7 Things That Budding Writers of Today FAIL to Understand

“Fresh outta’ College with a cool Degree,
There ain’t Nobody gonna’ be Stoppin’ me”

We’re in the midst of the 21st century, where lights are brighter and dreams are bigger. The world as we know it, looks nothing like it did in the ’90s. Not even close. Cars are faster, phones are smarter, windows are clearer, and marketing campaigns are simply off the charts!

In this fast-paced world, it isn’t such a crime to yearn for a better, more luxurious life at a very raw age. However, as a writer, it isn’t always about the money. Instead, it’s about the need to touch lives and make an impact on people across the globe.

Young writers today have the desperate obligation to convince readers into buying their products and/or services, without offering real guarantees for them. They graduate with a shiny degree in their hands and quick money on their minds. In the process of achieving their far-fetched dreams, they deviate from the truths of life, and focus instead on personal biases and creating forceful pieces.

However with learning comes experience, and the advantage of being young and immature allows them to make mistakes, make excuses and be pardoned for them. At such times, it is the duty of older writers to share their immense knowledge and understanding with them.

Here are 7 essential pointers that as a young writer, you must follow and implement for a brighter future ahead:

1. Plagiarism Is A Complete No-No
Deadlines can be a real pain; however, they are needed. Without deadlines, there would be no targets, and without targets, there would be no real work done. However, young and upcoming writers often get irritated by deadlines and constant nagging, and in order to avoid them, they opt for the ‘Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V’ route.
Always remember that Plagiarism isn’t just an issue of copyright violation; it also shows your lack of creativity and can tarnish the reputation of your employers for a long time to come.

2. Practice Makes Perfect
When in school and college, we often come across motivating quotes and proverbs that tell us the importance of time and regular practice. However, the importance of these proverbs comes handy, when we start writing as a career.
Always know that, as writers, the significance of regular practice can never be ignored. If you write and write, and then write some more, you will be able to unlock your true potential and come up with articles that you never thought you could actually write.

Erasing Doubts

3. Editors Are Here To Help
The role of editors is to assess your article completely, find its market value and compatibility, and edit the write-up accordingly to suit the needs of the market. However, as writers, we hate to see another person chop-and-crop our hard work; and thus, we often argue with our editors as to why this sentence or a particular line didn’t make the final cut.
You must realise that editors are always here for good. They know the significance of your article, a lot more than you do. You must realise that they are the true experts, designated to help you out with their experience; they do not really want to cut your piece down or hold back your creativity. Editors do what they have to do, because they look at your article as part of the bigger picture.

4. Joining The ‘Trending’ Bandwagon Is Stale
As a writer, it is our right and duty to scourge the available resources, especially the internet, to learn and grow. In the process, we come across certain thought-provoking articles and are amazed at the number of views and shares they generate. This is the moment when we decide to follow the same style and replicate the same write-up in our own way, thinking that it will attract more people to our pages.
Understand that your readers are not dumb. If you could come across the article, the odds are that they have read it before as well. If you like someone’s writing style, do not blindly ape it. Instead, learn from it, and see how you can do even better than what you just read.

5. You Are What You Write
When readers browse through articles online and find them appealing, they generally look up the writer’s name and follow that writer, with an expectation to see similar quality content from them, for years to come. Imagine their horror, when they realise that the next article is nothing in contrast to what they read earlier.
Keep in mind that ‘No two writers can be the same’. Their writing styles can be close enough, but never the same. Hence, you should always work on creating your own personality through your writing, and not steal the thunder from someone else.

6. Sharpen Your Skills From Every Angle
Writing the same piece over and over again, and exploring the same genre every day, does nothing to improve your skills. Try sticking your hands into different buckets once in a while, to understand your comfort levels better.
Those writing travel articles on a daily basis, should try writing movie reviews, sales descriptions, and other such write-ups. In a similar fashion, those writing technical blogs regularly should try their hand at writing wacky, humorous and funky blogs sometimes.

And last but not the least…
7. Enjoy Every Article You Write
When you enjoy what you do, you conquer the world from the comfort of your chair. Though writing may be your daily assignment, writing with a smile on your face and a sparkle in your eyes, can make even the darkest hours seem brighter.
If you enjoy writing, people will notice it in your articles and will better relate with your writing. After all, with simplicity comes honesty, and with honesty comes trust.

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