5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Cannot Find Happiness?

5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Cannot Find Happiness?

Intelligent people can have a successful career, a partner who loves them, as well as a loving family and yet there will be something that can keep them away from feeling happy.

5 Reasons Why Intelligent People Cannot Find Happiness?

1) It is hard for intelligent people to find someone with whom they can have meaningful and deep conversations.

Who does not want to be heard and understood? One of the best feelings in the world is to share conversations with someone who truly understands you and has similar points of view as yours. When you are a highly intelligent person it is harder to actually find someone who is on the same intellectual level as yours and therefore these people are usually misunderstood and underappreciated. Some studies have shown that smart people are happier when they do not interact with other people very often, but still, every single human from time to time craves for human interaction. But, unlike the regular people, smart people would like to have deep and meaningful conversations rather than talking about trivial stuff.

2) Psychological problems are common for intelligent people.

There are thousands of studies that have proved that there is a link between people with high IQs and psychological disorders. Still, there has to be a deeper research about why is this so common. Even if some highly intelligent person does not have some serious psychological disorder, they will probably have existential depression. This is a result of their constant over thinking and analyzing their life which eventually leads to searching the purpose of living.

3) They constantly overanalyze every single thing.

Having a high IQ will make you over think every single step you are about to take. Overanalyzing everything that is going on in your life will drain your energy and if you come to a conclusion that does not fit your desires, it can be very devastating.  We can say that the least you know the better for you and your mental health. You can find disappointment everywhere. People can disappoint you, the global issues can disappoint, and not being able to find solutions to some life’s dilemmas can be disappointing as well. It is better if you think less.

4) People who are intelligent have high standards.

Intelligent people are sure about the things they want and they are not willing to settle for less. This actually makes it hard for them to be satisfied with their own relationships, achievements and everything else in their lives. Their idealistic view of the world makes them have bad practical intelligence even though their theoretical intelligence is high. They always get disappointed once they face the reality that is a lot different than their expectations.

5) Smart people are very hard on themselves.

Smart people are very strict about themselves. They overanalyze not only their failures and achievements but also their own behavior. They are so hard on themselves as if they purposely look for something that is wrong with them. You can always mess up your sleep when you think about something you did wrong like hundreds of years ago. Past mistakes come as a flashback to intelligent people and it happens very often. All the negative emotions that those flashbacks bring are the reason they cannot feel happy.

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