How To Add Screen Name & An Alternate Email Address To Your AOL Account

 The best process of AOL account online access develops email services and many more. There are possible to have a complete account of the user name and per master account. However, you can find out the business partner and own email address. The AOL mail login creates the new email accounts at any time. It is one of the best process and along with original account receiving to hassle-free services. You have to set up the additional account are set up your main email import all your contacts, as well as anyone information, should growth and access data.

Add Username to Your Master Account:

  • Open your web browser and search the AOL website
  • Next, you can sign out using your AOL master username and password.
  • Now, enter your answer and security question which promoted the continuing process
  • After then, you find out to manage my usernames options
  • Next, enter your user name and you want to add your account in the Add a Screen Name and select add option.
  • Click to drop down menu and you can select the age category for the username
  • And then, You can select the account security options of the drop-down list to types of answer to get your answer field as well as you can create the account

Create A New AOL Account:

  • Currently, open your web browser and navigate the AOL mail login
  • Now, you can full type of name and enter the email address to get used of username is available for use to enter the new username
  • Enter your password and retype the password to next box
  • Your password contains uppercase and lowercase letters and  some number
  • Then, click next
  • You can select the drop-down menu and select your age
  • Enter your ZIP code
  • You can select the security of drop-down list
  • Now, it provides to answer the next box.
  • You can desire with the alternate email address and forget your password.
  • You send the email address with account reset instructions to click next
  • The better types of letters or number of security the code box and select sign up

 Alternate Email Process:

 The best options for AOL mail login and get the right process with more Customize your AOL Desktop Gold account. You have to create the popup blocker for opening both hold and ctrl and Alt keys on your keyboard links to bypass your popup blocker

Verify Your Identity:

 The AOL has confirmed your identity and asking with your password and also answer your security options. There are possible to get the development of account screen and down past the second section for your account recovery information until with links to the right corner of add the address and reads to edit the contact email account. The AOL mail login address you want to add and check whether generate the verification emails to send the address for your entire process. However,  you can handle the best email address or enter your alternate email account for AOL

Confirm Ownership:

 Each and every account cannot until with more verified that you own confirmation link sent to it. However, you can check with a message from the AOL Account Services for your alternate email address for AOL. In the main factor, you have to desire to check your spam to the main folder and select the Send again to get a new one. If you are facing that some confirmation links to start the process of alternate email has been verified. Otherwise, you can find out the use of recover your account confirmation screen. Mainly focus on load your AOL Account screen for verified to able to use of account recovery link to forget your password

Choose Or Delete And AOL Screen Name:

 Many professional team experts provide the screen names must be between 3 and 16 characters and start with the letter. However, it also required the first letter as well as you can create your online identity with assembled the number of letters including AOL mail login process.

Technical Rules Of AOL Screen Names

 You can find out the screen names in your account and six others. However, the primary screen name is permanent and also changes to create and delete the other six screen names at your whim. In the main factor, the primary screen name can make sure about the new screen names to adjust the Parental Controls. Moreover, you want to able to other screen names in your account as well as making the new name a master screen name.

Deleting An Old Screen Name:

 In needed, the even screens reach the end of their usefulness and also come to the screen names in your account due to deleting with about your business process. it is one of the best process and along with creating the new screen name on AOL with the parental controls screen name and steps to delete a screen name:

Steps to delete a screen name:

  • You can sign out the online with your primary screen names or master screen name.
  • Now, you cannot find about master screen names with barrel ahead with your primary screen name.
  • Then, you have to connect the better settings from the toolbar and you can create or delete screen number of dialog box appears
  • Next, select the delete screen name options in the dialog box and get screen Name dialog box pops up.
  • The development of online displays for named due to take with more deep and click to continue the delete screen dialog box appears as well as just looking to tiniest bit somber in its fateful AOL mail login.
  • Now, you can check out to delete and click the option
  • You make sure about the delete this screen name to before clicking the Delete button
  • Then, it also restored and delete the screen name is up to the impish Online computers.

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