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Importance of Link Building: Why You Need It On Your SEO Strategy

Link building is not dead. It’s still very relevant and important to SEO strategies. It’s the practice of acquiring hyperlinks from other sites to your own. And if you’re not familiar with hyperlinks, they’re a tool that is utilized by end users to navigate and go through pages on the world wide web — connecting readers from one article to another.

For the most part, most search engine specialists will agree that link building is one of the toughest parts of the job. However, once you master the practice, it can help you and the website that you’re working on get ahead of the competition.

Essentially, link building is crucial because it’s how Google, the biggest search engine, ranks websites. Once you’re on the top of your link building game, your website’s visibility will improve tenfolds. The better your link building strategy is, the more traffic you can generate for your website.

Five-Stars on Clutch

As an SEO agency ourselves, we know the best link building strategy. We also know that it’s hard to find a good agency or team that will help you with your link building needs. Sometimes, Google searches don’t exactly help, that’s why we’re here to prove that to you through our clients’ direct feedback.

Since 2009, IshanTech has been widely recognized as the United Arab Emirates’ leading growth hacker. Over the years, we have received recognition from award-giving institutions and other industry leaders.

However, our clients’ feedback is what truly matters for us. We are proud to be a five-star review agency on Clutch, a business-to-business reviews and ratings agency from Washington, DC.

Ishantech Clutch Profile

Earlier this February, our company received another fantastic review on Clutch. In this review, we provided SEO and PPC management services to a farming company. During the engagement, link building was part of the SEO strategy we used to help their rankings improve.

Ishantech Clutch reviews

We are flattered by our client’s feedback. We treasure each review like a trophy because they help prove our credibility and integrity as an all-around digital marketing team.

Words cannot express how much we value your feedback. If we’ve worked or are still working with your business, you can also leave us your review on Clutch. We will greatly appreciate that. 

UAE’s Finest

Aside from our newest review, IshanTech is also featured as the United Arab Emirates leading company on The Manifest, a listing platform and Clutch’s sister site. We are thrilled that our link building services are recognized.

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Want to strengthen your link building game? Send us a message and let’s help you have the right SEO strategy for your needs.

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