How Does The Internet Know You Better Than Your Spouse Does?

How can the Internet know us better? It is the biggest question that sometimes revolves around our heads, and also it can be the biggest reason for the quarrels or fights between the partners. In this article, we would be looking at the significant points that “How the Internet can know you better than any other.”

Always keep in mind that “The best sign of a healthy relationship is no signing in on social media.”

The Internet is like an act of a magician. The miracle that the Internet had made happen is a mind-boggling one. We can find everything on the Internet that has put world knowledge in a computer box. Everybody talks about the Internet nowadays, as in the times of quarantine people are mostly found active on social media sites.

 About 98% of people will be seen busy on social media sites, and only 2% of people do some creative or are not a member of any of the sites. With the easy availability of Internet access, the Internet is being misused not only by youth but also by mature people. To keep yourself safe you need to know, more info you share on the internet the more you give sites access to your details.

Despite laws and rules to prevent such misuse of the Internet, no deterrent action is taken, and that, to a great extent, is responsible for the degeneration of youth today. The increase in sex crimes, the moral degradation of youth, and many more are all due to the easy accessibility of adult sites on the Internet. Also, other activities like- gambling, betting on sports events, and on.

Cyberbullying, cybercrime, malware (in this your personal information is taken and some sorts of software are designed which harm your system), spamming (sending unwanted advertising).

These all are done just because of the personal information being entered on the system.

In this digital era, everybody is busy buying some of the other products via the Internet from pin to shoes. All games lie inside the browser only. It can also be called the “Worst face of the Net.”

Let’s go down the rabbit hole and search for the answer to this scary and mysterious question.

Three Points You Should Always Keep In Mind

  • Any search engine can instantly reveal your details, like- phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, and family details.
  • The posts which you have on your social media platforms can be used to intimate, harass.
  • Nowadays, finding personal information about any person is very much more straightforward.

What’s On Your Browser Search History?

You must be aware of how the browser works. So, it all starts with the thing which you searched on the browser for example- A red Frill skirt with moments when you scroll down to your Instagram, Facebook, or any other networking site. You will find the same dress there. Also, that will be just in the form of advertising, and after some days, you will also be getting pop-ups on the screen showing 60%off on the same skirt.

How can it happen? There are some algorithms. Also, you are tracked, and under observation, you have already left digital footprints by which these people follow all kinds of activities.

What Are Cookies?

While visiting sites, you might also get a pop-up saying to accept or decline cookies. If you accept cookies, then they save all the information which you are searching for. Sometimes cookies do also have a virus. And what if you decline cookies? Some websites will be automatically closed.

What Information Are You Providing Them?

  • While signing any website, they usually ask for date of birth, your email address, your favorite place, favorite person, and favorite food. Such kinds of questions are asked.
  • While signing Facebook they ask a brief history about yourself, like where were you born?, Your school and college name, which type of clothes you like and all.

These are the main things that your spouse might not know, but your Internet does.

Top 10 Ways To Avoid Being Tracked Online

  • Minimize the usage of social media sites.
  • Clear all the browsing history after every 4-5 days.
  • Clear all the cookies and caches in your device.
  • Always use a search engine (like-Start page) that doesn’t track you.
  • Adjust your Facebook or social media privacy settings.
  • It isn’t easy, but you can try having different email- id for different kinds of things.
  • Use different passwords for different types of sites.
  • Always use a service (like- delete a safe shepherd or me) that can help you to remove your data from data brokers.
  • Don’t ever provide your additional or new information like- driver’s license or card details to anyone.
  • Reduce the amount of information available, or else you can also unsubscribe them from an email.

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