Choose The Right Font For Your Business Logo

Zeroing in on a logo is one of the most important fundamentals of any business. Every professional designer follows a pre-defined set of rules, while selecting the most appropriate font for the final logo. But for an under-experienced individual, the task of selecting the right font or typeface is a completely unexplored concept. There may be innumerable font styles and categories. But remember, the font(s) that has a positive impact on the target audience, and also indirectly encourages the company and its employees, is the one that must feature in the final logo.

It is always good to know, the few basics involved in the process of font selection. Which is why, we will cover a few important aspects on how to choose the perfect font or typeface.

Before proceeding with the idea, you must analyze a few important points related to your business and its logo. These include:

1. The type of business
2. The overall communication required
3. The message to be conveyed
4. The visual link between the font and overall design.

These points can define the final outlook of the finished product i.e. the logo. Based on the business of your company, you must see if the font complies with the above set of essential points. Take a look at the recommended font types for each business:

For a technological business:
Every company in the tech industry expects crisp and bold typefaces. A simple, rough font type will not do justice to the overall image or theme of the company. However, going with a bolder sans-serif font would make a huge difference, as it perfectly fits the inclined geometric design of the business.

For an interactive, fun-filled business:
A company that revolves around light-hearted concepts, can always use relaxed, yet upbeat font types. This is because, using traditional fonts with serif will portray a serious image. Using rounded edges with light and quirky colours can make a positive difference on the target audience.

For a serious, professional business:
A formal, professional business aims to convey a serious, trustworthy image. Going for a rounded font type wouldn’t comply with the high levels of professionalism demanded by such a business. This is because cleanliness in font is key to the overall perception of the business. If the font is simple, straightforward and properly seriffed, it will show the authority demanded by the serious nature of the business.

Why put the profit and growth of the company at risk, by circling in on inappropriate font for the logo? Choosing the appropriate font can really impact the overall theme and message conveyed by your business. However, be open to experimentation, because that’s what makes your brand unique.

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