5 (Proven) Strategies for Businesses to Get Instant Results in LinkedIn Growth

5 (Proven) Strategies for Businesses to Get Instant Results in LinkedIn Growth

5 (Proven) Strategies for Businesses to Get Instant Results in LinkedIn Growth


Are you struggling with your business over the LinkedIn platform? Well, let me tell you many many do. And the tractions they get are near to negligible. You see many companies succeed, yet you are yet to figure out how they connect the dots and create viral posts that you fail to do so. 

There is always a system and a few procedures to follow to position your business over LinkedIn marketing. This blog will help you with proven growth hacking tactics to always stay ahead in the competition.  

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth hacking is nothing but a revolution happening in the startup world to get viral, reach more customers using simple hacks to maximize their sales and conversions capturing tons of leads in the least time. Yes, getting those magic numbers is always a top-notch challenge, but when they are possible, things need to get noticed—and writing this blog post, we thought of bringing them to your attention. 

The best part about growth hacking is that if you keep on applying repeatedly, your business will gain a competitive advantage over your competitors, which will be tough to overstate and robust strategies to have you on the top of the industry all time. 

The professionals who are growth hackers have the highest demand in the industry; with proven results and testimonials working with other companies, they charge a bomb. 

Why is Term Growth Hacking So Popular These Days?

In a competitive world, where you see so many competitions between startups and established businesses, don’t you want tons of potential customers to land on your website every day? And this is the era of startups to grow and evolve as business giants in the least time. Nothing matters at the end of the day than achieving some magic numbers that are always a dream. 

Yes, you heard it right; the employees and staff are always looking for some hacks and tricks to follow, reach those magic numbers, and gain a competitive edge over competitors. Those tricks and some master hacks that help them achieve their magic numbers are what we call growth hacking which happens in the least amount of time. 

The sole reason for its popularity is nothing but getting you the ultimate results in the least time, which is not only a dream for every startup but established companies too. 

Why Do Many Businesses Fail In Linkedin Compared to Other Social Media Channels?

We live in a world of social media, where a simple post can viral your content, reach out to many customers, influence them to own your products, and feel the life-changing experience of using them. Every social media platform has its algorithms. The best part is that it allows customers and brands to interact directly with each other, building trust and smooth communications and lead generations. 

But LinkedIn is different from other platforms; it’s best for hiring building effective leads, sharing professional stories, challenges that businesses go through regular and crisis days. It is where you can’t run ads as you do on Facebook, Instagram, or Google Ads. You can send connections, build your relations by sharing what you know or learning from others. You can share your business success story or what you learned in your business, but you can’t advertise here directly; that’s one reason companies over LinkedIn fail miserably. 

Don’t panic; there are always a few ways to do it. You will get to know going deeper into the blog post. 

Why Is Linkedin Always A Game-changer Coming To Organic Traffic?

Linkedin is more organic and transparent than Facebook and Instagram used to be in their initial days. Just like whoever follows what or posts some things, got mutual connections that used to arrive in your notification panel.

But the algorithms are a little different in the case of LinkedIn. When you open someone’s profile, you can see the shared items. You can read, interact with that post, and help them to visualize things from another angle, or hire them in your team to scale your business by providing a job offer, 

LinkedIn is a knowledge factory these days, you get many tips and tricks shared over various profiles, and you see thousands and hundreds of likes on them. That makes them influencers whom the rest of the readers can easily trust. You can hire those growth hackers and other professionals into your team to take your marketing to the next level or book a 1-on-1 consultation call with potential clients.

5 (Proven) Businesses Strategies to Witness Instant Growth in LinkedIn Marketing 

Growth strategies are great, they bring tons of traffic and leads into your website that can maximize your profits into any multiple of X (as a number), but if you choose wrong or outdated strategies, they won’t work and may affect your brand well. It’s risky but practical as always when you follow them correctly.

