The Best Gift Cards For 2020 And How To Save Money On Them

The Best Gift Cards For 2020 And How To Save Money On Them

Today let’s discuss the best gift cards out there and how you can seal the deal. Lately, there have been great deals on the best gift cards, surprisingly. But due to the immense rise in demand for gift cards, there has been a price hike. Gift cards have become one of the top choices a buyer makes when it comes to gifting someone. They are available everywhere and not only gift cards but sites like ( provide credit points, discounts, etc. for doing the basic things like, completing surveys and shopping.

Let’s begin with the best gift cards you can buy right now,

Best gift cards:


For beverage lovers, this is the perfect way you can express yourself. You can buy one of these for reasonably low prices on eBay. 


Shopping addicts would love to receive these at any time of the year. Get one and make their day. You can get on for free as well using some tips and tricks, but it is advised to buy on discounts rather than risking your cash in the hope of full cashback.


Easily one of the most popular gift cards out there to go for. The primary reason for it being the most beloved is that millions of products are just a finger tap away—no need to go out and roam from isle to isle. Just sit back at home and surf through countless products in a matter of minutes and choose the one you need. There are myriad ways of getting this one at lower prices and even getting them for free. But we will tell you the most accurate and risk-free ways to get yours.

American Express

The one you can use almost everywhere, wherever American Express is used, this can also be used. There are specific coupons you can use to buy it, for yourself, or maybe gift someone. 


This card gives more than what it sounds like. Apart from just music, it provides movies and TV shows, magazines and newspapers, books and audiobooks, games from the apple arcade. Sounds like a plan during this quarantine. 


This one is for the shoppers. It can be bought both online and offline. It is said that you can purchase only on Target using Target gift cards, but there are some trading facilities you can take advantage of.

Victoria’s Secret 

Women are going to love this. It can be used in stores across the US, and they can even refill the card with shopping dollars that will never expire. 


The best gift for burrito lovers, they also have e-gift cards available. Recently they helped COVID warriors using the proceeds from gift cards.

Restaurant Gift Cards

One of the primary reasons you would like to go with this option is the fact that some restaurants provide bonuses for purchasing their gift cards—rewards like buying a $25 gift card and get $5 as a bonus. Since you are buying from a specific restaurant means you are obligated to use it there only. So, choose wisely.

Gap Gift Card

Being extremely versatile is this one’s specialty. It can be used for brands like Old Navy, Piperlime, Banana republic, and Gap itself. 

How To Save Money On Them?

Since we have listed the most popular gift cards you can go for, now is the time to put light on how to get them at reasonably low prices. When you look for ways to buy gift cards at lower prices, you might often come across links guiding you to get vouchers for free instead of discounts. They are just picking on your pocket by offering cashback and what not. The best way to save your buck is to buy discounted cards.

Exchange Sites

Look for discounted cards on exchange sites. It is advised to check multiple locations instead of sticking to just one as they all might have different availabilities and a variety of maps. Most of the time, you will come across merchant branded options. You are looking at already owned cards being sold at discounted rates. Also, you can sell your tickets which you don’t want to keep on these sites. 


Honestly, you will not be getting many discounts on eBay. But if we look at the variety, you will see a much better range. You can come across some high valued gift cards like Starbucks and bid to get them at a reasonable price. 


There are countless ways to buy or even get the Amazon gift cards for free that the interested buyers for this card deserve a separate category. If we sum all the types, it can be said that the universal way to get Amazon gift cards for free is to sign up offers, take surveys, and watch videos. What you do is earn game points.

I hope this article helped you gain some knowledge. Make sure to use and have a great day!

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