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How to improve your self confidence

Self confidence is a treasure. It’s something that you can use to achieve goals, and no one can take it away from you. Only problem is, not a lot of people have the level of self confidence needed in making things work. If you’ve been insecure all your life, don’t worry, there are ways on how you can improve your self confidence. Before I give you tips though, let me tell you that improving self confidence doesn’t only take minutes, hours or days. It is a long process, but it can definitely be achieved.  So, here are simple tried- and- tested ways on how you can improve your self confidence.


Before you can start building your confidence, take the time to recognize all of your insecurities. Write it down on a piece of paper, and reflect on it. Ask yourself why you are insecure about such things, but don’t find the solutions just yet. Just feel all of those insecurities, then let it go by burning the paper. Once this is done, forget about them, and move on to the next phase.


You might think otherwise, but you’re really not so bad. Once you accept the whole you—your weaknesses, your strengths and your issues—you get to move on with life, and stop being so insecure. Just remember that nobody’s perfect, so you don’t have to be ashamed when you’re not.


Once you’ve worked on your insecurities, take time to identify your achievements. It could be something as small as baking a cake or as big as developing a selling strategy for your company. Everybody has achievements, so be proud about yours. Write down all of the strategies that you can remember, even when it dates back to your childhood. Give yourself time to feel proud about them, and keep that pride within you.


When you have to do something you’re really afraid to do, just go ahead and put on a big smile. Lift your head, and believe that you can do it. Remember that people really have no idea whether you can do something or not, so just go ahead and pretend that you can do it. Funny, but it actually works in lifting your self esteem. Also maintain a presence of mind, and give yourself time to think before talking (especially during a job interview).

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