Top 5 Easy to Use Web Hosting Platforms for Designing Websites

Top 7 Easy to Use Web Hosting Platforms for Designing Websites

This year brought many changes in people’s work lives. Many of them lost their year’s old jobs, got their company shut down, and brick and mortar businesses came to a halt. With the end of this year, as the lockdown rules ease, many people might have made their minds to start a new business or got a unique idea for a new start-up, or decided to take their physical business online. And to do so, you have to create a new brand and a new website for your business, because it’s more important than ever to have an internet presence.

Building a website is not a very difficult task. Just apply some themes, add some engaging content, and be done! That’s what you were thinking. But wait a minute, there are some technical details you will need to be sorted out. You will need to find the best web hosting platform that fulfils the needs and requirements of the business and is also within your budget.

There are a few key features that businesses look for in a web hosting platform, such as SSL certification, SSD space the platform provides for your website, how many emails you can make of your domain in that hosting and what are the plans they provide for their services. 

To help you with this problem, here are top 7 web hosting platforms that are affordable, easy to use, and convenient for your business.

AccuWeb Hosting

Accuweb Hosting is an Excellent solution for beginners or for a client who requires a sophisticated setup, scalable resources, and responsive support. Accuweb has Well-spent 19+ years of experience as a one-stop-shop for your hosting requirement. Accuweb believes that you should focus all your time and precious effort on growing your business rather than worrying about your web hosting and site performance. Not only that they are offering servers all around the globe so you can launch your website in the most convenient area for your intended audience.


Bluehost is very well known for its 24/7 customer support. The services include analytics and SEO tools to optimize a website’s performance to attract more traffic on the website. They offer all the premium customer support services, unlimited website hosting’s, Free SSL certificate, unlimited SSD storage, and Unlimited domain email for our website. Its plan starts from $2.75/month with a year contract and a WordPress plan with $20/month.

Bluehost is preferred by many because of its helpful and responsive customer friendly services, which no one else offers. It also has more options to customize websites. 


Hostinger is one of the most affordable web hosting platforms. Its lowest plan starts from just $0.99/month, including one free website, one domain mail, a Free SSL certificate, and the limited bandwidth of 100 MB. Its costliest plan, which starts with $3.99/month, still lower than many other platforms, offers the same $2.89 plan but with four times the allocated resources. 

From the services it provides, it doesn’t feel like a low priced hosting service. With its customer support, uptime, and site speed, it is one of the most useful web hosting platforms. 

Dream Host

Dream host is very affordable for month-to-month pricing, starting from $3.95/month. This plan offers a website with unlimited traffic with a free SSL certificate for hosting a single website. And it also offers another plan starting from $8.95/month for hosting multiple websites, including WordPress websites. 

These packages come with a Free SSL certificate, Free automated WordPress migrations, and unlimited email of your domain, everything that a general business will need! And like other hosting platforms, Dream Hosts does not use standard cPanel, but instead, they offer a custom hPanel to manage your website easily. 


Host-gator is an easy-to-use website hosting platform. It is generally used for a website with very basic information like contact, business, location, etc. It offers different hosting plans for shared hosting and VPS hosting, starting from $2.75 a month to $5.95 a month.

It is good for businesses with less traffic per month with simple development. It also comes with fast SSD storage, a Free SSL certificate, and one free domain email.  

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a very popular web hosting platform. It is on this list because of its great speed and low prices. It offers VPS hosting and Shared hosting, and with its Turbo boost and Turbo boost max plans, businesses can boost their website 20x faster than their other servers.

Its basic plans start with just $2.99/month and its Turbo max boost plan with $14.99/month. This hosting platform also provides a Free SSL certificate, One domain email, and one free website hosting. 

From all these web hosting platform services, you might get an idea of what they offer. The final decision should be based on the type of your business, the product that you offer, and what you intend the website to do for you. Once you have a list of your requirements, you will be able to compare the web hosting platforms easily.

Green Geeks

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Green geeks is best and one n only eco friendly web hosting platform. It is considered one of the best web hosting platforms because of its fast speed, solid uptime and helpful and great solutions.

It’s an eco friendly web hosting platform because they use renewable energy to power their hosting servers and operate them. Apart from their efforts of keeping the environment green, they provide services for WordPress hosting, woocommerce hosting, reseller web hosting, virtual private servers and shared hosting.  And if you are planning for hosting a wordpress website then it is very easy to use as they offer one-click wordpress website setup, to complete the whole process in a single click.  The green geek is always up to date with the latest technologies like PHP7, SSD, CDN and many more. They offer all the premium customer support services, unlimited website hostings, Free SSL certificate, unlimited SSD storage, and Unlimited domain email for our website.

Their plans for hosting starts with $2.95 per month in the lite package, $5.95 per month in the pro package and $11.95 per month in the premium package.   

WP Engine

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In terms of proper management the WP Engine is the best web hosting service platform with no doubt. They provide excellent web hosting products and services with a little high price.Their packages come with a Free SSL certificate, Free automated WordPress migrations, and unlimited email of your domain, everything that a general business will need!

 Their WordPress hosting is fully managed and more expensive than the shared hosting providers, WP Engine’s least priced plan ‘startup’ is $30 per month, and that too is only for one 10GB site with the maximum of 25,000 visitors per month and the their second best plan ‘growth’ comes in $115 per month for 10 sites with 20GB storage and maximum of 1,00,000 visitors per month. Last but not least, their best plan ‘scale’ comes in $290 per month for 30 sites with 50GB storage and a maximum of 4,00,000 visitors per month.


About the author: Medhaavi Mishra