Branding through YouTube Marketing

Branding through YouTube Marketing 2024

How do you brand yourself on any social media in such a way that your content stands out and that you get noticed?

I’m going to share three power tips that you can apply right away.

So one of the most important aspects of getting noticed on social media and standing out on YouTube is having a strong and clear brand. One of the things I’ve learned is that if you are marketing and your branding is confusing, you’re probably losing online. And so I’ve found that if we can clarify our messaging, our branding, that we can begin to grow faster on YouTube. And recently we did a deep dive training breaking down some specific tips and questions to ask so you can clarify your brand even more and have a greater impact. YouTube is now localized in 112 countries and is available in 61 languages and as such, there is a huge chance to get free YouTube subscribers.

So let’s actually cut over to that training right now, and get into it. These are three fatal YouTube mistakes that really could be destroying your growth. They really can be very very harmful, but when we fix them you can see massive results. And mistake number one is a lack of clarity.

A lack of clarity

“If you try and reach everybody, you will end up reaching nobody”

So when it comes to building your influence on YouTube, I’ve got these clarity power questions for you. And that’s this: who is your target audience? Who are you trying to reach on YouTube?

A good sign that you’ve got some work to do is if you don’t have good answers for these questions. These are like the foundation of success on YouTube. Like the foundation of taking a strategic, thoughtful approach to growth.

Target Audience

So who’s your target audience? Who are you trying to reach? And the answer can’t be everybody because it doesn’t work. If you try and reach everybody, you end up reaching nobody.

What is your value proposition to them is the second question, and basically that means what kind of content are you posting, and how often? So if I know I am trying to reach people who are interested in video, therefore my target audience is not people who are interested in learning how to cook better. I am not going to be able to help you there. My target audience is not people who are interested in learning how to get the biceps. Because I don’t got the biceps, so I’m not going to be able to help get you that result. But if you are interested in learning how to do video, you heard my story.

Don’t just get some information. Put some plans down. Put some ideas down. Get your goals on paper. Get some clarity on the paper. And then who are you and how do you help people? This might be a little bit of a rephrasing of the first two.

These three power questions are critical to really standing out online and getting noticed. And here’s a great example of how to not do this from my early days on YouTube.

Goldfish Test

Your YouTube channel and to be honest all of your online marketing, branding, website needs to pass the Goldfish Test. And what it is is, they did a study recently that discovered that goldfish have a nine second attention span, but that humans, because of social media, because of all these distractions and because of our attention being split all over the place, have a six to eight second attention span.

It’s does your channel make sense in seven seconds or less? Does your YouTube channel make sense in seven seconds or less?

And the other thing is, whether you actually stay on your cover or not like your tagline, the content itself should be sending a message.

How to build YouTube subscribers from scratch. How to come up with a YouTube name. How to get sponsored on YouTube. Do you see a theme?

I mean it’s speaking a theme. How to grow fast on YouTube. All on theme, all on brand.


So clarity is power and I also encourage you to do a clarity social media audit. Here’s what I mean. Years ago, when I was realizing not just for YouTube but even personally, where are we actually going with this? Like where do you want this to go? What do you want to do? What is it you want to build? Who are you and how are you helping people? How do you make sense in the world?

Branding through YouTube Marketing

Go to your social media and do an audit and see if you just land on your Instagram profile. You just land on your YouTube channel. Does it make sense? Is it clear? And what I realized was that a lot of people in their social media bios have stuff like you know I’m a father, husband, YouTuber, crypto currency investor who also runs a pet store and is an Olympic athlete. You’re like wow you’re Mr. Interesting, number one, but I kind of have no clue who you are and like what you do in the world. So personally when I was learning this, I went and did an audit and I made some changes even to my own social media. So you’ll start seeing that whether that’s from the imaging or even the tagline,

I help people build their influence with online video. And then across social media, across online I wanted a unified online presence.

But here’s the thing: clarity is power. Focus is power. You need to be clear. It never happens instantly. Clarity is a process, even a multiyear process. But you want to be working on it, and as you level up the clarity in your brand, your business, your messaging, your marketing, your content, you will level up your results.

I hope that you’ve found that content valuable.

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