Outsourcing in Marketing

6 Benefits of Outsourcing in Marketing

Many companies are looking at outsourcing their marketing teams, for several reasons.

For starters, it costs a lot less to outsource this work than it does to hire a complete team. You can have a team that is just as great as one you would hire yourself, but for a fraction of the cost, which is going to help your bottom line in the long run. It is a lot cheaper to use a marketing agency, and this is great idea for smaller businesses that are operating on low budgets.

Here are some more benefits of outsourcing in marketing.

Outsourcing in Marketing

1. Expert Insights When you outsource marketing work, you also need to delegate the authority of marketing. It gives you a chance to see the work through a fresh set of eyes, and get insight that you may otherwise not have. The team you outsource the marketing to is an expert and has previous experience in various marketing strategies. So they know what works and what not.

Moreover, many employees are worried about discussing sales, marketing strategies, etc., because they worry that if their opinions differ from management. This isn’t really a concern at all when you are outsourcing, because the people doing the work have no opinion about your business one way or the other.

2. Fresh Insights

The marketing agencies are always on top of the latest trends and happenings in the field. They are always researching and studying things related to marketing and implement those.

Being a business owner, you are always busy tackling a lot of challenges that may restrict you from learning new things in all areas business. Marketing is one of those areas where you can rely on external agencies because they are always up-to date.

3. No Turnover

Employees come and go. They gain experience, and then move on when they see better opportunities. That is the nature of any business, but it doesn’t mean that it is a good way for things to be, and it isn’t how it has to be for your marketing front. It hampers your marketing mission when someone leaves the team. The experience and knowledge go away with the person. You need to start over again.

You have to go through all of the hassles of finding a new person for the job, interviewing candidates, training the chosen candidates, and then some.

When you outsource marketing, you don’t have to worry about losing employees, because they were never your employees to begin with. Basically, you will be managing virtual teams that will get things accomplished.

4. Save Time

If you decide to have your own marketing team, as a business owner, you need to spend a lot of time in interviewing, hiring, training and managing your employees. Also you need to spend time in laying down and executing marketing process.

Instead you are going to save a lot of time by simply letting an outside marketing agency handle all of this for you. Because marketing agency experts already have the training and experience needed, they can jump right in and start working without you having to waste a lot of time. There is even a chance that the experts they send have already worked within your industry, so they know the products and services well, and know how to market them.

5. Systems Optimization You may be paying for platforms such as HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, etc., without really getting your money’s worth.

When you outsource, the professionals that you bring in will be able to assess, create, and optimize your systems so you have a much better ROI. They have the skills and experience needed to make sure that your system is going to give you everything you need, and be worth what you are paying for it.

6. Higher ROI

When you invest in your own marketing team, you also invest in employees, tools, workspace, training and many other resources. Also, due to your limited marketing experience, you may fail to set optimum goals. Either you end-up in setting unachievable goals or you set goals that can be very easy to achieve. This may give you low ROI and may result in losses.

Instead, if you outsource the work, the only investment you do is paying the marketing agency. The agency always makes sure to set optimum marketing goals and strives hard to achieve those. You can also set clear expectations when you know how much you have invested in marketing. This gives you clear ROI and you can discuss with the agency if you are not satisfied with the goals or the Result

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