What are Private Blog Networks?

I was going thorugh this converstaion in one of the facebook groups and came across this terminology, “PBN- Private Blog Network”. Then I started researching about what does it mean. This though always came to my mind “what if I build several websites in different niche and sevaral website in the same niche and connect them to each other. Will google never know?

By now, you already know, how important backlinks are to your site. Not only the Do-Follow links, even the No-Follow link pass some link-juice, although not as much as the Do-Follow though.

pbn networks

Previously, I have observed increase in my website rank, for certain keywords I used as Anchor texts while posting on websites such as Quora and Medium. These websites give a No-follow link by default.

Now, lets undertsand what are PBNs?

What are Private Blog Networks?

Private Blog Networks or PBNs are websites created only for the sake of posting a lot of Back links to one single website.

Also, someone figured out how to create websites of high domain authority in no time. They did it by purchasing expired domains who already have a high domain authority.

Then they purchased a lot of domains like these and posted basic content on the website. Then these people included a backlink to their main website in each of the domain.

And Viola ! Now they have back links from so many websites with high domain authority.

This how the concept of Private Blog Networks was born. Think of PBNs like a database of various websites, which when you pay, can you you high quality links from High Quality websites.

A typical PBN would look something like this :

Do the Private Blog Networks really help in SEO?

PBNs claim that they work because they generate a lot of Back Links. So at least claim that backlinks helps SEO is true.

What about the other claims?

Does engaging in PBN lead to penalty from google in future?

Lets understand all these questions in detail.

I have never used PBNs for my website so I won’t recommend my clients to use them either.

Back link is a hyperlink from an external website to your website and suggests the search engine that the external website, trusts your website so much that they are willing to associate themselves with your domain.

Its same as hanging out with clever classmates makes other think you are also clever.

This is the only reason why I recommend businesses to engage in link building.

Does PBNS increase your SEO Score?

Yes, they do. But this is true only till Google Catches you.

Google uses algorithms and highly effective AI tools to monitor and scan the websites indexed within google. So if you are caught by these system, you will be heaviliy penalised in many different ways.

Also it is important for you to know that, Google Hates PBNs and intentionally penalises the websites who use them.

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