Difference between diabetic socks and normal socks

Difference between diabetic socks and normal socks

Difference between diabetic socks and normal socks

Many people think that diabetic socks look the same as ordinary socks, however, they are totally different in many aspects.

  1. Non-Banding
Difference between diabetic socks and normal socks

First and foremost is the non-binding feature, it offers a loose fit but stay up well, not to restrict the circulation. This is because the feet of people with diabetes are more swollen than normal people. If the socks are too tight, it is not conducive to blood circulation. So such design may gently conforms to your leg without slipping off and restriction, allowing blood circulation to flow more easily.

  • True Seamless Toe

True seamless toe leaves a smooth no-irritation feeling, helping reduce rubbing friction, blisters and ulcers.Diabetic vascular disease leads to limb ischemia and peripheral neuropathy and loses sensation. Smooth and non-wearing socks can protect the foot skin from being worn.

  • Moisture Wicking

The material of diabetic socks is generally cotton or bamboo fiber, so it absorbs more sweat than normal socks.The feet of diabetic patients are very fragile, and the skin is easy to be injured. Once infected by bacteria, it will ulcerate and not easy to recover, so the antibacterial function is particularly important, so that most of the foot bacteria can be killed and the foot can be protected from bacteria. Add an invisible protection to the foot. Moisture wicking keeps feet dry and inhibits bacterial growth.

  • Colors
Difference between diabetic socks and normal socks

There are many colors for ordinary socks, relatively speaking, the choice of diabetic socks is simple, generally white and gray. Because of numbness of the nervous system, patients often suffer from foot injury and bleeding without consciousness. If  using  light-colored diabetic socks, you can find wounds in time and reduce harm.

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