cloud-based video intercoms can make life easier for property managers

Three ways cloud-based video intercoms can make life easier for property managers

With the advent of modern technology, there are so many innovations that are introducing a variety of improvements and upgrades to our video intercom systems. Due to the very competitive market today, the newest, latest, and least expensive items the company can offer or supply their customers will be an advantage over others, and their profits and popularity will increase because, nowadays, people want to get the most value for their money without sacrificing the quality of what they wish to purchase. Due to the existing pandemic, everybody is stressed out due to inflation, unemployment, retrenchment, and illnesses in the family. We can no longer bear another problem. Hence, those who want to invest in and start a new business are already very careful about what endeavor they should pursue. Once they have started their new venture, it is a must to protect the hard-earned investment no matter what happens.

Video Intercoms that reduce friction are one of the innovations that everyone is talking about. Due to its unique features, customers are trying to find a way to be able to avail themselves of the good quality and upgraded video intercom that Swiftlane has to offer. It is readily available for anybody interested.

Here are three reasons why cloud-based video intercoms can make property managers’ lives easier.

  1. Convenient Building Access

The cloud video intercom system allows easy access to both the tenants and the company’s staff while maintaining very strict monitoring of those given access. Access is granted remotely even though the owner is out of town through video conferencing of all guests, visitors, and delivery carriers. The trusted guest can also allow entry anywhere in the country by just using a smartphone. How convenient is this for the customers? This will help minimize undelivered packages and, at the same time, protect your property from unwanted thieves and intruders.

  1. Eliminate wiring

Initially, numerous tangled cables traveled through each building in order to install the intercom system. The cost of the wires and installation was high. For instance, if the repair was deemed required, all the cables had to be replaced via the walls, and after the job was over, the walls had to be restored through the walls once more. No longer is it necessary to buy pricey cables and put them throughout buildings. There is no need to be concerned now that the wireless intercom system has been developed. Even more, money can be saved and applied to the most important purchases.

  1. Strengthen building security

Everyone wants to secure and further protect their houses and other valuables. The additional protection you seek is easily accessible thanks to the special capabilities of the cloud video intercom. The virtual key that is employed in this technique makes it simple for your guests to gain admission whenever they want, even if you are away from home. Even while you are away from your home and loved ones, this will guarantee your ongoing protection. The aforementioned virtual key cannot be copied or changed. A modernized access method that aids in your protection from harm and mischief coming your way.


With the use of video intercoms that can reduce friction from Swiftlane, it can easily help us to safeguard the ardent investment regardless of what transpires. Apart from keeping your home and company safe and protected, it can also make your lives much easier as it can provide convenient building access, eliminate wiring, and strengthen building security. So, if you want to reduce your problems and enjoy life without worrying about the safety and security of your home, family, and business, use Swiftlanes video intercom right now.

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra