An Ode To The Writer In Each One Of Us…

As a writer, we are all bound to create different articles daily, based on client recommendations and requirements. We also edit articles from time-to-time as per feedback, if any. Most of our work is created in a fixed, pre-defined manner and does not allow us to unleash our creativity, as much as we would’ve liked. A major reason for the same, is the number of rules and guidelines set by the client, and the corporate brand image, which must be maintained and portrayed throughout the article/content.

Today, I’ve decided to take a break from the usual format of writing and have decided to pen down my thoughts, through this article, in a poem format instead. They say rhyme is food for the soul and makes a poem feel whole. Through this poem, we salute the writer present in each and every one of us.

Every morning we wake,
to the sound of serenity,
and bask in the sunlight,
that fills you up for eternity.

Breakfast in a Hurry

We eat up our breakfast,
and pack up our lunch,
then set off to achieve,
all we want, with a punch!

We glide over mountains,
through rough rains or snow,
only to reach work on time,
and get to pace with the flow.

Stepping in, we are greeted,
by faces full of hope,
that are ready for a big day,
walking on a thin rope.

We return all the greetings,
and take a seat on our chairs,
to begin our writ session,
and all the daily affairs.

Step-by-step we keep writing,
till our fingers go numb,
and we feel all the pressure,
on the tip of our thumb.

Through the day we keep going,
but we never give up,
and the world we keep changing,
with no eff, nor hiccup.

Conquer the world

Its our time, here, right now,
like it was yesterday,
to show the world what we can do,
how we work, while we play,

And we say to you writers,
this fact know you must,
that writing is an art,
filled with beauty, love and trust.

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