How To Backup Gmail Account For Offline Access

How To Backup Gmail Account For Offline Access

Gmail is the most popular email service provided by Google. The majority of people regularly exchange emails using the Gmail mailbox. It is the most trusted email client used by people around the globe. 

However, Gmail does have some limitations. As it is a cloud-based service, users can not access the data without an internet connection. Also, data might get corrupted due to any malware attack. To save any crucial data from malicious activity, users backup Google account data and avoid any data loss.

Now, let’s discuss why it is important to backup your Gmail account and save the data on your local drive.

Reasons To Backup Gmail Account

Here are some benefits of backing up Gmail account data and storing it offline.

  • Users can secure their data if any hacker gets access to Gmail and remove the user from the account.
  • If a user accidentally deletes any crucial email and unable to recover it, backing up the Gmail data would be helpful.
  • Saving the Gmail data will allow the user to access important files without internet access.
  • The users can delete and free up the Google Account storage by saving the emails offline.

In the above context, we have discussed why it is recommended to backup our Gmail account. Now let’s discuss the manual method to backup your Gmail account.

How to Take Gmail Backup Using A Manual Method

Users can backup the Gmail data and save it in the local drive using the manual method. After saving the data offline, the user can securely access it. Perform the following steps to backup the Gmail account manually.

  • Open Gmail and log in to your account.
  • Go to the personal info & privacy section, and select control your content.
  • In the download or transfer your content section, select download your data, and click on Create archive.
  • A new page will be open, that contains all the Google App data  you can download.
  • Next, click on the deselect all option and select the option for Google email.
  • Finally, choose the delivery method, frequency, and file type size, then click on Create export button.
  • After that, you will receive a download link to your Gmail inbox folder. So, you can download the Gmail data and save it on your local drive.

Following the above steps, user can manually backup Google account data on their local drive. However, It has some restrictions, so it is not convenient to manually backup your Google account. Now let’s discuss limitations of using manual method to backup your Gmail emails.

Limitations of using a Manual Method to Backup Gmail Account

Now let’s discuss the drawbacks of using a manual method to backup Google mailbox.

  • Manually backup the Gmail mailbox is a lengthy process.
  • It requires good-sounding technical knowledge to perform the manual process.
  • You can not backup your email between a specific date range.
  • Manual process does not include the attachment files in the emails.
  • It requires a lot of time to manually backup your Gmail account data.

As we know, the manual method is very lengthy and requires technical knowledge to perform the backup process of google mailbox. There are high chances of losing your important data while creating a google mail backup using manual methods. That is why most users prefer to backup their Gmail data using a professional Gmail Backup Tool, which makes the conversion very convenient. The professional method is very convenient to backup Gmail account. It does not require any technical knowledge to perform the backup process. With the help of modern approach, users can backup Gmail emails with attachments without the risk of losing any data. It is the most secure and reliable procedure to create backup files of your Gmail mailbox.


In the above article, we have discussed some advantages of creating Google mail backup. Briefly explained the manual method to backup Gmail account. Although, the manual procedure is lengthy and is not convenient for most users as it requires good-sounding technical knowledge to perform the process. It is not secure and may lead to data loss. So, if you want to securely backup your crucial Gmail account data, it is highly recommended to use a professional method. 

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra