Affiliate marketing conferences and events 2021

2024 Affiliate Marketing Conferences and Events

As we all know that the affiliate marketing scope in today’s generation is increasing very rapidly, and every another wants to go in this field but to become the best in the affiliate marketing industry, you have to attend different conferences and events as it helps publisher and affiliate managers in building and establishing good working relationships with the partners to help in increase the sales and expand their reach and influence in all the affiliate industry all over the world. 

Now the question arises which conference or event should we attend?

And to help you get out of this difficult situation, we have a list of a few conferences and events that will take place all over the world in 2021 that you should attend to expand your influence and reach in this deep ocean of affiliate marketing.  

PI LIVE Advanced

May 2021

New York, USA

PI Live advanced is the most awaited, one-day performance marketing conference that is going to happen in New York. In this conference, the main focus will be on how e-commerce brands can optimize planning, executing, and returns through their performance marketing strategies. And they will also be focusing on how e-commerce based retailers and advertisers can help themselves enhance their performance marketing strategy all over the world.

MWC Barcelona

June 28- July 1, 2021

Barcelona, Spain

MWC Barcelona is the world’s most influential exhibition/conference where you can meet and connect with more than 60% of the industry’s decision-makers. There will be thousands of CEOs who will be representing their company in that exhibition. And in my opinion that is the best place where one should go because that place will become the center where thousands of industry experts will be gathered and who knows, with whom you might get connected. It is the best place where there is a lot of growth opportunities for you and your business. In 2019’s MWC, there were more than 2400 exhibitors, 8000 CEOs, and 59% of industries’ major decision-makers were gathered, and this year, it will be bigger and better. And this exhibition/conference can get you insights on new technologies and connect through networking opportunities. 

Expo Afiliados Brasil

May 27-29, 2021

São Paulo, Brazil

Afiliados Brasil is considered the best congress of Affiliate marketing in Latin America. In this event expo Afiliados Brasil, many participants will be coming from all over Brazil to take part in it. There will be the world’s best speakers taking the mic in their hands and speaking about affiliate marketing and different ways to promote and grow yourself in the affiliate marketing industry. The Latin American market for affiliates is a hundred-million-dollar market, and it is growing very rapidly. And if you want to penetrate this market, then this is the best that you can get because you will learn many things from there on how and what to do to survive and grow in the Latin American affiliate market.

iGB Affiliate London

February 3-5, 2022

London, UK

iGB Affiliate London, formerly known as the London Affiliate Conference, aims to bring more deals for business and help identify areas for growth opportunities. This conference will be one of the biggest conferences in London over affiliate marketing. There will be more than 5000+ delegates attending the conference for networking and learning from and with each other.  


November 7-8, 2021

Tel-Aviv Israel 

DMIEXPO is the world’s fastest-growing digital and affiliate marketing expo and conference. In this conference, digital marketing and affiliate marketing experts from all over the world will be at a single place under one roof sharing their knowledge. All the attendees will have the advantage of meeting all these personals and learning something new from them in this unique event. You can meet experts in digital and performance marketing professional, executives, and affiliates from all over the world and can seek growth opportunities by connecting with them.

Affiliate World Europe

July 7-8, 2021

Barcelona, Spain

The affiliate world Europe is the gathering where you can find the world’s best influential performance marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. This 2021’s AWE will bring 3650+ attendees, 30+ speakers, 110+ countries, 110+ advertisers, and 150+ affiliate networks from all over the world. It will be an event of 2 days consisting of a world-class exhibition market, mastermind-level content, and a wide range of networking events. 

iGB Affiliate Amsterdam

September 28- October 1, 2021

Amsterdam, Netherlands

iGB Affiliate Amsterdam is your place for all things affiliate. Integrated with iGB Live, the unmissable iGaming Show will bring together operators, affiliates, affiliate programs, and B2B suppliers from around the world. They will communicate to network, learn, and celebrate their successes. There will also be advice on actionable SEO and Digital marketing and different tips to help you grow in your field. 

Israel Mobile Summit

September 2, 2021

Tel-Aviv, Israel

The Israel mobile summit is the biggest and most influential summit of Israel. It is influential in mobile apps/games/adtech events in EMEA and the biggest and most international mobile event in Israel. This year, like the previous year, there will be senior speakers from different international publishers and panels. They all will be discussing the hot mobile apps, the best Israeli mobile apps, games, and startups with an opportunity of networking and connecting with the leaders of this industry Israel.

Affiliate Summit West

November 1-3, 2021

Las Vegas, USA

If you want to know how changing behavior of customers has forced the Industry to adapt? Then the affiliate summit west is where you can learn about the new behavior of the customers that have been cracked by the advertisers and affiliates who are ready to share it with you. And these experts have successfully led their business to grow and succeed in the changing market. There will be the world’s best 6000+ plus affiliate marketers who will be connecting with you, and this is a very great opportunity for those interested in this field. And as relationships are very important in this field, the affiliate summit west is the best place to build relations with the top affiliates and partner with them.

Moscow Affiliate Conference

TBA, 2021

Moscow, Russia

Moscow Affiliate Conference gathers top advertisers, leading affiliate networks, media buyers, SEO specialists, and marketers worldwide. MAC includes exhibition & networking zones with up to 3500 attendees, over 400 international affiliates & partners, 100 top expert panel discussions, and an afterparty.

If you also want to grow and develop your career in Affiliate and performance marketing, In that case, these are the best conferences/events/exhibitions/expos that you can attend and learn and connect with the IndIndustry’sp leaders and affiliates.


About the author: Medhaavi Mishra