How can a knowledge base save a SaaS start-up business?

How can a knowledge base save a SaaS start-up business?

SaaS tools are helping businesses across the world. Offering the best customer experience is the primary goal of every SaaS business. Customers are ready to pay more to get a better customer experience. 

Thinking about customer support or giving a good customer experience does not involve two people necessarily. Although there are many ways for a SaaS business to help a customer give its best experience, the knowledge base has become so popular that the customers can find their information at any time. 

A knowledge base is one of the essential elements for a SaaS business. A knowledge base is a self-service portal for customers who look for information about the product or service they are using from your organization. 

In the modern business world, businesses started investing in the knowledge base, as creating a suitable knowledge base is one of the primary goals for every business. A knowledge base can help your SaaS business build a good customer experience, save money, increase customer retention, and much more.

A knowledge base is not just a self-service customer support tool, and it helps your business in many ways. Here are some important metrics to consider how a knowledge base can benefit your SaaS business:

1. Customer service:

As a SaaS start-up, you must be juggling between too many customer calls. At one point, your customer support team might overwork or get tired of it. Also, when it comes to a business, not all customers will enquire in the same way. What if they have been waiting for 1 entire day for your call back? Or are there not enough members to answer the customer calls? It must be a little overwhelming for a start-up, but a knowledge base will always have your back if you invest in the right knowledge base tool. 

Here is how your knowledge base can help your customers offer the best service:

  • Reduces your customer support tickets: The first thing that a knowledge base can do to your SaaS start-up is reduce your support tickets to a great extent. Most of the time, a self-service knowledge base replaces the customer calls. The primary reason for this is that customers love finding their answers by themselves instantly.
  • Improved customer experience: As a knowledge base gives an instant answer for most of the customer’s queries, the customer becomes happy and satisfied instantly. This also saves a considerable amount of time for both the business and the customers. Thus, it improves the customer experience and customer loyalty towards your business. In addition, you will make all your website visitors happy by redirecting to your knowledge base with more information about your product.

2. Cost-saving:

As a SaaS start-up, you would be working on saving costs or cutting down on unnecessary or not-so-productive expenses in your business. Investing in a knowledge base will help you save a considerable amount in your business. Imagine having a business without a knowledge base, and every time your customer has a doubt, be it a simple question or a major one, they must call your customer support and stay in line to get connected. But what if all these repeated questions or the simple questions are already answered in a knowledge base, and they can easily access it too? This way, you can save a considerable amount of time and money on not spending too much on building a customer support team. Instead, they can be assigned to even more critical work, and your knowledge does most of the job in resolving your customer’s queries.

3. Increased productivity:

Having a knowledge base is like having an extra helping hand for your SaaS business. Just like how the team’s productivity increases with a couple of additional employees, your overall productivity increases with the knowledge base. One of the most important things to note is that the repeated conversations in customer support queries are cut down to a great extent. 

A knowledge base that has all the information about your SaaS product in articles, FAQs, and how-to guides will help your customers find all the information in the knowledge base itself. This results in productivity for the team members as the time is being saved with reduced support calls, and the overall business productivity also increases. 

4. Organic reach:

Not all SaaS start-ups can spend massive amounts on paid campaigns to promote their products and services. Most businesses look for opportunities to increase their rankings organically with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). A knowledge base is a great tool to take your SaaS business to the next level. Using the right keywords in your articles helps boost your organic ranking and attract the right people into your business. Moreover, a knowledge base is one of the best places to include your keywords and boost your SEO.

 Including the right keywords in your knowledge base helps Google rank your articles on top in the results page. Rich articles and the right keywords will make your knowledge base skyrocket in the Google rankings.

5. A free marketing tool:

A knowledge base is something that has all the details about your SaaS product. From articles to videos or visuals, it has got everything in it. So whenever a customer wants to know more about your product and gets redirected to the knowledge base, he is getting all the needed information.

A knowledge base helps you show off all your product features in detail. And the quality of your SaaS product will be visible to your customers. In addition, the more adaptable and flexible your knowledge base is, the more effective it becomes in marketing your SaaS product. So, as a SaaS business, you need not spend money on marketing your product separately. Instead, a knowledge base does the job for free.

6. Increased collaboration:

Team members can easily engage and collaborate with a shared platform like a knowledge base. As a SaaS start-up, it is a solution where everyone benefits. As you have a knowledge base and give space to collaborate for your team members. This also saves your team members from juggling between too many tabs in finding or gathering information they need. 

With an adequate knowledge base, you can create a platform for your employees. To ask questions, tag each other, and comment on articles. This results in increased collaboration and productivity.

7. Customer retention:

Making the existing customers happy is equally important as gaining new customers. For a SaaS start-up, it must be challenging to address all your customer’s issues in the initial stage of a business. But when you set up a knowledge base at the right time, it helps the customers with their queries, and the business grows as your customers grow. It makes your customers happy and makes them stay longer. 

Is it not a big win when you can delight your customers and increase customer retention? 

Ultimate thoughts: 

A knowledge base can save a SaaS business in so many ways. These are a few benefits listed above, and you can see so many benefits to help your customers. And improve the customer experience. When you choose a suitable knowledge base and take complete advantage of all the features a knowledge base tool offers. Your business continues growing and benefiting your customers consistently.

Investing in a suitable knowledge base helps your customers get a better experience. And benefits your employees to do more with less effort.

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra