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Is There any Suggested Flow for Using the Helium 10 Tools

Is There any Suggested Flow for Using the Helium 10 Tools

There isn’t any suggested or particular flow on how and when to use the specific tools in Helium 10. All the tools are compulsory and dependable on your needs. Remember, any business plan float around where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there. And same is applied to the tools you will use under Helium 10 Pack. I have divided 3 stages to answer which tool to use at what stage. Get a 1 x Helium 10 Coupon code now and get up to 50 percent discount and know this by yourself.

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1. Just a Startup or at the stage of Product or Niche Selection

2. Done With Product Selection

3. Already Selling On Amazon

1. Just a Startup or at the stage of Product or Niche Selection

If you’re at the stage of starting your Amazon selling or Amazon FBA venture and you are yet in the process of product and market selection, you should go for the Black Box tool. Along with this, you can add on the XRay tool, which comes in the Helium 10 Chrome extension.

As soon as you found a perfect product which you need to produce or sell, then you should make use of the Profitability Calculator, which is also the part of Helium 10 Chrome extension). This tool helps you to calculate the possible cost of manufacturing and profit margin after Amazon Fee.

Then comes the Review Downloader (another part of Helium 10 Chrome extension). This tool is another product research tool that helps you to improve your offerings on the basis of the comments, feedback, and reviews posted by the users. You can check the flaws and weaknesses of your manufacturer, correct them, and offer an improved product as compared to your competitors.

2. Done With Product Selection

If you’re done with the product research and selection, then it is time, to begin with creating the listing. At this stage you need the following tools;

Magnet & Cerebro

This tool is used for doing Keyword research.


Through this tool, you can find misspelling that you can submit to the backend search keywords.


Frankenstein help you in keyword processing


Scribbles help you to create a listing. But remember, it cannot be integrated with the Amazon platform, so you cannot create or update your product listing. Anything done on Scribbles will have to be manually copied and then pasted into the Amazon. Get a 1 x Helium 10 Coupon code now and get up to 50 percent discount.

Review Downloader

For more in-depth keyword research, you can also take the help of Review Downloader. The reviews, comments, and feedback given by the users are useful ways to collect commonly used terms to define the product and features, as mentioned by the users.

3. Already Selling On Amazon

If you have some experience on Amazon Selling and you need methods to monitor your product listing, you can use the following Helium 10 tools.

Index Checker

Index tracker helps you to see if the Amazon indexes you in your desired or targeted keywords that you have used in your product listings.

Inventory Protector

Inventory Protector is another useful tool that helps you to set a max quantity that can be bought from your listing. Inventory Protector is a handy tool when you are offering heavy discounts to avoid individuals from taking advantage of any hack with discounts and promotions.

Keyword Tracker

Keyword Tracker helps you to track changes in the ranking of your product listing keywords.


Use this tool to alert you whenever someone stumbles upon your product listing that may result in losing the buy box.

Refund Genie

Refund Genie is another helpful tool for sellers who are selling for 90 days (3 months) or above. You will be informed how much Amazon possibly will owe you from an inventory that they may have damaged or lost in Amazon’s warehouse.


Profits help you to monitor the overall progress of your most preferred business financial stats for Amazon.

Other useful tools in Helium 10

ASIN Grabber

ASIN Grabber is also part of the Chrome Extension. You have to run ASIN Grabber in the Amazon results page to get a snap of projected data like BSR, price, and number of reviews of ASINs on that particular search page. Use this initial projected data collected by comparing it with when you rerun it next time of the season or year to check how well these products or ASINs are performing.

Inventory Levels

Inventory Levels is also the Part of Chrome extension. It gives you a rough estimate of how much inventory is available in an ASIN or product listing.

When you log into the Helium 10 account, you can have more learning about how to use each tool or how they work by choosing the “Learn” button at the top of the Dashboard screen. There are more than one video available for most, if not all the tools. Watching these videos will help you learn how to use these tools more effectively. If you like to try one or all of these tools now, you can use this 1 x Helium 10 Coupon to avail the discount up to 50 percent.

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