over reality because reality is filled with grief, despair and is often predictable, whereas fantasy is often an exaggerated account of ordinary incidents which is sparked with innovative thoughts. Fantasy satiates the unaccomplished dreams and desires of the common man through a medium which is often psychologically and emotionally constructive.

Fantasy and realism are the children of literature, both being step-brothers to each other. Be it an analysis of thoughts or depiction of real events, what captures the reader is the presentation and the writing style of the author, which makes the readers connect with the characters. Fantasy inspires people to stretch their imagination beyond limits. It invites readers to experience a world which is so different from their own lives, that it leaves them expecting more. Now you know, why children prefer read fairy tales and not the articles in the daily newspapers. The next time you feel bored and want to escape into a world which is as wild as your imagination, pick up any fantasy novel of your choice. I’m sure it will leave an exhilarating effect on you and your senses.

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