Create Content That Has Potential To Go Viral, Let Others Share What You Already Shared

5 (Proven) Strategies for Businesses to Get Instant Results in LinkedIn Growth

Build your audience, an email list where you can share the best happening in your organization, or something exciting you’re coming up through a weekly newsletter to land on their inbox with regular mail. And most of the Canva functionalities are available free if you know what Canva is and how you can design great graphics with copywriting based on the current trends and make your post go viral in the least amount of time. 

Or you can write articles on LinkedIn Pulse, and if your articles get noticed on the LinkedIn news, there are higher chances you get maximum traction. While writing for Linkedin, don’t post like a sales pitch. Instead, try adding value to it. Don’t write much about your company; write case studies or else individual success stories using your products or services you provide.

Using Right Keywords and Maintaining Correct Tone Throughout the Post

5 (Proven) Strategies for Businesses to Get Instant Results in LinkedIn Growth

Can you see a single keyword and right tone throughout, the author’s 401 reactions, and 42 comments on the post?

Keywords are always a game-changer; using the right ones can give you thousands of profile visits and post views. But still, many fail to perform despite using the right keywords. Panicked, let me tell you the reason behind this, most posts are lack tones where you see a lack in engagements. 

Maintaining one tone throughout the post hooks many readers, getting them engaging, but this falls under the editing and framing part to check the tonality. What is more difficult is the writing part, where many fail. To make your post grab good engagements on LinkedIn, the only secrets that work the best is how well you can craft it with real-time experience and success stories adding some proof to it. And if you know how to do it, your content will be a game-changer for your business. 

Hunting for Leads Using Sales Navigator

5 (Proven) Strategies for Businesses to Get Instant Results in LinkedIn Growth

Every business needs a sales navigator (world-class product from LinkedIn Sales Solution)  or alternative to find the right people for your business and nurture leads. And this hack shortens their success paths building high-quality pipelines by discovering high-quality leads. Yes, you heard everything right. 

In sales navigator, you can activate the premium search filters based on organizational or personal parameters. And use ‘target LinkedIn profile’ to find and match your target audience and pitch them through email. Or you can use ‘lead recommendations’ to get automatic recommendations of leads based on preset and historical lead matches. 

It works on advanced machine learning algorithms, and K means clustering techniques to find the prospects with similar characteristics.

Well, sounds premium and exciting! That’s the power of a sales navigator in LinkedIn, and you can always use it for trails, following the plan you opt-in.

No More Business Card; Personalized Note and Connection Request 

5 (Proven) Strategies for Businesses to Get Instant Results in LinkedIn Growth

In the digital world, significantly less often, they exchange visiting cards. Instead, they prefer a connection request over LinkedIn with a personalized note. Yes, that’s very true, and there are high chances your request got accepted when you address them with personalized messages. 

If you are not doing it already, start doing it. And the transformation you will see will amaze you completely. Read posts they share and analyze what they share on LinkedIn and connect some dots on how your products can benefit them in their personal and professional life, that’s all. 

Cold Pitch To Your Prospects and LinkedIn Connections 

5 (Proven) Strategies for Businesses to Get Instant Results in LinkedIn Growth

Now that you have a sales navigator’s account to nurture your leads with you and build your connections and a few targeted potential customers on the pipeline. The following steps are how to forward your product message to prospects. 

You have two options in hand. Suppose you have a LinkedIn premium account where LinkedIn charges you monthly or yearly. You can send in-mail directly. They will get notified in the message bar or directly send them emails that you collected using the sales navigator and pitch them about your new services. That way, there are higher chances they will go for your products and services. Both work great and help in maximizing conversions.


This blog post was all about some robust yet straightforward growth hacking LinkedIn tactics that you must use for your startups or any businesses you run to reach out to your target audience to scale up your business in the least time. In this blog, you also learned about growth hacking, why the term is so popular these days and why you should go for it.

Plus, you also learned about why many businesses fail in LinkedIn and how it can be a game-changer for your business growth, and five proven strategies to turn your LinkedIn and business game to the next level and maximize your profits. 

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra