Tech-Related Ways to Survive During the COVID 19 Pandemic

Tech-Related Ways to Survive During the COVID 19 Pandemic

The COVID 19 pandemic has been on the rise since 2020. People have experienced the first, second, and now the third wave. It has caused the loss of many lives. Others have been left in critical conditions as they fight for their lives.

The surviving citizens have to find ways to avoid contracting the virus. The global pandemic has affected the health sector and has also affected businesses that had no other choice other than to shut down. Schools have also been closed as a way to reduce the spread of the virus. 

WHO has given strict instructions on washing hands regularly, using face masks, and social distancing. As a result, various countries have no other choice than to abide by the rules to protect their citizens.

For many years, the tech world has found various ways of solving issues with new advancements and gadgets. The pandemic is not any different as technology has come up with ways to help people survive. 

The following are ways in which residents are benefiting from technology despite the pandemic.

Technology in the Medical Department

As mentioned before, the COVID 19 pandemic has mainly affected the medical sector. Some health practitioners have also been involved, and others succumbed to the virus. Hospitals keep recording patients coming in for treatment while others are feeling better and are discharged.

Technology has found ways in which doctors and patients can survive the pandemic. Innovations and the implementation of technology have enabled people to find solutions to their challenges every day.

One of the ways is by implementing screening at the door of hospitals as the staff members get to work. Before they are allowed in, they have to make a queue to stay six feet apart. Everyone has to take a snap photo through the QR code that goes through a screening survey. It helps in confirming that people are asymptomatic.

They also go through a screening of temperature to ensure they are normal. High temperatures are one of the symptoms of COVID 19. An infrared thermometer is used before they are released to attend to their duties. The same has also been applied in offices and businesses.

Doctors may not have the time to visit every patient at home. Therefore, technology has made patients have a Zoom meeting at home. The doctor will then prescribe the best medicine and health care procedures.

They can also make YouTube videos for people to see and advice on dealing with the virus. To get more attention, such people need to have more subscribers to their channel. They can use some third party platforms to help them attract more social media visibility.

Those who suspect to have contracted the virus can also make a video call to their doctors. It has saved the time for patients to go to the hospital to make a queue waiting for a medical response.

Patients in the hospital also do not necessarily have to be with the doctor all the time. Technology has introduced video monitors that are placed in every room. It is mainly used in emergency rooms. One doctor can monitor close to ten patients all at once.

The doctor can conduct a video conference with the patient. This video monitor helps in minimizing the number of medical providers in one room. The providers who fear for their lives are now able to protect themselves from contracting the virus. It minimizes the exposure of health practitioners from getting sick.

Every day, the hospital receives so many patients. It may be challenging for the practitioners to keep up with the pressure. There is an artificial intelligence algorithm that evaluates various clinical relevant parameters from the electronic medical record.

It detects the condition of every patient who comes in. It then alerts doctors to the ones who have been going through a risk of medical deterioration. In that way, patients in critical condition will not go through the tough time of waiting for health care.

Patients are also not going through a hard time communicating with their family members at home. Since people are not allowed to come and check on them, they get to video call their loved ones and let them know how they are doing. It has contributed to giving them hope that all will be well.

Technology Influence in Businesses during This Pandemic

Due to social distancing and people staying at home, most companies have gone out of business. It is because customers don’t get out to buy their goods. Also, some firms imported their products so they can sell to local consumers. However, some countries are on lockdown. Therefore, transportation in and out of the country is limited.

Technology has enabled business people to conduct their businesses online. Also, some companies are making use of social media to attract local consumers. They also get to advertise their products and sell to people in their country and even abroad. International consumers get their products after the shipping procedures are over.

Technology Influence in Education during This Pandemic

Most schools have been closed due to the current situation. Students have to stay at home until the pandemic is stabilized. However, lessons are still going on. Teachers are going for an online class to continue with the syllabus.

The students are using laptops and smartphones to attend those classes. Others even go to the extent of doing their exams online and even graduating.  The pandemic may have slowed down the curriculum, but technology has covered the gap by using online platforms.

The Final Remarks

The COVID 19 pandemic has led to people experiencing tough times. However, technology has made various interventions. Fortunately, they have been of benefit making life better and help people survive through these challenging times.

About the author: Medhaavi Mishra