How to hack the stress in your life

Who is your worst enemy? Perhaps the psychological and mental stress – that probably inadvertently-create to your self? Stress is a normal reaction of ourselves in difficult or irregular situations where we feel that our capabilities are not sufficient to deal with an obstacle or an encountered difficulty.

However, how you react to stress may be either normal, so the effects of stress are minimum, or very intense, leading to various psychological and mental problems.

Everyone has the experience to have lost patience with someone else, be annoyed because of traffic, yelling to someone who was not to blame or give rise to misunderstandings, irritation and mental stress because the pressure he/she feels affects the judgment.

Some people create such situations occasionally in their life, while others make this self-sabotage a lifestyle, constantly creating psychological and mental stress, without realizing that they are the major cause of stress in their life and not the facts or other people.

There are many ways to cause stress to your self without understanding it. The most important are:

It is a matter of personality

People with personality type «A» are having a particular pattern of behaviour: they are always in a hurry, they are constantly «moving»-literally and figuratively – they are aggressive, nervous and always tensed. These characteristics of type «A» cause severe emotional stress in their relationships because of their aggressive attitude. These persons are not only unhappy in their relationships, but they also often fail to see the obvious solutions to various problems because they are always in a hurry and they do not give attention to details. The result is that they create even greater problems. People with this personality usually encounter continuous health problems, especially cardiovascular.

Negative Thinking

Another way in which people often create stress to themselves is through negative thinking. The way we talk to ourselves, which usually develops in childhood, can follow us throughout our life and colour our experiences, either as a sunbeam or a black cloud that surrounds us and prevent our vision. People with negative thinking usually see problems around them, they believe that others have always negative incentives and intentions, they interpret positive events as negative, they find only problems and lose the important benefits and positive things in life, and this is only due to their constant persistence in negative thinking. People who are thinking negative believe that they do not have the abilities to meet the various difficult situations and to deal with stress, thus creating even more unresolved stress in their lives.


Are you sometimes aggressive towards others when you could handle the same situation in a positive way? Do you always start a conversation by saying «why you did not…” rather than asking directly, i.e. without the negative «not», «did you…”. Or maybe you have a passive attitude and you let others take advantage of you because you do not know how to say no and set your limits? Confrontation and disagreements with others are a part of life, as well as the issues to be resolved. The way in which you deal with the various conflicts can strengthen or weaken your relationships creating excess psychological and mental stress for all concerned, ultimately creating even greater conflicts and problems.

Many people who are aggressive and not handling the various conflicts in a positive way, they do not realize their aggressive behavior and do not realize that they sabotage not only themselves but also their relations. Usually these people do not know other ways to handle situations.


If you are a pessimistic person, you tend to see things worse than they are, and you cannot see the opportunities presented, you believe that everything will have a negative outcome, you see only the problems and disadvantages, and not the opportunities and advantages, so the lack of self confidence and self esteem creates mental and emotional stress. The pessimism is more than to see the glass as half-empty: it is how you vision the world and life, it is the undermining of self-confidence, which makes you unable to believe in your capabilities, which creates doubts and creates additional health problems.

Too many responsibilities

Do you have a very heavy schedule, many responsibilities and tasks with intense stress? Many people create intense stress in their lives because they do not handle their time and obligations with priority for themselves. This is because either they are personality type «A» or because they do not know how to say no. All these create them chronic stress and the main reason is because they are undertaking more tasks than they can handle.

Inability to change your life

To change one of these negative habits, you must first identify and realize how you sabotage your self. You need to have the courage and strength to identify why you are causing stress to your life and find those ways to get rid of it. This will require you to take the big step and change your life. You need to be ready both physiologically and mentally. Ways to prepare your life for a change are relaxation, positive thinking, optimistic attitude to life and proper organization and planning.

Simple Hacks to on how to get rid of stress quickly

Healthy Diet

Eating healthy is one of the best methods to set a foundation for a de stress and better life.

  • Limit the maximum amount of caffeine to five cups a day (also tea, chocolate and cola drinks, because they also contain caffeine).
  • Eating regular meals.
  • Minimize the use of salt (especially for people with hypertension or family history of hypertension).
  • Avoid the over consumption of alcohol. It is scientifically proven that consuming large quantities of alcohol will increase stress and cause sleep disorders.
  • Stop smoking. Many people have the misconception that smoking contributes to relaxation. In reality smoking actually increases stress levels.
  • Eat foods rich in protein (fish, eggs, poultry). The proteins are broken into amino acid during the process of digestion. A particular amino acid, the tyrosine, contributes to the increase of chemicals dopamine and epinephrine, which have the ability to give the body more energy.
  • Eat foods rich in carbohydrates (cereal, pasta, fruits and vegetables). Carbohydrates, during the digestion process create serotonin, a substance that causes a sense of relaxation and makes you calm.

Physical Exercise

The reaction to stress is a way that nature prepares the body for action. However, the normal physical reaction is often not useful to address the stress of modern life. Including regular exercise in your daily program will help you release the tension and will also satisfy the needs of your body for activity. Any physical activity is beneficial, such as:

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Running
  • Team sports
  • Gardening

How does the exercise can helps you get rid of stress in your life?

Exercise can help you feel good, it makes you relaxed, and enables creativity. Raises the basic level of physical health and helps you handle the daily requirements and crisis. However, before you start exercising, you need first to consult with your doctor in case you have health problems, or you are overweight or if you are concerned about pain in the joints (back, knees, hips).


Relaxation is a way to create a relaxed body and a calm spirit. This physical and mental defuse is called relaxation and is contrary to the stress reaction. People who live in high intensity are more likely to experience problems when their stress levels increases. These people can lower the general level of stress with regular relaxing exercises and thus protect their body and mind from excessive stress. In doing so, they can tolerate more worries without creating more stress problems. Relaxation is a useful tool, whether used alone or together with other strategies to get rid of stress.
The only things you need to relax are:

  • An environment free from noises and interruptions
  • Free time
  • A body position that can help you get rid of the muscle tension

Relaxation can also mean:

  • Massage
  • Light exercise – some types of light exercise or loose rhythmic motion can play a role for enhancing relaxation with the release of physical tension.
  • Listening to music
  • Walking your pet.
  • Taking a nap
  • Reading a good book.

Some other quick and easy ways to get rid of stress are:

  • To use a quiet and pleasant sound alarm to a wake you up
  • Having a good breakfast
  • Every time you watch the clock, take a deep inhalation
  • Reducing the speed with which you eat, talk, or move
  • Do not arrange to do many things one immediately after the other or at the same time.
  • Take a break from work, to walk, relax or enjoy the moment.
  • Give yourself time to do things that give you pleasure.
  • Learn to say NO, but certainly not in all cases. People who can say NO often say YES and feel happy about it.
  • Control and lower your anger against others – tolerance and acceptance are good to your health.

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