Six Simple Ways to create Engaging Content

Previously we talked how readers scan web content Vs reading it carefully. When readers look at a blog post, they want to know immediately if it’s worth reading. Therefore give the gist of the post right at the beginning, in the first paragraph. After that, follow the steps below to make sure your reader goes through the entire post:

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1. Introduce line breaks
Line breaks make web content easy to read. If you’re writing complex content, then put in just one idea in each paragraph. Therefore, rather than write one huge paragraph with five ideas, split it into five smaller paragraphs with two or three sentences.

2. Use sub headings
Once you get a reader to check your post, make sure you have compelling sub headings above the informative paragraphs to keep them engaged.

3. Use bullet points
Lists are easier to read and memorize. Definitely use them. Bullet points can be used to create the famous “F” pattern where you put the most important points towards the top.


4. Use quotes
A quote scattered amongst the text will keep the readers entertained and break up the monotony. Use deep captions to highlight the quote.

5. Smart formatting
Make it a point to bolding important lines or phrases. This will help the reader scan easily and retain the important information.

6. Use numbered lists
Let the readers know right away how many points they can look forward to in the post. Numbered lists work. Just look back at the title of this post.

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