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SEO TERMS ; Every Blogger Must Know 2020

SEO Terms

Do you have any blog or website, or are you working with anything relevant to internet, if yes then you will surely require to know little bit regarding SEO means search engine optimization. The perfect source to get begun is publicize yourself with very prevalent terms of trade. In the below paragraph, we have tried to explain you 20 SEO things that every blogger or site holder need to know. If you know following things then this article would be refresher for you, so let’s go to explore SEO world.

Backlink –

This is too known as simply link or inlink. This is another site’s hyperlink that indicates back your site. For search engine optimization backlinks are very much essential, they affect certainly on the web page’s PageRank, swaying its search rankings.


SEM means Search Engine Marketing, as you are seeing the name SEM, it is certain that is contains marketing of products and services through search engines. This is categorized in 2 prime pillars like PPC and SEO. PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click and SEO is Search engine optimization. SEO used for optimizing sites to appear their pages in organic search engine, whereas Pay-Per-Click is like buying click from various search engines. These clicks generate from sponsored listings in search results.

Linkbait –

This is a web content’s piece posted on blog or site with aim of catching maximum backlinks because of this the search ranking of page improves. Generally it is written piece however it can be in the form of picture, video, quiz or in any other format. linkbait’s classic instance is ‘Top 10’ lists that likely to be famous over social bookmarking websites.

PageRank –

This is an algorithm, which Google utilizes to guess the connected essential page over the web. This algorithm’s primary idea is truth that A page to B page link can be seen like trust vote from A page to B page. The many links to page, that much huge probability and importance that specific page receives.

Link Farm –

Link farm is website’s group, where every site link to each other website, with artificially purpose enhancing the PageRank of whole sites within the farm. This was very effective and result showing practice during search engine’s early days however today are looking as spamming method due to that it can be penalized.

NoFollow –

This in a link point utilized by owners of website to signal Google, which they do not approve the site that they are linking. It can if link is generated by uses themselves like blog comments or if link was waged for instance advertisers and sponsors. The moment Google looks nofollow attribute, Google will actually not notice this link for search algorithms and PageRank.

Title Tag –

Literally the title tag is web page’s title and it is one of the very essential aspects within Google’s search algorithm. Preferably your title tag must be new and comprise your page’s prime keywords. You are able to see any website’s title tag about your page’s content. Meta tags are located within your HTML’s HEAD section and though it is not visible for human subscribers.

Author text –

Back link’s anchor text is text, which is clickable on website page. Containing keyword rich anchor texts support with search engine optimization due to Google would subordinate these keywords with website’s content. In case you having weight loss blog, for example this would support your search rankings, in case your backlinks had anchor texts as weight loss.

Meta tag –

Similar to title tag, this Meta tags are utilized to give more information to search engines about your page’s content. Meta tags are located within your HTML code’s HEAD section and hence it is not visible for human subscribers.

Link Sculpting –

The strategically use of nofollow attribute, webmaster could divide the channel of PageRank flow inside the websites, hence search rankings of aimed pages are enhancing. The use of this source is not much effective because recently Google changes its handling with nofollow attribute.

SEO Terms to make Money


This means Search Engine Results Page. Basically it is a page that you will found the moment you put specific keyword in the Google search bar or any other search engines. The much search traffic your site will get based on rankings, it would have within the SERPs.

Keyword stuffing –

Since density of keyword was very essential aspect during early search algorithms, through fake expanding keyword density webmaster begun to game the whole system within their sites, this means keyword stuffing. However, right now this won’t help you and you can be penalized.

Sandbox –

Basically Google has different index, sandbox, at those places all latest exposed sites. The moment website is over sandbox, it won’t occur in search results for general search queries. When Google confirms the website that it is legitimate and then site will move to sandbox and after that it goes to main index.

Robot.txt –

It is nothing more than just a file, located in domain’s root, which is utilized to notify search bots regarding the website’s structure. For example, through robots.txt file is probable to block particular roots and to limit the access to particular section folders within the site.

Canonical URL –

It is procedure for transforming data, which contains more than 1 possible representation in ‘standard’ canonical representation. Therefore canonical URL is standard URL for entering inside particular page in your site.

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