Write A Food Review, Like A Food Story

The inquisitive bug in me instantly googled the meaning of “Pieds Propres”, the moment I decided to visit this new restaurant. Throughout the drive with three of my girl-friends, I was wondering why this name for a multi-cuisine restaurant? In French, ‘Pieds Propres’, means “clean feet”. I entered the restaurant and my questions were answered right away. The restaurant has a special feature – along with multiple cuisines, they let you relax your feet for a fish pedicure. Any customer can simply walk in, pick a table, put their feet into a giant-sized fish tank and get a fish pedicure, before or during a meal. That’s quite an innovative idea, I must say! The ambience and more-than-helpful staff has a positive vibe. We got comfortable in our seats and browsed through the menu.

Cuisines ranging across Indian to Italian, Continental to Moroccan, Lebanese and American – their variety is definitely vast! The rates are reasonable, as per the quality and quantity of food they serve, and the additional fish pedicure that they offer. I chose Indian-Mughlai for my meal, since I was craving for some delicious ‘Chicken Tikka Biryani’ for the last 2-3 days. My friends ordered for their dishes across Continental, Italian and Lebanese cuisines. The table looked like ‘a world on a plate’, with colourful and aromatic food items garnished, and beautifully plated in delicate cutlery. Everyone was satisfied with their choice of food. My Boneless Chicken Biryani was well-cooked; the flavours were just right, neither too strong nor too mild. The chicken was tender, fresh and sumptuously marinated. The Biryani had a smoked flavour, along with an Earthy taste, brushed off the mud pots. The very first spoon managed to impress my taste buds, and within no time, I finished the entire pot of Biryani.

For dessert, we decided to settle on the ‘Death By Chocolate’ Lava Cake. The cake was freshly baked. The fragrance of a freshly baked chocolate cake took me back to the days, when my mother baked chocolate cake at home for me as a child. The spoon easily cut through the crispy outer layer and reached the inner softer part of the cake. Hot chocolate instantly oozed out, and I looked at my friends drooling over that freshly baked chocolate lava cake. The cake quickly disappeared into the mouths of the 4 of us, within a couple of minutes.

chocolate lava cake RCW small

I would definitely recommend this place, to all food lovers out there. This is a perfect place to pamper your taste buds, fill your stomach and relax your feet with a fish pedicure!
Now, here’s some quick tips to write a great Food Review:

  •  Bring life to your review. Don’t just describe the taste and quality of food. Talk about the restaurant and add a past reference, from your past experience.
  • Make it an interesting story, and describe your food and the restaurant, so that it doesn’t sound like just another review. This will keep your audience engaged in the review and get your point across.
  • Keep your sentences crisp and don’t flaunt your vocabulary here. People want to know more about food and the restaurant, not reach for a dictionary.
  • Keep a flow and use phrases, that are related to food like ‘Cherry on the cake’, etc. Don’t use non-food related phrases while describing the food, because this will confuse your readers. Also, it is not necessary to use phrases everywhere, as too many flavours in one sentence can confuse the readers.

Happy Food Reviewing!!

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