Online Jobs That Pay More Than ₹60,000 Per Month

Online Jobs That Pay More Than ₹60,000 Per Month

Working from the comfort of your home and still earning a more than decent salary sounds like a dream come true for many people. But should you be lucky enough to score one of the best online jobs that pay more than ₹60,000 per month, you wouldn’t have to dream about this perfect scenario – it would be your reality.

More and more offices are choosing to offer remote positions for qualified workers who aren’t fans of office life.

That’s why you can work for a foreign company without ever leaving your hometown. 

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned worker, here are some online jobs that can help you kick start your professional life on a position that will allow the best of both worlds – staying home with your family while still earning sufficient funds for a quality life. 

Although, you have to keep in mind that working remotely isn’t for everyone.

So before we list all the online jobs that pay a lot, let’s first see whether you have what it takes for this line of work. 

The challenges of working remotely

Believe it or not, it’s very possible that not everything is going to be butterflies and rainbows after getting that online job you wanted for so long.

It could be, but only if everything falls into place.

For starters, you have to be a person that will be okay with staying home all day with minimal face-to-face contact with your clients/superiors/colleagues.

Sociable people might be miserable working in an environment that won’t allow them to communicate with other people. 

Moreover, working remotely can mean anything from working only a few days a week to having a 50-hour workweek; there is a broad range of circumstances that come with a remote position. 

Finally, remote work implies that you will have to master and adapt to the platforms through which the communication and project management will be carried out.

Bear in mind that this is much more complicated than just learning how to surf the web safely. You will have to invest a lot of time and effort into mastering these platforms, which usually won’t be paid as it is a part of the job description.

So if you are living with the illusion that an online job entails complete freedom, we are sorry for bursting your bubble and breaking the myth.

But if you are serious about earning money from home and are willing to put in the hours, here are some online jobs that might prove fruitful. 

10 Online Jobs That Pay More Than ₹60,000 Per Month

Please bear in mind that there is a very lengthy list of available online jobs.

The ones we will list here are only the most common options people opt for as they suit the widest span of skills. 

If you feel that none of the online jobs we will list here suit your needs, then feel free to do your own online research.

After all, isn’t that what working from home is all about? Gathering the facts by yourself and being self-reliant. 

Prove it to yourself that you are cut out for this by surfing the web by yourself or feel free to rely on our article.

Either way, the important thing is that you get a job in one of the following positions. 

  1. Starting your own blog

A few years ago, no one could have imagined that blogging would become such a lucrative job.

These days, this phenomenon brings big bucks.

These positions allow you to make up your own flexible schedule and to write about topics that you are passionate about. 

However, blogging isn’t as easy as it seems – at least not if you want to be good enough to earn a decent sum of money per month.

And no matter how good you are, there is one thing that’s certain – it will take a long time and a lot of hard work for you to start making some serious money. 

But if that does happen, you can rest assured you will feel like the luckiest person in the world.

Bloggers get a lot of partnerships, promotions, as well as great deals – not to mention how those successful ones earn stacks and stacks of dollar bills.

  1. Being a freelance writer

If you are good with words, love reading and writing but simply aren’t interested in blogging, then freelance writing will be the perfect position for you!

It will allow you to work from any corner of the world, all the while making a couple of hundred dollars per article. 

There is a catch, of course – you have to be good!

Really good!

Only the most successful and experienced writers will make over ₹60,000 per month.

If you want to up your chances of earning this type of money, you’ll have to learn how to ensure that the articles you write rank high in search results. 

These days, every company focuses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) meaning that you will always be swamped with work if you are a good writer with SEO skills.

And that brings us to another point of order. 

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

EO is all about helping small business owners become more visible online.

Since this is the part that decides whether a business will be a profitable one, more and more companies are investing in a good SEO expert. 

If you are a beginner, you can’t expect to make ₹60,000 per month.

This sum is reserved for seasoned professionals.

But if you do have the skillset and sufficient experience, you can charge a high hourly or project rate because you know you will deliver good results. 

Companies of all sorts are always in need of SEO writers and experts.

Whether they deal with PLM software like Frontech Solutions Inc. or some other line of work, every company can benefit from good ranking.

And that’s where an SEO specialist enters the scene.

  1. Handling social media marketing

hese days, business owners don’t have enough time to dedicate themselves to social media marketing.

Yet social media profiles are of great importance for the success of a business.

