Lessons an Entrepreneur Can Get from Candy Crush

Entrepreneur or all the hustlers, dreamers, go-getters and more than that doers, motivation comes to them in different forms, either in Intrinsic form or in Extrinsic form or in both the forms.

Talking about motivations coming from Extrinsic sources, I found Candy Crush as one of the best source of inspiration if contemplated minutely.

Take a move to get a reward : You took an action, and got rewarded, another possibility opens – and the loop continues. Same thing you can expect in an Entrepreneurial Journey as well, every action will create some more possibilities for business.

Pattern recognition and converting it into fruitful outcome : Scanning the Candy Crush screen for possible candy matches(providing vision) is much more similar to scanning the business opportunities in terms of potential clients and customers.

Sweet, Delicious, Tasty, Divine: In Candy Crush, every successful move is accompanied by gleaming colors, rollicking music and avouching words like Sweet, Delicious which appeal directly to our reward receptors triggering a pleasing feedback much like applauds, whistles and praises which an entrepreneur earns provides a positive energy.

Boosters/Color Bombers/Combos : Very successful moves will often leads a sequence of subsequent onscreen color matches, which multiply the effect. In Entrepreneurship, good deal with client/customer triggers the same effect and boost up the process.

Illusion of Control : System generated random color bombers/ boosters make players fool many times thinking of a right move leading them to a failure level. Same thing happens if a wrong step is taken in terms of decision making processes in entrepreneurship.

Ask for Help & Offer Help : To complete a tough level or to get an extra life or to reach in next episode, Candy Crush provided a feature to ask friends for help. Similarly, entrepreneurs can’t get success without asking for help in their peer groups/ fellow entrepreneurs when needed. Be a giver also, if you help others, it will spread a positive vibe among the community and they will also help you in return when needed.

Keep Going-Chances are more : Got some wrong moves and you failed at any level – no worries, possibilities are immense, try some other moves next time with proper scanning of the opportunities. In case ended up with life, again no worries, take some rest and you will get recharged with more life/more energy. Successful Entrepreneurs enact in a similar manner and they never give up.

Here, I choose candy crush to explain the Extrinsic motivation, compared it to entrepreneurship. And the reason is simple, candy crush is a game of observation and so is the entrepreneurship. Based on my observations, I penned the above analogy, comment below your observations.

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra