The ultimate guide to Meta tags for SEO

The term Meta tags can make you memorise the beginning of SEO training whether it is for something better or for worse.

Unlike other articles, I chose to pick up the negative side as well to introduce the topic. It is very common for people to learn and know about the bad side of Meta tags mostly. Meta tags are only misused because of placing the tags without having proper knowledge about them.

But, it can be stated that it is crucial to use Meta tags for SEO. Using Meta tags on the top of every single page is not helpful except you want your visitors to see these tags as the first things.

It is also a myth to use Meta tags on the Description and Keywords. There are way better options to use Meta tags in an article. If you are using these tags beyond these mostly picked positions, then you will understand how Meta tags help in SEO.

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Focusing on the bad things will never be helpful for you as you will be tired of reading but the list will get longer. Even in 2019, Meta tags for SEO is still matters a lot. There must be something to make it happen, isn’t it?

However, this statement does not assure you using all of the Meta tags available online. Based on my personal experience and SEO also approves that if you want to rank high in search, then your Meta tags have to contain some high-quality content focusing on user satisfaction.

Always remember whenever you are expecting Meta tags help in SEO, it’s smart to stick to the core minimum. Using tags you are not in need of can ruin the entire game. So, it is best to choose the important tags with minimum codes for a better outcome.

After this detailed clarification, you might think what are the good Meta tags?

Popping this question in mind is very obvious and you can read this article more to find out what are good Meta tags basically.

The Good Meta Tags

No matter what, you got to use these Meta tags on every single page you post online. This is going to be a short list as we have only mentioned the required ones. And if you are able to work with these tags, then you must consider doing this without thinking twice.

  • Meta content type: This tag is indispensable to declare the character set for the page. Hence, should be present on every page. Separating this out can leave an impact on the way your pages deliver on the web. Various options will be there, but your web designer got to have some knowledge to decide which one will be good for your site accordingly.
  • Title: Title tag never starts with “Meta”, but the header and also contains information essential for SEO. Including individual and unique title tag on every single page can help you describing the page.
  • Meta Description: Using Meta description tag can seem getting the black ship of any family fight for its family’s reputation. However, there is a major purpose of using these as these are able to read through the SERPs. This tag will not influence ranking, yet essential regardless. It just acts like an ad copy helps determining only if the users are clicking on your result. It has to be within 160 words and also have to be able to catch users’ attention.
  • Viewport: In this digitally advanced world, it’s kinda crucial to specifying the viewport. If you don’t want to follow this, then you are actually running a risk of including a poor mobile experience.

There are some indifferent Meta tags, which different sites need to use in some specific circumstances. But, if anyone is confident using them without it, then that will be really amazing for them.

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What are the examples of such Meta tags?

  • Social media tags including OpenGraph and Twitter data are crucial for sharing but for per se.
  • Robots are also on the list as there is one huge misconception that makes you have a robot Meta tag. In terms of indexing and following link, one must specify the Meta robot tags to not let them read those tags as index and follow.
  • Specific bot tags are used for providing specific bot instructions, such as noodp and noydir. Exceptions can never be part of an example, but it has also happened in some cases that there have been some cases where it was necessary.
  • Language takes a very important part in Meta tags. Tags are used to promote a post or indirectly promote the website internationally.

Apart from the above mentioned Meta tags, there are some bad Meta tags too. To name the bad Meta tags can include author, rating, revisit, expiration, copyright, abstract, distribution, generator, cache-control tags. It is really good and helpful for a site if the owner avoids using these bad Meta tags.

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