That’s why business owners who can afford it hire top-notch social media marketers. 

The reason why social media marketing is one of the online jobs that easily pays more than ₹60,000 per month is that this job pays quite a sum per hour if you are good at what you do.

Fun fact: you can also earn premium wages if you know things like microtargeting that help you deliver ads to the right audience. 

With social media giving effective and long-term results, you can’t go wrong with making it your primary occupation.

It’s bound to bring in plenty of profit. 

  1. Work online as a psychiatrist

It sounds incredible that a job as conventional as being a psychiatrist can be done online.

But with the growth of technology, this and many other things are now available to us.

Depending on the number of patients you have, as well as your hourly rate, you can expect to earn a lot of money. 

So how exactly does this work?

You will meet with patients via a platform such as Skype or Zoom and will have a regular session – just like you would if you were in your office.

If you are applying for this position, make sure you mention your proficiency in handling remote technology and teleconferencing software. 

That will help you land the job of your dreams.

  1. Selling on Amazon can be your job

How many times have you bought something from Amazon?

Has it ever occurred to you that you could be the one people buy from?

As much as 50% of all sales come from third-party sellers. 

There are more than 100,000,000 Amazon prime users and that is just the tip of the iceberg of what’s probably coming in the future.

You could easily earn $100,000 during your first year as an inexperienced seller, so imagine what could be possible once you learn all the ins and outs of the business. 

Promote your online store and there’s no telling how much you could earn!

  1. Graphic designing

If you are an artist, then graphic designing will be the perfect job for you to monetize your hobby.

The web is becoming more visual, which allows graphic designers to set up steep hourly rates. 

If you have multiple skills and knowledge in branding and sales, you can earn much more than $100 per hour!

And if you combine graphic design with video animation, for example, you can become a very valuable asset to any company out there.

So pay attention to some of the best animation courses in India and start earning the money you know you deserve.

  1. Create an online course

Are you a renowned specialist in your line of work?

If you are, then you have the knowledge most people dream about possessing.

And that is your chance to monetize your knowledge in the best possible way – by creating an online course. 

It’s hard to imagine an online course as one of the online jobs that pay more than ₹60,000 per month.

And it certainly couldn’t be possible a couple of years ago.

But today, you have Udemy and Skillshare at your disposal – two websites with an audience of people willing to learn a wide variety of skills. 

You can put your own price for an online course, but we suggest you keep it realistic.

You don’t need a couple of people to buy your overly-priced course – you need thousands of them to buy a realistically-priced one. 

9 Become an event and wedding planner

How much you will earn as an event and wedding planner depends on many factors.

But premier event planners can earn some serious money once they score the right clients.

In order for that to happen, you would first have to settle with a smaller paycheck. 

When it comes to your investments, you virtually have to spend little to no money.

You can market yourself online and find your clients this way.

Who knows – you might become a celebrity event planner over time which will bring you both fulfilment and money. 

10. Manage a team of home healthcare providers

The need for home healthcare providers doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Doctors notoriously earn a lot of money per year, which is why it’s hard to imagine that this could be a profession that can be done online.

While you can’t diagnose people over the Internet, you can promote your services and find new patients. 

All you have to do is start up your own home healthcare agency.

You can work by yourself for starters or find a team of people to work with you.

As a person in charge, you will have a lot of responsibilities – but also many benefits. 

Your hourly rate will directly depend on your success and experience as a home healthcare provider.

Only the most experienced doctors will be able to earn about ₹60,000-₹70,000 per month.

So if you have the necessary skillset, degree, and experience, we suggest you waste no time!

A lot of patience is needed to succeed in these online jobs

As you might have been able to notice, there is no magic formula that will help you get to the top.

You will have to work your way up in order to start making really big money.

That’s why getting started seems like a very scary possibility – there is no guaranteed success in this line of business. 

But once you do achieve everything you ever dreamed of, you will thank yourself for investing your time and patience.

And the best part about all of these online jobs has to be the fact that they require no investment whatsoever on your part.

We are talking about the financial aspect, of course, because you will have to invest a lot of your time. 

So, have you found your perfect occupation among these online jobs that pay more than ₹60,000-₹80,000 per month?

If you have, waste no time being afraid of failure!

Start applying for the position you want and you will be that much closer to success.

And if you are good at what you do, whatever it may be, success will certainly come!

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra