Should You Use Comment Luv Plugin or Not ?

Comment Luv is very popular plugin and most of blogs make use of it. So should you also use comment luv plugin on your wordpress blog ? What are Problems with Comment Luv Enabled Blogs ? What are benefits of using comment luv plugin ? Find out Here !
Comment Luv , hope that’s not a new term for you. Its a great plugin developed by Andy Bailey .  I am also using GASP plugin by Andy. GASP plugin helped me a lot to get rid of Spam Comments. You can use Comment Luv to reward your blog commentators and getting more traffic. Currently Comluv is having two versions : One is freemium and another is premium. However its a great plugin from every side but yet it have some disadvantages. So today I am going to list advantages and disadvantages of using Comment Luv plugin.

Should You Use CommentLuv Plugin or Not ?

Commentluv Plugin

Disadvantages of Using Com Luv Plugin

To Much Outbound Links ( OBL ) :- That’s the main problem of using com luv. If you are having at least Pr2 blog which have Comment Luv Enabled. Then you will see a lot of comments daily. Its usual and nearly every Comment Luv user faces that problem. Peoples like to spam on such blogs .
Every single approved comment contains 2 Out Bound Links. One with their name and one from loved article. Suppose you got 50 comments on an article, then this page will get nearly 100 Outbound links. However it doesn’t affect much but it may be a big issue if you got 150-200 Comments on that article .

Slow Page Loading :- Page Loading is a great factor of SEO. Search Engines love fast loading web pages. By decreasing the load time of your blog you can easily get much attention and visitors from search engines. Have a view on the article by Neil Patel . In the article he shows that how he doubled traffic of quicksprout by decreasing the page load time.
But using comment luv will decrease the load time of your article pages. A lot of gravatars and out bound links will make your article page to load slowly.

Nofollow carries some SEO weight too :- Time has been gone when nofollow attributed links were being ignored by Google. There was a SEO Myth that nofollow doesn’t passes juice but now it effects a lot. To much out going nofollow links effects the SEO structure of any blog. When you will use comment luv , there will be a lot of outgoing nofollow backlinks on your article pages. Another reason of not using comment luv is increment in Spam/Junk comments.

Advantages of Using Comment Luv

Rewarding the commentators :- Its always a good idea to reward commentators. Doing so will encourage them to come back and commenting on your blog again. In turn they will get a backlink to any article of their choice. But you have learn new ways to deal with some human spammers rather then robots one. Because some guys comments to get backlinks only rather then sharing their own views. If you want some happy commentators then instal the comment luv plugin on your wordpress blog.

Getting More Social Shares :- Social signals are great SEO factor in today’s date. They defines the value of content and website. By using comment luv premium you can get a lot of social shares for your articles. You can force the commentators to +1, like or tweet the article. Once commentator shares the article, he/she can get more articles to select from.

More Traffic :- Social Sharing will give you a lot of traffic and many chances are their of getting viral. People will list your blog in their ” list of comment luv enabled blogs”. So that you can get a lot of referral traffic by using Comment luv.

Should You Use Comment Luv or Not ?

From starting I am using the com luv plugin but I think in future I won’t be able to use it. However a lot of big blogs are using it since the starting and never removed it. But if you want SEO friendly blog then you should remove it .
I will prefer to make use of comment luv in the starting days of blogging. But once your blog started getting a lot of traffic then you should remove it. Everyone have their own views but I described what I think. Now its your turn to speak out about comment luv wordpress plugin.

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